Microsoft is making it easier to tell if Xbox One X assets are installed

Microsoft has unveiled a new update on its way to members of the Xbox Insider Program, adding both new functionality and fixes to the Xbox One operating system. With the Xbox One X release around the corner, today's new Alpha ring build introduces a feature to simplify the process of installing 4K assets on the console. A range of fixes is also being deployed, affecting Party chat, Dolby Atmos, 4K video playback and other applications.

The biggest addition to today's preview build is a new feature within "My Games & Apps," making it easier for users to check that Xbox One X assets are installed. To offer improved resolutions and textures for Xbox One X Enhanced games, dedicated updates are being released by developers – and this new feature streamlines the process of ensuring they're ready for use.

Following this build, by hovering over an Xbox One X Enhanced title, details surrounding assets can be found by pressing the "Menu" button and selecting "Manage." Alongside details about installed DLC, "Xbox One X Assets: Installed" will be displayed to indicate a game is ready for the console.

This is a significant improvement over the existing implementation on Xbox One, which fails to deliver a user-friendly option of checking installed updates. Those on production builds can check assets are installed by pressing LB, RB, and Menu simultaneously, however, the information displayed is hard to decipher at a glance.

Those eligible to download Alpha ring updates will see the download available on their console from 5 p.m. ET on November 5. The update will also bring fixes to various system features, including Party chat, 4K video, Cortana and My Games & Apps. For a look at the full list of tweaks, make sure to take a look at Microsoft's full changelog.

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Matt Brown

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