Microsoft open sources .NET framework to work on both Linux and Mac

Microsoft appears to be a new company since Satya Nadella came into power. Yesterday, the tech giant had another announcement to make - its .NET framework is going open source. Microsoft will allow the free code to run not only on Windows-based computers, but also systems powered by Linux or Mac OS. The company has been making some radical changes, and those interested will soon have access to .NET code that will run on multiple platforms.

Microsoft executive VP of developer tools S. "Soma" Somasegar explained the move by wanting to "have a developer offering that is relevant and attractive and valuable to any developer working on any kind of application." It's quite a change that will see Microsoft adapt to competition and how other platforms have matured alongside the Windows ecosystem.

Somasegar notes that Microsoft engineers have been debating this move (to make .NET available on multiple platforms) for many years, but acknowledges that Nadella has made it possible since taking the CEO seat. "He is very good at driving forward, moving forward. Status quo, standing still, is not an option when you're under that guy. What he has helped us all do is continue with what we have been all been thinking about for a while now—and sort of kicking it into a higher gear."

It's worth noting that the code to run .NET on Linux and Mac OS has not yet been released. Somasegar states it will be a few months before the company announces a release. In the meantime, check out the .NET GitHub and download the Visual studio 2015 Preview.

What do you make of the move to go open source with .NET?

Source: MSDN, via: Wired

Rich Edmonds
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