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Microsoft made a version of Windows 10 just for the Chinese government

There are several editions of Windows 10 to choose from, but if you're a member of the Chinese government, Microsoft has a version tailored just for you. Dubbed Windows 10 Zhuangongban, or "Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition," the specialized version does not offer as many consumer-centric apps and services as you get on a regular version of Windows, but there are plenty of management and security controls, all in accordance with the wishes of the Chinese government.

Ralph Haupter, Microsoft China's CEO, said in an interview with Caixin that the specialized edition was created in collaboration with China's Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC).

There's no mention as to what's changed or how the version is different from a normal consumer-centric version of Windows 10, but TechInAsia notes that the specialized version will be able to run all Windows-compatible programs without any issues.

What do you guys think of the move?

  • well that was fast
  • they should release a special edition called "Protect your privacy"
  • Already have...check your privacy setting Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • None of those settings turn off the keylogger, the screenshots, or the camera data, or the microphone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Already have...check your privacy settings Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Now one can more easily share with the government!  How handy!
  • Just when we think our governments were getting bad, China raises the bar.
  • I don't know... US has risen the bar too high with Donald Trump, I don't think there's anything higher.
  • Warmongering neo-con Hillary is still the gold standard.
  • How can she be a warmonger as she never had any direct control over the US military, as that control is reserved for the President and Comander in Chief and not the secretary of state?! It is a honest question, I'm not American so I havent followed all news about American politics and Hilary Clinton...
  • Tell that to Benghazi people who died for her incompetence...
    ​Of course you won't see that on mainstream media... why would you? it's bad for Hillary, and it's obvious everyone with some power want another puppet like her (or obama) in power. Only because you are not American, there is no excuse about not reseaching all you can by yourself, and gathering info from nonmainstream media, because they lie, they tell you what they want you to hear and read. they are just not something you can trust. Of course hillary clinton didn't start wars and sent troops to irak and syria, but it doesn't exclude her from decisions, and her incompetence has killed many people. besides, her email scandal should be enough to put her on jail, but of course she is not because her friends won't allow it to happen.
  • I think there are amy things you don't know. Many more americans had died in diplomatic US building over the world, many under Collin Powell, or Condolezza Rice. But for some reason, many people have tried really hard to make Hillary look like the worst for it. 
    She assumed her part of the responsibility, and again, she is not the only one who has had that situation. Just because you are american, doesn't mean you can't go and do some research. 
  • I'm sorry, but there's no way in hell Hillary is a neo-con, sounds like you don't even truly know what a neo-con is, or its roots/history. And no, googling alone won't help you with that, so doing that & then pretending you're now an expert on the subject, is only going to make you look more foolish. I'm flat-tack lately, so alas I'm not subscribed to this thread, but feel free to respond & make-up/presume as much as you want (bizarre what people do when they narrow their thinking along partisan lines), sadly I won't be around to counter any BS or misconceptions.
  • Hillary is neo-con. Sorry if saying that offended you but its a fact.
  • Wow. no. Hawkish, yes. Neo-con. No. Just, no.
  • Since it's - apparently-  a fact, I am sure you can elaborate?
  • She could only be considered neo-con when compared to Bernie Sanders. No, neo-con she is not. To be neo-con, you have to have somewhat of a moral compass. She has none.
  • The US is officially ****** up. I cant wonder if Trump is payed by Putin or even the Chinese to destroy the US cause if the very dumb in general american people elect him, it will topple the entire region.  
  • He's literally a mad man. I think if he gets elected the first thing he will do is press the big red button just to see what happens, Trump is bad for the world not just USA, to be honest I'm surprised he hasn't been assassinated yet.
  • "when I was young my dad gave me a SMALL loan of $1m." I'm not even American or live in America and I can tell he's ignorant to the fact that alot of people live their lives under money problems and struggling. I can't see what people see good in him +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Looks like we'll have a choice between a real jerk, and someone that's become a multi-millionaire from "public service", and secretly used her own server for classified email. I have absolutely no faith or trust in either option. They just hope to paint the other candidate as worse, so you'll hold your nose and vote to the least terrifying. This is exactly why I'm a libertarian and want government as small as possible. To me, that's the only way to minimize inevitable corruption, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". No matter which of these poor candidates is elected, let's agree to limit the damage they can do, and the control they have over our lives.
  • wow what a ignorant statement.. youdon't have proof because there is nothing truth about what you said. Do you think Obama is making US better? or Clinton would make it better? or Ted Cruz the Canadian? or the Socialist Sander who never got a real paycheck until he was 40? you are desilutional, and I feel sorry for ignorant people like you who believe everything the mainstream media tell you, maybe you don't even believe it and you just got into craiglist $16-50 hour to protest and talk crap you don't even know against Trump.
