Here are some photos of the first Microsoft Priority Reseller store in India

Recently, Microsoft formally began the transition of Nokia-branded retail outlets, with the first ever Microsoft Priority Reseller Store in the world opening in India in Gurgaon, a New Delhi suburb.

India is the first country to roll out the new look. Beginning with the first launch, the transition will be made across a total of 8,872 stores and 119 Care centres by the end of June 2015. Globally, a total of 15,684 retail outlets and 324 Care centres will get a similar makeover.

Microsoft intends to improve customers' shopping experience and highlight the connected devices experience with clear signage and improved navigation within the redesigned stores. Here are some photos from the Gurgaon store.

How do you feel about the new look? Sound off in the comments!

Abhishek Baxi
  • I wonder what they will have in store.
  • Great puns, duh.
  • Ha2, you got me!
  • I wonder when stores will get to the UK. I find it unbelievable msft has not come here yet.
  • Looks like Dallas, TX.....
  • I want to visit one in Bangkok.
  • According to Baxi, some photos=17 photos!! Relevance!!
  • We need Stores in MEA :s
  • When in India?
  • Go die.
  • Acche din aagye, modi aur nadella Ki jai ho
  • I hate idiots who bring modi name for things he doesn't do, what's this to do with him if MS is redesigning it's own network, moron
  • He's clearly joking abt it 'buddy'... :P
  • I guess buddy007: The 007 James bond, your sense of humour is zerooooo. But do remember, zero is also important in number system... Hahahahhaa
  • I think the it has reached a point where it's hard to point the difference between sarcasm and idioticity ;D
  • Totally agreed. It has reached to such a point :(
  • U r right modi nothing to do, he is only phaku person.
  • Looks great. Now come to mainland Europe.  
  • Excellent...they seem to be going down the right track by using the stores for more than just phones...its now the whole of the MS experience and how all of it jst clicks together... 10 demos in the store would be awesome...!
  • If they don't sell surface, experience is incomplete imo..
  • Agreed !! Now there should be surface tablets in India too !!
  • Hmm yeah at least surface 3 if you ask me...the Pro series would cost ppl their kidneys after customs and shipping....
  • If people can buy iPhone then they can buy surface pro series also..but Microsoft needs to reduce the prices a bit..
  • The iPhone has brand value that can't be matched by MS, it should be very clear by now seeing how high end lumias don't sell as much in India....and the iPhone is a phone...iPads are considered great by Indians and yet they don't sell enough and they don't cost as much as a Pro series would...
  • Because windows as a phone os is not popular in India in case of high end. But surface is an alternative of Laptop so if priced in a right way it can be made popular among the Indians..Regarding iPad I don't agree because it sells quite well specially the mini..Maybe Ms cant match the brand value of Apple as of now but it can take the place of shitty android tablets. What you think?
  • I guess I can give back my Lumia 535 and ask for exchange with lumia 540.
  • Is MS too much obsessed with SKYPE?
  • Well they own Skype sooooooo...
  • You mean they own enter successor band name here.
  • There was one sign, a button, and a tile on one of the screen shots. And these were all items that the **photographer** decided to focus upon. Meanwhile I saw a couple dozen pictures of Lumia phones, why not say they are obsessed with Lumia? I guess some people always have to have something to complain about.
  • Every advt. on TV( whether it be for any model) includes only 3 things: Skype, Office & Onedrive... Well might have not noticed it.
  • What does this article have to do with TV? It is talking about a Microsoft store opening in India - something that many of the people of India have been whining and crying about unfairly they are treated (with undertones of racism). And when they do start to open stores, you start complaining about how much emphasis there is on Skype? And then the story changes that the put so much emphasis on other products such as Skype, Office, and OneDrive? Skype is used by 100s of Millions of users, it is a product that a very large portion of the world's population uses or knows of. Office has brought in well over a 100 billion USD over the years. OneDrive is one of those products that ties together all of Microsoft's products and services. But they obsess over these products? They brought the stores to India, so now we need something else to whine about, and having commercials showing off some of their most successful products is somehow obsessing over what they make. Apple commercials only show 3 things: iPhone, iPad, iWatch. Better start whining about them obsessing over those three things. McDonalds obsess over two things, hamburgers and french fries. Better start complaining about them. Coke obsesses over Coke and Diet Coke, better start complaining about them. ...
