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Microsoft may have just fixed stuck app updates in the Windows 10 Mobile store

If you are on Windows 10, Mobile build 10586 either for Insiders or on a new Lumia 950, you may have noticed some apps getting stuck during Store updates. Even our Lumia 950 review unit has had Advanced Info error out ever since day one leaving it in our download queue.

A tip has come in from one user claiming 11 of his stuck apps had suddenly just updated. Although we were dubious of the claim when we tried to update our stuck Advanced Info it suddenly went through as well. It did seem to take a bit longer than usual to install, but in the end it did the update.

For many, the error experienced was associated with the code 0x803F8006. All a user could do was try and hope the update would happen, but most of the time the app would just error out like in the image above from @MitjaKo who told us he was having this issue recently.

Did Microsoft get a last-minute fix before the holiday break and just in time for the Lumia 950 XL? Fingers crossed. Let us know if you can now download those pesky apps in comments!

[Update: It sounds like Microsoft was pushing the update out over the last few days based on the phone model. So Lumia 830 and Lumia 1520 users had it a few days ago, while tonight Lumia 1020, Lumia 950, HTC One and a few others are now being cleared.]

Thanks, Jeremy J., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I guess so, because today all of my stuck apps downloaded.  Yay!
  • My HTC Dot view app finally downloaded. Was having that error for the longest time. Great job microsoft
  • Is Dot View working again?
  • Is working the Dot View Case in Windows 10 mobile?
  • I put on one of my Dot view cases this morning and it still doesn't work.
  • WM10...... It's not really ready for consumer devices..
    MS knows that nobody is gonna buy a 950/XL except diehard fans; who are willing to deal with bugs, and know workarounds.....
  • Yes, nobody knows about the Lumia 950/XL
  • How could they.............
  • I completely agree with you. This would explain why MS isn't really pushing/advertising the phones; they don't want too many average consumers to try it out and have poor experiences. I'm beginning to think that these phones are simply stopgaps to prevent the diehards from jumping ship while they complete/polish 10. Hopefully, when 10 is truly ready for the mainstream, MS brings their A game with an eye-catching flagship. People are attracted to beauty, and anyone that denies that is simply being naive. I'm not holding my breath, but one can hope, right?
  • It's a stopgap to the surface phone. And eventually Lumia's will only be known for cheap good quality phones. And I think that's what Windows mobile needs.
  • Lol... Hold on, hold on, here......
    Now, lets not get ahead of ourselves... Even if the OS was 3,000% top shelf MS still wouldn't market it properly... Lol. That's on a whole-notha-level...
  • LOL
  • Hahahaha hahaha❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • I'm honestly not sure what about these phones you believe is worth spending ad dollars on. Seriously. What could you possibly advertise about these phones to make non-fans buy them? It doesn't matter how many times you keep saying it, lack of advertising is not what doomed Windows Phone
  • By that logic, what would advertise about the Galaxy S6? Apps?
  • Yup. Apps, and whatever else they're offering that no other Android phone is offering . It's a tough sell, I agree, but it's still a billion times easier than convincing someone to buy a Lumia 950 (especially after all the brand building they've done over the past 3 years). The sheer lack of apps simply makes it a non-starter for 95% of the population.
  • And the camera!
  • US population*
  • Let me see... Robust, beautifull devices, with W10 Mobile (it is not Windows phone anymore) having hexa and octa core cpus, with Continuum, Cortana, 20 mpx cameras, great antennas and connectivity capabilities, huge displays with exceptional quality, universal apps, the same OS runs on a PC, and maybe project astoria sometime, gorilla glass 4, "does not bend", and Windows 10 Monile is a huge step ahead, even you can see that. The best hw specs in 2015-2016, something that Android users were giving as  the reason Nokia and Microsoft were far behind competition is now gone away, This is a REAL flagship phone, and the only thing i am blaiming MS is the fact that the OS is incomplete!
  • The one unique thing you mentioned about the phone is the one thing you criticised: the OS. And customers would have been able to stomach some lack of polish if it had apps, but it doesn't. The 950/XL (and any future Windows Phones) will be enthusiast phones unless the universal app strategy and the app bridges take off. Until then, wasting money on advertising phones customers are going to return is just that: A waste.
  • Who said I have faith in these specific devices?...
    And, it doesn't matter if you don't believe poor marketing is the root cause of all over WPs problems... It doesn't matter..
  • No reason to do a lot of advertising right know given they are out of stock online and I imagine in stores as well.
  • That's pretty much what my original comment is saying MS is thinking...
    Some miss interpreted what we were saying about marketing and these devices....
  • I'm having no bugs or issues with my 950, and none of the problems I had with the preview on my 830.
