Microsoft offers status update on new rollout

Microsoft has offered a status update on the rollout of the new The update was announced over a year ago, and while the rollout of the new web portal began earlier this year, only a small group of people seem to have received the update. Speaking with ZDNet, Microsoft's Jon Orton explained how the company is conducting this rollout.

Moving existing users to the new "is just more than a facelift," Orton said. "The scope is much bigger than the previous transition. It's not just the UI and experience we're migrating. We are moving data to the Office 365 base."The existing service was running on a legacy infrastructure, Orton said. The new is using "the same building blocks as the rest of Office 365," he said. The result will be that new features can more quickly and easily be introduced across both Outlook/Office 365 and, moving forward, rather than building twice for two different platforms

The updated experience is meant to bring the web app closer to the Outlook desktop app, adding new features like themes, automatically adding flight confirmations, and more. Microsoft has not announced when it expects the rollout of the new web app to be complete.

  • Can't wait for the new web experience.
  • Get it faster, I got it the day after I signed up here: Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • And hopefully on par features on Mail app. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Don't know what they were thinking with the current layout.... having your message list and the reading view in that over under look is just terrible in my opinion. Can't wait for this
  • If you are talking about what I think you are talking about, you have the option of having your reading view off to the side.
  • I just found that. It's weird one of my accounts defaults the one way and the other is the other way. Oh well, new features are always good
  • The old view is a really old concept. All email clients from the early 2000s had that layout.
  • This makes me nervous. I like the UI of the current
  • I agree, having tried the new outlook on my secondary email, I don't like it. I much prefer the old outlook, seems easier to use. The new outlook just seems a bit more convoluted. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The only thing I don't really like is window in window...
  • so I have come across two migration:
    Hotmail -> Outlook,
    Old outlook -> New outlook.
    Feeling old.
  • Yeaaaah. I still remember the old msn mail look. :P
  • Me too. I like the old Hotmail background
  • I've had my Hotmail address from before MS even owned Hotmail...18 years now! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 950xl
  • Wow, that is so long.
  • I remember using prodigy before email, then Juno and AOL
  • is sooooo slow on continuum.... Takes to much time to load
  • That is a generel Problem with Compared to other services it IS just very slow. Compare it with for example. I can click around there in no time and everything basically instantly opens up. But the O365 Web Experience is not that much better than in this regards
  • Agreed... Gmail is instantaneous in continuum too. Microsoft should repair this.
  • Let's hope the new web experience is faster.
  • They can toy around all they want. I will continue to use the real Outlook. It will only change when I want it to.
  • That is how basic user adoption works, is it not?
  • Maybe I don't remember from any previous articles on this, but when is the rollout to eveyrone? This year?
  • Microsoft hasn't given a public schedule, as stated at the article's end.
  • This is the biggest problem with Microsoft IMO. They show us the future today and say we will have it someday. They make us want something they can't give us now. IDK about you guys but it makes MS seems slow for me. Yeah, if you have some knowledge on the matter you know it's hard to migrate from legacy systems, specially with that ammount of data, but for the regular users it just seems they're too lazy to make things faster.
  • Agree 100%. My BIGGEST issue is the tease and wait we have all come to know from MS. I believe this is one of the biggest reasons the masses have flocked to Apple. They are known for announcing, and having it available immediately. Not as much lately, but still way better than MS. Microsoft truly needs to TM "Coming Soon".
  • I hope the new won't ruin the experience like the mobile app one. The new mobile app one is too buggy and limited in basic features...
  • I prefer because it's less complex, takes no storage space to speak of, and I can access it with my phone (1520, W8.1) from anywhere. I'm happy they're upgrading it, though. It's slow on desktop and laptop, W10.
  • I have a hotmail id should I migrate to outlook, if yes then how and also is it necessary.
  • All you have to do is create a new alias in Make it an address, then make it your primary address.
  • There is no need to do anything. Hotmail and Outlook addresses all run on the same infrastructure. Now, if you would rather have a new email address then that is something different.
  • Anyone else facing issues with the Store? (Windows 10)
  • Yeah. It's really weird seeing my personal account still on the older one, but my work account on the new schema when logged into both at the same time. The new look is really cool though, the themes are nice and the newer add-ins are a definitely welcome change.
  • i got it the day after I signed up here: Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • Yeah, it's full now. So probably won't be able to get in that way.
  • I've had both accounts for a couple years now and never signed up for the beta testing on it, guess my work one is just lucky enough to get it without. :-)
  • Outlook desktop app is really not related to Its part of Office suite and email client. But with branding like that who would know..
  • I guess they must have been testing something on the back end as I was getting weird errors and would explain why was constantly trying to refresh... and then stopped randomly. Wasn't able to upload or create any file or folder... lol
  • I had some weird constant refresh thing with OD, found it was a FF issue, switched to Chrome & other browsers & had no issue.
  • Can't wait to have my mailbox migrated.. My mother has it and I still don't..
  • Get it faster, I got it the day after I signed up here: Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • Dude, the program is closed. Nobody cares that you got it the day after. Quit posting this link.
  • I don't know, but the way the redact a new message has changed.
  • Does this mean it will have the sync speed of Office365, too? My emails get to my BlackBerry right away, but can take up to an hour for desktop Outlook to download them. My Office365 email is instant to any device.
  • I have live email id :/
  • Me too. Doesn't matter. Takes some time for some websites to rexognise tho...
  • So how can i try the new site? O.o
  • I have not been migrated... But I've seen it on others'... It is TOOOO damn slow!!...What the hell MS?? It's around 3-4x slower
  • All of my accounts but 1 have been "upgraded". The new UI feels VERY slow and clunky. Wish they had an option to leave it in "classic"-mode.
  • So, no status update at all then?
  • I am just sitting here, still waiting for that new look of Outlook! O_O
  • While my account has been migrated, and for the most part, the UI is really nice, there are still some missing portions. For e.g. shared calendars is not yet supported in Apparently that feature is coming in August 2016.
  • Whenever I need my emails in a browser I still type in my address bar... :) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • My outlook email finally got the update earlier this week
  • Im still waiting for it. Any date?
  • is so far behind. I should have to log out of my account to access a different one. On gmail or Google in general i can just click my user and swift c accounts. With Microsoft we have to logout, type in a different account information and log back in. Sucks for multiple people who use a same computer.