Microsoft Pix's business card feature now works with addresses

In early March, Microsoft's Pix app for iPhone picked up a handy new feature designed to scour business cards for information and allow you to easily save it to a new contact or your LinkedIn account. With the app's latest update (opens in new tab) (via MSPU), Microsoft is further rounding out that feature with the ability to recognize and act on addresses.

Previously, the feature could recognize names, email addresses, phone numbers, and URLs. With the addition of address recognition, Pix can now automatically add that information to a contact or open up the address in Maps. Here's a look at all of what's new:

  • Just point Microsoft Pix at a business card for it to be intelligently recognized and a new button will appear
  • Business Card Reader now recognizes addresses in addition to name, email addresses, phone numbers and website URLs
  • Open a scanned address in Maps, add to an existing contact or create a new contact

The business card feature compliments the AI-powered capabilities that allow Pix to intelligently adjust photo elements like exposure, focus, and color. If you want to check out all of what's new, you can grab the app update now from the App Store.

See at the App Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Those live images, do they open on a windows device?
  • Works only on iPhone. Does not work on Windows Phones. What a shame.
  • Yet another iPhone "only" focused app, doubt it would be even available for anything beyond iPhone considering that in the best case scenario Microsoft Store esque ios store apps, pretty much follow the same kind of behavioral methods / systems , so yeah maybe not for the old or outdated WM10 versions but who knows... there are new things on its way to Windows 10, perhaps somewhere around the release of those, these "test" apps will debut as additions, after all Microsoft has been doing its best when it promotes its own software and i believe they have been building the frame with all these test apps for a long time, yet it was the mobile system that kept pulling them down in the long run or it simply did not rise up the expectations they had for the system itself, and managing two different systems seems like too much of a hassle especially when they produce more than one form factor of devices of which each has had its own version/variation of systems. P.s this app isn't available for android either, just clarifying that.
  • Need this for Android...... My Galaxy S8 camera has it built in, all you have to do is add a photo in contacts, and it will grab name, address, email, website, etc...........that being said, I would prefer to be able to use MS app to ensure it's actually going to sync with my Outlook contacts, which sometimes is hit and miss.
  • Sounds a must for small company's