  • I tested a 950 in an att store and it did work flawlessly. Quite unlike the experience I've had on preview on older phones. Hopefully they can optimize it to work at least almost that good on older phones. Right now the store is unusable on a 521.
  • Neh it normal...Latest IOS version has bug for several month. Same with latest Android version..Non is immune from bug.
  • I'm inclined to agree with that sentiment. The 950 line will get bought up by the diehards. Next year we will hopefully see a hard push. Time will tell.
  • I noticed they fixed this soon after the last OS release. The Glance Screen application FINALLY successfully installed.
  • For some reason for me Glance is the only one that didn't update.  It is a different error code so maybe a different issue alltogether.  (On a 1020) Edit:  ​Glance just went through so 100% updated 
  • Same here.
  • If only I could get the store to be usable. Right now it crashes on startup and freezes on the opening screen, even after a soft reset.
  • What annoys me about glance is it doesn't show the date... SMDH
  • Ditto, it was fixed a couple days ago
  • Hey Cortana settings and Glance settings is missing on my 1520. Anyone knows why? Need some help. Thanks
  • Same problem here, any thoughts
  • If any extra settings apps are missing, you will need a hard reset.
  • my issue occurred after the hard rest.. automatic brightness, hey Cortana, and glance not working now
  • actually my process was this, windows 8.1 > windows 10>updates & restore, looked funky> hard reset> no app restore, but manual install of apps & updates> no hey cortana
  • All setting Extra glance screen and Hey Cortana
  • Hey Cortana settings are in Cortana itself, not in system settings.
  • Glance, Motion, Motion Data and Hey Cortana downloaded but DO NOT FUNCTION on my 1520.3.
  • I never had stuck apps that had an error code more than once. They all updated on the second try at the most.
  • You are one of the lucky few then. Most of us have had this problem, repeatedly.
  • Oh I know I just didn't have issues on either of my two phones.
  • Nice. I had that kind of luck on a couple of my older phones, not as much anymore, lol.
  • Same. A few days ago, I had of like 12 apps stuck and yesterday or the day before, they all went through.
  • Solved on my 1520, 640 and 950! Yea!
  • Are you getting "microsoft photo plugin" to update each time u hit update button..?
  • Remove lumia moments and update plug should work
  • Thanks! :-)
  • Yes, it solves the photo plugin issues after uninstalling Lumia Moments on my L640 XL & L640.
  • I tried to my Lumia 640xl but still not able to update photo plug in...any other thoughts???
  • did u uninstall lumia moments???. Then delete photo plugin from store download que. Check for updates again.Instal plugins.It should work
  • Thanks!! Now finally I can edit rich capture pictures.
  • I am using Lumia 930 and I have deleted Lumia Moments as advised. Still I cannot update the Photos plug-in, so now I cannot choose best photos from 4K video. I don't know what I should do now.... Tried to restart, soft reset already. PS: I am using Windows 10 mobile, 10586.36 version. Should I hard-reset the phone or downgrade to WP 8.1? Please help me Thanks
  • Thank you! 
  • I was wondering if I was the only one getting the Photos plug-in update each time I checked. As suggested by Shibilumar, uninstalling Lumia Moments solves this issue.
  • Everyone with lumia moments had that problem
  • I've been getting lots of stuck apps for close to a year now. They started on 8.1 for me and have continued through to 10586.
  • Very odd
  • Same here. This wasn't a windows 10 only thing.
  • Yep, finally fixed. That was an aggravating month... I still don't understand why my "Microsoft Photos plug-in" updates like every day...   Guestures and touch updated on my 640 finally...wonder if this added tap to wake on the 950/XL?
  • Nope, I can confirm that I still don't have double tap to wake on d 950... Waiting until I see an update to 'touch' settings
  • Remove lumia moments and try again
  • I had 9 apps stuck but Lumia Moments wasn't one of themn. However mabye they did finally fix the problem because they all automatically updated okay after I opened the updates list.
  • They added double tap the bottom nav bar to turn off screen for all phones.
  • Still not fixed for 1020. Only Mix Radio went through. Here maps, extras and info, touch, etc. still stuck.
  • After hitting refresh a few times the apps are starting to install.
  • I have a 1020 and they all updated except for glance.  What clued me in to that it would now work was that I got a notification that the phone needed a restart.  After the restart everything (except glance) went though successfully.   So maybe try restarting the phone? Edit:  ​Glance is now fixed for me as well :)
  • Don't update here maps. It kills the app for good. Now i'm stuck with this shity ms maps. No matter what i do, store does not find it and by the browser will tell you that the app is no longer available
  • ye, just updated stuck apps
  • Yup... Just as magic. I tried all that i could but was not able to update. But today, it just updated smoothly without any problem just effortless.