  • Well he isn't in the government yet, so the bar hasn't been raised yet.
  • Says the ignorant person with a hispanic. oh don't be offended by my prejudge I am actually native american indian from central america who is not brown, so in theory my name and my ethnicity would be the same. I actually used the $pic word but apparently is soooooooo bad it was censored and I didn't want you to think I said the other bad S word. so Don't be offended by my S word and calling you for your name, but honestly, on my feet, I can't expect much from people who critisize Trump without any intelligent or valid reason. ​Your statement is so ignorant, have you ever tried to listen to what Trump has to say or you gather your information from mainstream media? because if you do this then I feel sorry for you. Living in the hole of ignorance... Are you even US citizen or you are talking crap only because Trump wants strong immigrant laws to be applied as it should be?? Do you know Mexico has a southern border and most countries do? do you know most countries like Mexico would put you in jail for being illegally there? a friend actually was homejailed on mexico for being illegally working in Mexico, so I know first hand what it is like to be there, even my sister lives there and Mexican people usually tend to dislike foreighners who go there even if they are good people. Do you believe US should embrace the muslim refugees like Europe has done? oh please, look at Paris and Belgium, do you want that in the US? "we" already got close the San Bernardino incident, and the only thing that useless president Obama did was to complain about guns and he didn't even care to go and see the families of the people who were killed. That's what you want because "we should accept anybody even if they will come and kill us" no thank you. Stop being so igonrant and believing what the mainstream media tells you, you probably watch telemundo or univision which are crap leftist spanish crap por-democratic/hillary clinton... of course they will talk bad about Donald Trump, especially when he is the only one who can beat Hillary Clinton. he is an outsider a person who is paying his campaign and not getting money from Soros or Goldman Sachs or any special interest like from Pharma. Do you even understand how ignorant you are and sound right now? especially having that name, it's obvious you are driven by what the media tells you to do like a zombie, like a mentally slaved moron who can't go to a Trump rally with an open mind and find out that the media is only lying to you. Did you ever watch the cop who was in Arizona? did you not learn about him even a little? maybe you are too blind to see, but that doesn't change the truth. It doesn't mean Trump is the most perfect candidate, but he is not politician, and being a business man can always help the country more. That's the reason even Ben Carson, yes, a black man endorsed him, because Donald Trump is not even racist, but that's the way mainstream media tries to push people from Donald Trump, and then make stuff up about Hillary being pro-black community or hispanic community just to gain votes from the ignorant like you. she hasn't done anything for anybody but her friends, the interest. At least trump has given jobs to people from any race and background, it's not like only white people work on his hotels and other buildings and projects. I would like to hear what you got to say about Donald Trump and how closed minded you are, but I am sure you are just another braindead washed zombie who repeats everything from tv and don't try to research in deep what each candidate has to offer.​ Bye Zombie! hope you have a good day. keep voting for the people who will "help you" like Hillary Clinton (yeah right)
  • I'm sorry but I nearly fell asleep reading that. You repeated yourself so much and seemed to have more of a problem with his name than u did the topic. Hell, how did the topic even get to politics again? Honestly by the sounds of it, you're just as closed minded as you say he is. I couldn't care less who takes over your country. All politics become corrupt, that's what power does. Give man power and it will eventually be abused. You mentioned Obama being against guns. How is this a bad thing? Alot of countries have guns banned with the exception of police/military, and so far it hasn't caused problems. Sure, I already know you'll be replying with "but what about Paris and Brussels" for example, well to be honest with you, alot of countries so far have managed to defend themselves so far from attacks. I've honestly heard of more gun crimes in your country than I've heard of in mine (I can't even remember the last gun crime in my country) so honestly they're completely useless in the daily life. Also the fact that you honestly believe a multi-millionaire business man is beat for leading your country, I pity you. That's like saying "oh the person in charge of a bank should be in charge, bcus hey, they make a good living!" Despite the fact they have no knowledge on now people live who struggle on minimum wage. I don't care if you want Donald Trump to win, or if you wanted some other multi millionaire to lead, the fact is it won't work.