  • Wow Man! so much frustrated?
  • You are the one that goes to a web site and starts a new comment to whine and complain about the selection of products that Microsoft shows in a commercial and how they are obsessing over something that they are trying to sell to people.
  • What he is trying to say is that, they should advertise things that are relevant and that we actually use, the internet on India is costly for large data transfers and availability in cellular network is poor on the go, so OneDrive is not that practical yet, now WHO THE HELL USES OFFICE everyday?!!! Not everyone obviously, most care about social media, entertainment and games. MS really seems like a bunch of old fools when I see they advertise office as if it is a life changer. And Skype? The experience is horrible on windows phone , so much that they might as well demo it on desktop or some other OS, again this isn't unique to windows phone so to advertise. They should focus more on the hardware capabilities in Lumia such as the cameras, glance screens, display tech, manual controls in camera, the simplicity and functionality of windows phone, the live tiles, seamless syncing of accounts, and popular apps available on windows store. This is why I say the marketing team of MS should be fired, they advertise stuff unrelated to context and product. And what little they do it sucks, at least for windows phone.
  • They better give all of that Skype stuff away (buttons, stickers, wallpaper, etc...). Soon that British news agency will own that name too. They are obviously in the pockets of the lawmakers over there.
  • But when in India?
  • When in UK?
  • Are you crazy? New Delhi is the capital city of India......
  • hellloooo? that is in India dude. can you read? It clearly say ""INDIA""" in the article. I guess the answer to you question would be, whenever you start paying attention. 
  • I didn't even realise Nokia had so many stores, it's crazy!
  • Once Nokia was the number one phone seller in India.. And that's why they have this much stores.. Now It's in the hands of MS.. And It's gonna be awesome.. They can push all the Windows 10 things through these stores and they can grab all the Indian customers to W10 and that will increase market share.. Which leads to more apps in store.. Idea is as simple as that
  • Nice
  • When does is their deadline for completing the makeover? And btw does anyone know when will it start in Portugal?
  • June. The article mentions it.
  • There's a problem with the "Nokia" stores in Portugal: they WEREN'T property of Nokia since Eflop took charge and therefore didn't move to Microsoft. When Eflop came along, all the Nokia stores in the country were sold. Ensitel bought probably 90% of them and the ones that were not bought were closed. There are a few Care Centre's that are not property of Ensitel but of other individuals (like Lisbon's Care Centre). All Ensitel stores will very likely be rebranded to Ensitel's own brand and not Microsoft's (unless Ensitel actually gets a deal with Nokia to carry on the brand in anticipation of Nokia's new and future hardware, but that's unlikely). As for the individual ones (like Lisbon's Care Centre) it will depend on the people in charge of them.
  • Hope they do change the Lisbon store as I'm from there but if not, can't Microsoft start one? Maybe two (Porto and Lisbon? I would be greatly satisfied
  • Honestly, given that the Lisbon one already had to change from the larger store to a much smaller one, I hope they actually DON'T rebrand to Microsoft and instead become a universal repair store for more brands. Otherwise it will be very hard for them to survive. Which would be a shame because the guys that work there are actually quite professional.   As for Microsoft opening one of their own...they have the huge but poorly used headquarters at Expo. They could open a store there but I don't see them do it. Portugal is clearly *not* a priority to Microsoft. Not to mention that Microsoft has already united the management of the Portuguese devices with Spain. There's one guy (a former employee of Nokia Portugal, actually) in charge of management of devices in the entire Iberian Peninsula. It's more likely that you'll have to start sending your phones to the Netherland whenever you need assistance, like you do when you need assistence with the Surface.
  • When outside India? :P
  • :p
  • lol
  • looks Indian
  • It's very beautiful and complete for a small store. And it's very similar to the recently redesigned store here in Brazil!
  • What's up with that name? It give me cancer. Why no Microsoft boutique or something
  • So customers would prioritize it. Boutique is where you buy drugs.
  • Looks a bit ghostly.
  • Hopefully I'll be visiting after my exams end. Got to buy some nice shells for my Lumia 730 apart from the green one.