  • Yes! FINALLY!
  • Confirmed on a 640, all 11 stuck apps have gone through, still getting a blank app with no title stuck tho..   I restarted and the "blank app" updated and went away..
  • Both of my no-title apps finally downloaded and updated.
  • What about microsoft photo plugin..Im getting an update each time when I hit update button
  • Mine is 0x8103010F and still giving me error
  • Yep.  HTC Dot View, HTC BlinkFeed and HTC Camera finally updated on my M8 running 10586.
  • They are working again?
  • Yes and no. Yup finally downloaded a couple of days, but Glance, Hey Cortana, and Motion Data don't work. Are these apps fully functional for you guys? EDIT: I'm on a Lumia 1520.3
  • Depends on the phone. The problems u mentioned seem to mainly affect 1020s & HTC?
  • Yes, they work for me. I had some MMS issues going on and decided to do a restore from my last known working backup. Got a whack load of updates and these were updating (didnt see a release notice about it but whatever as they were working before) Only issue I have is custom notification sounds. NONE get recognized no matter how I get them onto my phone and after a complete hard reset and clean install (not using a restore from backup)   *should mention I am using a 1520.3 from Mexico as that is what OmegaCell sold at the time*
  • All 16 of mines updated around 4pm eastern today, thought I just got lucky :-p
  • Yep noticed it about 5hr ago while travelling. Honestly thought it was because I was in a different cell area or something wonky.
  • Still error
  • All 8 apps I had stuck with that same error have now cleared. L640.
  • Now please update Cortana on Windows 10 to match 8.1! Add dark theme and fix the feed from wobbling all around when scrolling. Oh yeah and update Glance too! Make it happen MS!!
  • I've left this feedback two or three times already. On a related note, I wish they enabled a reading mode (especially when reading on Kindle). It's annoying that I need to go into settings and activate battery saver to avoid staring at the bright lights of the on-screen back/windows/cortana buttons.
  • There's a battery saver toggle on action centre
  • It's been there for a while now. Comes handy every once in a while
  • My stuck apps went through and seam ok
  • I thought it was being fixed server side one Lumia model at a time. I say that because my 1520 succeeded a couple of days after the build released, and other 1520 users claimed the same. Then other models followed suit as days went by. As of a few minutes ago, my experimental 640 still had a list of the usual suspect failed apps.
    Hope this means they'll clear too. 10586 has been a pretty high performer for me. I'm a happy W10M'er. :)
  • Same here snake..... Happy camper here too. (830, 925, 1020, 1520.3) [love this phone on the last build]. Tomorrow my 950XL will arrive, a piece of me is scared that my 1520 will perform better. I think M$ is getting there....
  • Congratulations on getting a 950 XL. I currently have 435, 640, 830, 1020, 1520, HTC One M8 for Windows and 950. The 950 is the best by far and if it wasn't for the horrible 4MP camera on the One M8 W, it would be an awesome Windows 10 flapship phone as the Snapdragon 801 is a better processor than the 800 in the Lumia 1520 and the widescreen 5MP front facing camera is better than average. The glass screen on the One M8 seems special, it feels like thick glass and feels smoother to the touch than on any of my other phones, including the Symbian, iOS and Android devices that I own.    
  • It's not just that.. The glance background, Lumia camera classic and gestures app are available again. Got all of them on my 1520.. with 10586...
  • Finally got advanced info and help & tips to install
  • Omg I was skeptic reading this article because they all failed to update just this morning...or was it last night... But anyways I just tried and they all updated!!!!!! :D (Lumia 640 on 10586)
  • What's the point of giving us a numerical number code without including a plain English reference? What's even more infuriating is that it's impossible to copy-paste text from the notification box. I'm sure this isn't an issue for IT pros, but for us regular guys it's so stupid.
  • 100% agree
  • Oh, it's just as much of a PITA for us IT folks. Heck, we should be able to tap the error code and have the appropriate web page open, but then we all have dreams...
  • Cortana should be able to just grab the error code, search the Web and suggest us solutions.
    That's the kind of "assistance" we need. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Advanced info finally cleared out of my update list today, stuck since day one with my 950.
  • Hey, how has your iris scanner been performing on the 950?
  • Mine updated finally on my L640. That being said, every time I check for an update the photos app comes up. I'll update it and if I check for any more updates afterwards it comes up again.
  • I had some stick apps on my ATT 1520 that unstuck last Friday. It was only four apps.
  • Glad they are trying to care... I almost feel bad for complaining about the buggyniess of 10586.. Almost.
