Microsoft patents VR mat, motion controller, and stylus possibly for Xbox

Xbox on Stage
Xbox on Stage (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A couple of new Microsoft patents were revealed recently.
  • They focus on what appears to be an upcoming gaming console.
  • A virtual reality boundary mat, motion controller, and stylus were part of the leak.

Microsoft's next-generation Project Scarlett console is almost here, and it looks like it may bring some new input methods as well as virtual reality (VR) support. According to a few patents that appeared online — which were first spotted by Twitter user WalkingCat — it seems like a stylus, VR boundary mat, and motion controller are in the works.

Before we discuss the various devices, keep in mind that these are just patents. Companies protect their technology all the time, so these patents may not represent actual products. Nevertheless, they're intriguing and give us a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes workings of the Xbox Team.

VR boundary mat

According to the patent, it seems like this VR mat marks the edges of the map for the player. The VR headset appears to be connected to a console and a camera that sits on top of the TV.

Motion controller

Another patent suggests that the team is developing some sort of motion controller for the console. You may be able to use it with one hand, while the other has a directional stick. For example, you can move around with a thumbstick, but if you're using a sword, you have to replicate the motion. It's similar to what Nintendo did with the Wii.


Lastly, the same patent reveals that a stylus may be in development for the upcoming console. This may allow you to play Nintendo DS-like games on the device and may lead to new experiences.

Hopefully, Microsoft will reveal more about the console in the coming months. The company's hosting its annual X019 event in November, so we have some hope. If not then, expect an announcement at E3 2020.



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