  • Reseller - a company or individual that purchases goods or services with the intention of reselling them rather than consuming or using them! MS resells MS products? Or resells it's products it purchases from eBay? The queen's language is nightmare for for me...
  • It's a reseller because most of the "Nokia" Stores didn't belong to Nokia to begin with. They belonged to third party companies that sold things under the Nokia brand. And are now selling them under the Microsoft brand. "Priority reseller" is just to clarify that it's NOT a Microsoft Store like the ones in the US.
  • All we want to see is surface, Microsoft band and hololens. Rest hybrid laptops and lumias are there in every electronic shop
  • But in India Apple stores are also reseller...
  • This is a reseller store, so i can resell my lumia ??
  • Lol
  • Lol
  • There is already one Microsoft priority centre here in Bangalore Phoenix market city..
  • In which mall does this store locate?
  • Cool
  • Now in India.
  • When in Mumbai?
  • isn't Mumbai, in INDIA? :-)
  • Store is in gurgaon... And I don't want to travel for almost 2 days by train to reach there so you know what I mean...
  • Lolz, seriously Mumbai needs a huge Microsoft store. Ive seen two nokia stores shut shop in Mumbai and two at my place, hope they appeaar again as MSFT stores !
  • Have they changed design language again? The four colourful squares of the logo aren't skewed into the distance like on my Lumia 930, and the shiny logo on the back of the Surface 3 has non skewed Windows emblazoned on its rear too hmmmm I'm slightly miffed :|
  • The Skewed windows logo stands for the Windows OS while the equal squared logo for Microsoft.
  • Seems Indianer
  • "Priority Reseller" consumer friendly!
  • I know this may sound dumb, but it's weird that everything is in English❓ Lol....
    IDK, you would think that it would be in Indian❓Arabic❓ IDK anything about that stuff. Lol❗
  • English, along with Hindi are the two offical languages of India. So things being in English are no stranger in India than they are in the US.
  • Do you have Presione uno Para Espanol and Press 2 for English? That's how it is in the US.
  • Well, most things here are in English, not the other way around like this store...
    That would be like walking into a MS store here in the US, and everything was mostly displayed in Spanish... Seems like English is used most in India by these pictures.
  • Oh Rod, need to brush up on your History. India was part of the British Empire until the middle of the 20th century. Of course they speak English.
  • Does that make you proud, DJCBS❓ Lol... Wait, wait.... Better yet, do you speak Indian❓
  • Well Rod...just to clarify...there is no language called Indian...what most Indians speak is known as Hindi ;)
  • You mean only the North half of India, and specifically Delhi. The South Indians speak various languages depending on state, Hindi not being one of them :P
  • Yeah, Hindi❗ That's what I meant... See, stupid Americans.. Well, stupid Texans. Well, stupid Dallas Fort Worthians...
  • But they speak such poor English. I have watched Bollywood movies and I cringe everytime they speak English.
  • Lol... What are you doing watching Bollywood flicks.... SMDH.
    Well, was it good❓❓❓
  • Well, I was curious about Bollywood movies so the ones I watched on Netflix I was so very disappointed and unimpressed. I expected to see the Indian culture, their language, food and their way of living but what I got instead was every character had to speak English and broken English I might add, dressed like westerners and emulated the west, especially Hollywood. Sadly, I learned nothing about their culture. 
  • Listen to Shahrukh khan or Amitabh Bacchan, you will understand how we speak English. Don't judge Indians like that..
  • Arabic? Really? Wow. Do they teach you how to look at a map in the states or is that not a requirement?
    Jesus. And they spend 10 years teaching us the names and locations of all 50 U.S. states here in Canada. Also. India houses the largest English speaking population in the world.
  • Hey, hey, hey, now... Chill out, MR. teachy pants.... It's supposed to be funny... Don't ruin it with your monkey business... Lol.
  • Rodney, would you be surprised to know that there actually are 29 states in India, and most of the states are delineated on the basis of language? There are 18 official languages to be used by the federal states and English and Hindi are the official language of the Central Gov't. It would be easier to understand it if you saw India as a confederation of several countries each with a different language speaking populace. English is the sole teaching medium in all universities, almost half the colleges, and some of the high schools. However, only a small chunk of the population pays any attention to grammar, and less so to diction, which is why native speakers may find Indians speaking in English a little disconcerting. We're, however, better than the average European or Russian or Chinese or South Asian at our English.