    Btw, no one said USA had to let in "illegal immigrants" (your closed off mind didn't realise the fact they're actually refugees, which are people fleeing war zones. No countries want illegal immigrants, but helping refugees is more morally correct that your stuck up attitude of "they deserve less security than me". Also you say that the news makes Trump look bad? So you're saying he has NEVER put down women, Muslims, migrants/refugees etc. If yes, like i said you're really closed minded (hypocrite). If no, then that just shows that he isn't all rainbows and sunshine. He isn't going to make that wonderful paradise what you seem to live in in that mind of yours. Honestly I already know if you see this comment, your reply is going to be all "oh but trump this and trump that". Hey! You might even go use my username as a way of trying to make your argument sound better (childish). Honestly, I don't care. You closed off mind will keep you in denial as someone who is fixed on one belief, will come up with everything possible to deny the evidence in front of them (religion for example. - I'm not slating anybody who is strictly religious, as it really doesn't bother me. As long as they aren't harming/hurting others with it, or forcing it on others, I'm fine with it) So again, I pity you as you're just as closed-minded as you're making zombie look like. Well done. +640 on Win10Mobile
  • If that's the only way they're willing to use Windows 10, then so be it. Sent from my Toaster Oven (Lumia Icon)
  • Those Chinese Communist ***** are simply being ******* towards the Chinese people and any companies doing business with them. Posted from Windows Central App for Windows 10 on Lumia 950
  • That's good move I think. When Govt's are concerned about security or data privacy this type of collaboration is very much helpful considering Govt Windows doesn't need consumer features very much. Microsoft should also collaborate with Indian Govt or any other Govt also.
    This is rather good than to see the Govt's move to Linux based OSs or stuck with XP or Windows 7 forever. Sent from UWA-Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Or windows 95 in my county's case. They think it's faster at some tasks Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • yeah may be faster on some particular tasks. But what about security for todays hugely internet dependent tasks or world? its very much vulnerable to data hijacking.
  • It's definitely faster when using an 80486 computer running at 66MHz with 512MB of RAM.  Then again, some people think using an Abacus is faster at some tasks than using a calculator as well. 
  • It's not unusual for Microsoft to tailor software for big customers. I know that e.g. Bosch has a special version of the office suite. So how Owen already said, if it was the only way to buy in, why not...
  • Strange. Either it's for their government monitoring hooks to be installed deep in the OS or to strip out some cloud integration. Either way, bad idea. I had hoped the days of special builds like K were over. If it's for cloud integration, that should be available as group policies or in the enterprise edition.
  • In the bright side, it can bring more security and protection to the consumers. Sharing everything with government is not a problem. Its not like they will interfere with everything.. DheeraJ
  • Are you joking? Even if it somehow adds more security, only Chinese customers will get it; no one else will.
  • That's true. and that's the point of this version
  • Still assuming this is adding more security, how is that for that good for me when I won't receive it?
  • It was never determined that they got features that were "exclusive" for them. They just needed a version better taylored for what they use. Get rid of apps the Chinese Government didn't want to use (hence, they considered them bloat), and preconfigure the security and upgrade it.  Doesn't mean upgraded security will not come to the rest of the world in a future release. 
  • This is only for the government, not for anyone in China.
  • now can they make one for north korea? My internet sucked. Seriously.
  • Doubt it
  • North-Korea is a proper communist country. They use Linux.
  • So you mean Linux users are communist~
  • No. It's the communists who used Linux. Don't blame this on other normal Linux users
  • "plenty of management and security controls" Where can I get it? :D
  • Uh, in China I guess
  • I bet they paid a sum for that..Microsoft is into business remember?
  • Right
  • Microsoft just adopted Burger King's tagline.  Microsoft Windows: Have it your way.
  • I wouldn't say that is a bad way. +640/Win10
  • An ideal OS would be, well... ideal. +640/Win10
  • As a business owner, if you had a customer come in and say, "I'd like to buy a few hundred million copies of Product X, but I want it to be customized," you'd say, "You bet your mama I'll customize that for you!" I guess the bottom line is the bottom line. ;)
  • Another $$$$$$ for MSFT. Lumia 640 XL DS
    Build 10.0.586.164
  • Well it's a business, so... - Posted via W10M
  • It is what it is. We don't discriminate, you want Windows 10, sure why not. The more the merrier. Lumia 950 XL
  • When in India??? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • You want Chinese Windows 10 in India? "Sathya" gia hai kia? - Posted via W10M
  • A version that dosnt require a serial key perhaps???
  • Coming soon. The Russian version that alerts you when you've been poisoned by Putin.
  • :D he he hee
  • Don't forget the "invade (country name)" button :D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Damn I've just discovered that if I put something in arrows, it dissappears when I post the comment. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Obama version has all countries checked by default.
  • Could be an edition where snooping is off by default. Lets see if we see similar version in the west anytime soon.
  • Lol it's China. #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • The Microsoft snooping is redirected to the Chinese Government! :-)
  • LOL
  • Only very gullible people fall for the "snooping" bull.
  • Good move Microsoft.
  • Considering that the Chinese government will not move from their modified XP, i think even as a modified version it's better to have windows 10, since it has more security features to keep current data on those systems safe. I do not approve of such measures, but if I think of the alternative, you think their modified XP is a better solution to safeguard citizens private data, from hackers and others? I don't.
  • Kudos to Microsoft for taking the time to tailor the OS to meet the requirements of one of its biggest (I'm guessing) customers. This is the boutique service you'd expect from a small company, not from a conglomerate like Microsoft.