  • Never really worried about those apps. It's not like they were causing any harm. And while on that topic, can someone tell me whatever happened to Subway Surfers on Windows 10 mobile? Can't seem to find it in the store.
  • yup fixed it for me, not sure what took so long. Also seems like they should really fix the issue when you have settings to install apps to sd, if the app needs to be installed to device the install fails and then you have to tap on the error message which prompts you to allow it to install to device, why isnt it just automatic!?!?!?
  • It's kind of annoying to go to settings and change default install location. It should ask you to change quickly.
  • What phone is that
  • They still need to get a fix for all the missing store apps bug!
  • I have reported this issue on the Feedback app about three months ago and again last week, for my Lumia 630 and 535. Will try later to see if it was fixed really.
  • Have app update notifications stopped altogether? Not getting any alerts through pop ups or sound? Used to get it in the store tile earlier in 8.1 Not any more. 1520 running 1586.
  • Mine still will not update
  • Here is a thread started last week with a timeline of when some models started working:  
  • All my stuck apps installed several days ago (Lumia 830, Canada). I wasn't even sure it was still a thing... ;)
  • Same on my Lumia 928, Verizon - I assumed that, if it was fixed on my device, it was fixed on every device. Very interesting that the issue seems only "mostly" resolved. Now, having the (14ish?) apps actually/finally update potentially introduced a really aggressive battery drain bug for me, but I guess I'll hold out hope that the next Messaging + Skype update will nip that one in the bud.
  • Nope, not entirely.  The native apps finally installed on all my devices.  AT&T Locker, however, is still stuck in limbo.  Microsoft continues to fail.
  • That one sounds like at&t's fault, not Microsoft.
  • On my 640 I still have two apps that won't update: Touch and rate My Device. And with both of them if I tap to see the error code they just try and error again. Of course Microsoft Photos plug-in still downloads every time I check for updates.
  • Remove all the old Lumia apps and the photo plugin will stop (I think Moments is the culprit). Also reboot your phone, check for updates again, then try them. That worked on my 640 and 640 XL to get some of the other apps.
  • Tried the reboot, no help.
  • Odd, perhaps its still propogating thru their stores servers. It did only fix several hours ago for my 640s.
  • Yeah, everything went through on the 950 and M8. Didn't check the 1020 or 635 though.
  • how has your iris scanner been performing on the 950?
  • It has been performing rather well. So far my few failed unlocks were because of me not the device.
  • I've had to retrain mine today. It stopped working, I restarted the 950, trained it with glasses, without and in the dark with and without and it works nearly everytime now. I wonder how it will be when it is out of Beta. I would like to see app updates for Windows Hello and Continuum.
  • YES THANK YOU!!! My 1020 is whole again!!
  • That is exactly how I felt about my 1020! It doesn't seem like a beta error test device anymore!
  • Most apps finally installed, except for Touch and Rate Your Device. Those two are the only apps that still give me an error (although no error code, upon choosing see details, it tries downloading again). This is on my L640XL.
  • I bet if you set the default to save to SD the error would say that it must be installed to the phone. That is what my 640 is doing. (When I change the default to save them to the phone they error and when I tap to see the error it tries again, lather, rinse, repeat.)
  • Yup, tried changing it to my SD card and that's exactly what it tells me. I went to the Extra Settings to see if those two options worked. They didn't open. So it seems like they may actually not be installed on my device?
  • I found a solution , the last answer on the first page "Just install Windows Insider app again and select "Fast ring" option. Then go to "Phone update" and install the last update. Once the update is installed and no more updates are available go to the store and update all your apps with '0x803F8006' error. This should fix the problem."
  • Nope.  AT&T Locker is still stuck.
  • Windows Camera stuck with error 80070019 ever since i installed 10586. Depending on Lumia Camera! Btw, is anyone else having scrolling glitches with edge?
  • Gone on my Lumia 1520, yay!
  • Got updates for Windows Camera and Skype for Business as well
  • It's about time. That's been going on for months with the preview builds.  (Yes, they're preview builds, but it was an issue in every single one of them.)
  • All were updated on my 1020. Just keep on hitting refresh button if error persists.
  • I'm glad they fixed before I get my 950 xl
  • Extras & Info not updating on Lumia 520
  • Hw is performance of Lumia 520??I need only WhatsApp and browsing...
  • Runs smoothly except some few bugs at times when uploading profile pic and edge browser at times lags and stops unexpectedly but it's ok though
  • worked for mine
  • About time. First time I see no apps failed in my list since the first beta.
  • Microsoft Photo Plugin - New update every time I search for updates. Installs 100% but 1 sec later there's a new update.
  • Yep all better now