  • Actually, that makes a lot of sense.
  • Do do speak Portuguese? Or is only in Goa that they can speak (barely)?
  • I've personally never seen anyone speak portugese. Although people say that a very tiny number of people in Goa do speak Portuguese.
  • Btw no1 in India knows Arabic. Plus English is understood in urban India. But i did see Hindi language price labels in other photos from other stores.
  • Looks great !!! Wish we had one store even in New Zealand !!!
  • Lull
  • i wonder if the nokia store near me also got rebranded or not! :/ guess it is time to visit them.
  • Now stop being jerk about"when in India"
  • Now its seems.. First in India. .. Always
  • Great start.. Now just put in the Windows 10 experience hub and free live Lumia camera tutorial.
  • Welcome to my city msft.. :)
  • More care centers in Philippines please
  • Can't view the images.
    The app crashes whenever I open the images section.
    On Lumia 630
  • What is Notion ink CAIN 2in1?
  • It is a convertible tablet by Bangalore-based firm, Notion Ink. It's actually, Cain 10.
  • I had been to a MS store in Midwest USA , the response from the sales team there was luke warn/cold.. in contrast to vist to a Apple store where there were people asking u if u need anything different experience.    Also the phones in display didn't have Camera 5.0 installed on them, when i checked with the techie he said we can't update all apps in the phone.. imagine a non WP person walking into store checking the camera performance off old Lumia Camera app vs Camera 5.0 he is not going to but the phone period.   MS needs to bring the young crowd in the stores the currrent team is not helping them, no biggie the sales are not increasing...    
  • Where is Surface Pro 3 ? :(
  • This!. They need to have launch parity with other countries. There is a definite market for such products here.
  • +620
  • In one of the 17 images.. There is phone which is lock is landscape mode... How is that possible ??
  • That's a small tablet. Not a phone :)
  • I hope they bring the Surface lineup to India soon, now that they have their own stores and after-sales center.
  • Next step: Close the shops.
  • There is one in Chandigarh too.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They should have used cyan coloured flowers. :)
  • When in Indonesia? Also do all Nokia Care Centers in Indonesia will be rebranded into Microsoft Stores or what? Posted via the Windows Central App for BlackBerry Z10
  • Yup...atleast eventually it will be...its a worldwide change of branding for all such centers as announced previously...starting with India from the looks of it...
  • Berarti tinggal tunggu waktu aja ye gan, moga layanan setelah rebranding tetep bagus sih trus gampang beli aksesoris atau klaim garansi dsb Posted via the Windows Central App for BlackBerry Z10
  • Looks great. I hope I will see some of those in Sweden to. Microsoft Lumias are not shown good in electronic stores compared to iPhone or Samsung. I this kind of stores could boost the sales numbers.
  • Well in Finland, the home of Microsoft Mobile, store was first branded as Microsoft store and then promptly shut down for good.
  • Maybe the lease was up? Who knows.
  • It's a cute store.
  • Will Microsoft sell Surface tabs there?
  • Looks cool.. Will they bring premium devices (surface) to india?
  • It was very good to hear that...let's hope it gets very much success
  • I see some Lumia 830s in 5th and 6th photo. It's still there may be. Btw, there's also a MSFT Priority store in Lower Parel, Mumbai which had opened before this one.
  • What's the point of this store? It will only stock low end budget phones.
  • Our saviour windows 10 will be available here
  • It's really helped me as i am learning speak english by skype now
    these courses are really great and worked will with this
  • It's really helped me as i am learning speak english by skype now
    these courses are really great and worked will with this
  • It's really helped me as i am learning speak english by skype now
    these courses are really great and worked will with this
  • Awesome.... On my next visit to Delhi, I am going there.....
  • There was a notion ink tablet... Why the Windows Central has not written on Notion Ink tablet so far :/
  • Well, I'm glad the excellent and diverse MS products are front-and-center, but it's classic MS presentation: cold, cold, cold. Try some different colors on the walls other than white. Come on, this is Marketing 101. You think Apple (like 'em or not, the absolute pinnacle of brand marketing), would open a store like this? So we have crummy presentation, exclusive contracts, and salespeople who try to get people into anything other than WP. And we wonder why such a low market share for WP.