Microsoft Lumia 535 now available in Ireland for €115

Gradually the Microsoft Lumia 535 is officially landing in more and more locations worldwide. Next up, following the recent official launch in the UK, is the Republic of Ireland, where you can now pick one up from Argos for €114.95.

There's a bit of naming weirdness going on at the moment if you're trying to find it on the Argos Ireland site – not least calling it "Nokia" and "Cheetah" – but once you find it you can grab the black or orange versions of the phone.

If you're thinking of picking one up, check out the post below for a few handy pointers before parting with your cash.

Source: TechBuzzIreland

Thanks jimboireland for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Cheetah and Nokia?
  • Nice. When is it in the USA? We need a more affordable flagship here.
  • Sarcasm isn't it
  • the phone lacks the 1900 or 1700 3G/Fake 4G bands we use here ... it will only run on edge
  • Did they solve the touch problem yet ?
    I have 535 and the update ruined it more !
  • Nopes..Seems a hardware problem..
  • Really?!? A hardware problem? Source? I'll go to the shop and get my money back if that's truth!
  • The UK single SIM version doesn't have any issues for me, especially when compared to some of the videos I've seen of the dual-SIM version, the touchscreen update was pre-installed on mine.
  • €109 in the Netherlands at coolblue.
  • And
  • Orange Nokia Cheeto!
  • In kuwait only 35 KD
  • Its available for £89.95 at Argos in the UK and comes with a free micro sim card until July. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Unfortunately, so far, my worst experience of windows phone has been on a Microsoft branded phone, the 535. This is not done Microsoft!
  • I can second this just like that
  • Let me second that as well.
  • Second that as well
  • Hmm Lumia 535 needs to be improve. Plz Microsoft do something about its. Am sad using one
  • Doesn't look good in orange to me.
  • Hey Richards which version are they shipping /selling most, the single sim version or the the dual sim version? Meaning which one is Microsoft priority?
  • Picked one up from Argos today as a gift for someone.  Just doing to obligatory tech support set-up :) So far, it looks a great little phone for the price.  Well, not so little with the 5" screen, but it is thin and light.  Impressed. Thanks for the tip, jimboireland.
  • Welcome.