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Microsoft Movies & TV gets a subtitles update on the desktop

Along with the Groove Music update on the Xbox One, Microsoft has pushed a small update to the Movies & TV app on [Windows 10] (/./windows-10) desktop. It's good news for folks who use subtitles with their own personal videos.

"With the latest version of @MicrosoftMoviesTV on #Windows10 desktop, you can pick your subtitle files during playback for personal videos. - @ellenment"

The version number you're looking for is 3.6.1780.0 and it should be pushing out right about now. Fire up the Windows 10 Store or use the download link below.

Download Movies & TV for Windows 10 Desktop (opens in new tab)

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  • I hope this works good. This is a much needed feature.  
  • Yeah
  • Excellent!
  • Well still lacks behind VLC media player...
  • Yes it does. I am more than willing to use it but some features of vlc aren't on the app. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Well i love the vlc app..its best video player app...what MS is missing is the team... It should have a whole team to develop each app... A separate team for each app ... This way they could release the app faster and more stable...of course MS is one of biggest companies..but what is the use of such reputation if you cant afford bunch of engineers for every app..
  • Thanks for the update, BUT START LISTENING TO US. We want to use this as our all video app. Which means it has to properly organize our personally owned movies and tv shows. Not throw them in one giant mess and grab random uncomprehendable screen-grabs. This has been an issue since Zune was dropped. We keep asking for you to do something about this and we get everything but. Go look at Media Box. That is how it should handle our media.
  • Personally still waiting on support for DTS and DTS HD MA which are probly the most important features im waiting on that keep me using VLC   Especially need those supported on the Xbox One video app!
  • Does this still have a web player or is it just the app now?
  • No web. No other platforms. Lame.
  • So will this finally read embedded vob subtitle takes within mkvs? I hope so!
  • I'm still showing as no update available, but I'm hoping this adds that capability. I've been waiting for it so I can finish watching Initial D.
  • So how does the supoort for subtitle files go? What formats does MS support? I hope at least SRT files. Also, MS should add this to the vmedia player app for Xbox 360/One, it's not enough just supporting MKV playback.
  • Not seeing this update as yet.
  • I could do SRT subtitles for months now. The problem was, I couldn't project to my TV and still select subtitles. It'd be nice if that was fixed.
  • anyone got access denied error (0x80070005) trying to update Video & Photos. Can't seem to update those 2 ... Others updated just fine. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10.
  • If I'm not mistaken we could add srt subtitles during playback for a long time. What we need is the ability to personalize subtitles like resize, change font, add outlines etc.
  • no. it wasnt there. not for personal videos.        
  • The only thing good in movies and tv app is that it drains least battery compared to other video player app
  • It has also a more optimized rendering wrt vlc: On my old laptop some videos lag while with video app they run smooth. For the rest vlc is much better by far.
  • finally. this was the only thing that had me using vlc. will be using movies & tv until vlc uwp. love me some subtitles!!  
  • Does anyone even use this Movies & TV app. I find it extremely limiting in terms of features. Also it couldn't play non-inbuilt subtitles till now. I use KMPlayer and VLC (Win32 app). Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Does anyone know if there's a setting that has it automatically load Subtitles if they're available? My media is 99% Anime and unlike with Windows Media Player which has Subtitles automatically active ( not sure if this is related to the Codecs that I'm using ) I'll always have to manually activate them in the Movies & TV App which gets old pretty fast thus forcing me to stick with Windows Media Player out of pure comfort.