  • :)
  • Will the Chinese government use American software without knowing the source code? So I wonder how much they know about it now.
  • They have access to the source code (well some select people from the CETC do) exactly for that reason ;)
  • Are you guessing or do you know that for a fact somehow? - Posted via W10M
  • I remember it being stated somewhere (on WindowsCentral) a bit ago.
  • ..jeez, the americans still have the upper hand against these chinks..  
  • Hahahaha "Specific" Version Of windows to Chinese. Now we can increase no of users :P Currently using 640 XL
  • So presumably Microsoft have been tempted to carry this out by the promise of many W10 sales and upgrades to the Chinese Government. If these deployments are locked down and have limited, tightly controlled ability to install apps I wonder if Microsoft will include their numbers in the overall W10 install figures used to hopefully tempt developers?
  • They should build a windows 10 Chinese government mobile version.
  • Back in the NT4 days I use todo some work for the MOD, they had a special version of NT4 that allowed multiple logins just like you can do now. Eg have more than one active login and the ability to switch users. One login would be used for lower classifications and the other for higher. They also had a removable drive that %USERPROFILE% would be mapped to for the higher profile. They would carry the disk around.
  • Now, pirated versions are coming. When the free upgrades ends on July.
  • Will it fall apart when they get it home?
  • You should ask this: will the PC explode moments after user installs it?
  • What ever happened tho the Chinese created OS they were going to build themselves to replace Windows?
  • WIndows 10 is turning out to be the worst snooping OS yet created. Microsoft climbs further in to bed with the Chinese government. Anything for the money. Meanwhile, in the west, we get mandatory, enforced and secretive 'security updates' forced upon us; not even being told what the full contents of these updates are.
  • Thats where all the development money for w10m went...interesting. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • If all they changed was removing some consumer figured apps and features, and added some management tools, then this is exactly the kind of thing you would expect for a large enterprise rollout. Now, if they compromised security on the devices, then it's a dark road to tread. Unfortunately we don't know which of these two scenarios is closer to reality. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Facebook, Twitter apps won't be available Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Apple has started designing its own servers since it sucks with security and "the cloud" because so many of these products are assembled and built in China. Which, have been proven, time and time again to assist Chinese corporations in snooping and committing corporate espionage and general spying. It was so bad before Apple used to inventory every chip in a server and its purpose before allowing its use on its network. And since Chinese corporations are practically government sponsored, it is state-sponsored cyber espionage.
    Now, Microsoft, in order to make money, needs to protect the Chinese government from the paranoia of our US companies from doing the same or helping our government. Why ? Because Microsoft is a corporation and separate from the state. It has no obligation to assist the US gov't in keeping China in check and must comply with their communist-paranoia to get business there. Cracking China's markets is hard, doing that while infiltrating the Great Firewall is nearly impossible.
    Source :
  • Hope they're not going to spy on us or hack into our software with their specially made OS.
  • In the first paragraph it's noted that there are not as many consumer centric apps etc and there are more security features. Yet in the last paragraph it states that it's not mentioned what is different. Can you explain?
  • Only the Chinese government will allow what info is released and what info is not.
  • That's a great move from MS. Now go for the check mate and release a special version for 512 MB Windows Phones. How about that, huh?
  • My mother in law is chinese and works in the goverment there. I've been to her govt building several times and have seen many of the offices. They had windows 8 at the time, all the monitors had a big sticker on them in chinese that explicitly said to never use this machine for work. They're pretty paranoid about foreign govts hacking them. This got worse after snowden, plenty of signs in buildings and outdoor led displays telling citezens it is their duty to protect national secrets. 
  • Ok. I say smart move. Nevertheless I still say beautiful and innovative move. Well it means we could get different kind of implementations without affecting our interface. It's just really interesting. Kudos MSFT
  • Yea right
  • Well, I think I can guess one or two things about this special edition of Windows 10, like: -Must login using your real name -With 360 antivirus installed, although we all knwo it's nothing more than virus. -Can only search the internet using some certain China-based search engines, like Baidu or hao123. -The default homepage for Edge must be hao123, and user cannot change it. -Inputting anything Chinese government doesn't like will alert the authority immediately......etc, etc.
  • Dumbass, US is the biggest big data collector so far. so use ur head for ones instead of talking bout **** the msm fed u.
  • The windows 10 version for China will probably be the more safe one to use. i can imagine that the Chinese government know that Microsoft's windows 10 is a spying OS and demanded MS to stop collecting personal data of Chinese users and send them to NSA. So with this in mind the Chinese version of Win10 will probably contain less spyware that collects data and send it back to MS/ NSA. i dont care if the Chinese government collects my data, its the NSA that people should be worried about.