Microsoft offers Surface 2 and Pro 2 bundles with big discounts in deceptive new ad

As you may know, Microsoft is throwing a 12 Days of Deals sale at their physical Stores, starting this Monday. That first deal is for the Dell Venue 8 Pro, which gets a massive discount to just $199 (or $99 if you’re on of the first 20 customers).

Well, Microsoft has just posted a new ad to their Microsoft Store YouTube page, and it’s causing quite a stir tonight. However, we’re treading cautiously here, and we’ll explain the nuances of the deal and why it's not what you think it is...

The ad boasts about Day 6 of the special offer, which puts it at next Saturday, December 14. The commercial tells us about the following offers for that single day, only available at their brick and mortar locations:

  • Surface 2 complete bundle for $149 ($99 for the first 20 customers)
  • Surface Pro 2 complete bundle for $249 ($199 for the first 20 customers)

Now, the big question is what is a “complete bundle”? From the ad, the Surface 2 bundle shows the device with an Incipio case, Type Cover 2 and a $25 gift card to the Windows Store. The Surface Pro 2 portion has the Incipio screen protector, Office 365, Surface Pro 2 and Type Cover.

Could Microsoft really be offering all of that for those prices? We think it’s a bit deceptive, and the answer is ‘no’. It appears that complete bundles are just a discounted accessories packages:

  • Surface 2 Complete Bundle ($149, regular $253.98): Type Cover 2 ($129), Incipio Case ($34.99), $25 Gift Card. 2-year warranty
  • Surface Pro 2 Complete Bundle ($249, regular $348.97): Touch Cover 2 ($119), Office 365 subscription ($99), Incipio Screen protector ($19.99), Premium Software support ($99), 2 year warranty

In other words, the idea that Microsoft on top of all of that will also throw in a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 is a little crazy, even for them. So while many of you have interpreted this as being everything in that image, we’re not so confident.

Granted, since Microsoft does not define what the bundle is either (though see ‘Surface Pro Accessories Value Bundle’ for $169) it’s easy to run away with the idea, especially after the Dell Venue 8 Pro deal, but alas…it’s too good to be true.

Finally, with the title of the video being "Day 6 SurfaceBundles final 2", we're betting this was posted early and by mistake. [Update: Ass suspected, the video is now 'Private' meaning this was posted early and in error]

Still, if you need a discounted accessories bundle for your Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2, next Saturday is your day.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, ddavi021 and Kingsly E., for the tip and Ryan for the math fix

Daniel Rubino

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