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Microsoft snaps up, giving into the Xbox One nickname it despises

Microsoft has added to the list of domain names it owns for its next generation console. The name Xbox One was quickly shortened to "Xbone," which Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) has disapproved of in the public domain. It's also one that has split the Xbox following into two groups: those who are okay with the name (or don't particularly care) and those who find it rather tedious.

Here's what Hryb had to say on video game forum, NeoGAF:

"I don’t like it…it disrespects the teams that have put in thousands of hours (already) into the development of the product. Sure, it’s cheeky but I don’t care for it myself."

Not only does the purchase of the Xbone domain names prevent others from running parody websites, but Microsoft could also use its new property to show a humorous side. Whatever may or may not be the outcome, the Xbone nickname is clearly here to stay.

Source: Fusible, via: The Next Web, The Verge

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Sad, but this is what one has to do in dealing with the internet.
  • Fuck haters. They'll just buy a PS3 and continue to bitch about that too.
  • I love it. Xbone
  • I'm a fan, One was a stupid name. They thought they'd be cool since everyone refers to the Xbox 360 as just the 360, that this would have been just the One. Xbox Infinity would have been better.
  • Hey guys!!! I've got it!!!!! We'll just call it.... wait for it.... "The New X-Box" *pauses for gasps*
  • Xbone. . . Horrible!!
  • I dint care for it, but I bet they just use the DNS, forwarding it to the regular site.
  • I don't understand it... The word. How is xbone supposed to be insulting? X-bone? That's hardly a play on words, it makes no sense. Someone please explain the humour behind this. (P.s Xbox One is a great console. People who deny that are ignorant. I far prefer Xbox but I still respect that Sony also makes a good console.)
  • First Xboner!!
  • How do people get this wrong. Can you count to 3? 1...2...4
  • Nobody before me said xboner, therefore I was first. Can you read. ;)
  • And I think you will be the last
  • Second xboner :)
  • I can't wait to Xbone live. 
  • 16-Player Xbone Match
  • *insert joke about Kinecting with my Xbone here*
  • I don't think microsoft is going to use it they buy alot of domains related to microsoft, Remember the infinity comments when micorosft bought a ton of domains around then, nor is it different then microsoft buying the website.
    This is most likely to stop someone else buy it (sony fanboy) and make a fake website such as a pardoy website of how xbox sucks and spread misinformation or even a fraud website where it looks like to get passwords and user ids.
  • What a coincidence. That is the same nickname my exwife uses for me sometimes!
  • I don't see how it is disrespectful other than that they don't like it. It is just like having a pet name for your lover.
  • No worries dude. I Xbone'der
  • No worries dude. Did the bitch tell you she has chlamydia AND hepatitus C? 
  • Lol!
  • Who do think gave it to her (y'all)?
  • Prolly some Android lovin' dude! So much for virus protection, eh?
  • Lmmfao!!!
  • Fucking LOL!
  • Should of been
  • How does MSFT not see this coming?  It's like the days of Windows CE, which was conveniently abbreviated as "Wince"
  • No shit, if they don't like xbone then why the hell did they name it Xbox One? They can't be that stupid but judging what they tried to do with DRM maybe they are.
  • As Steam does it and everyone cheers!
  • SONY = COPY.. nuff said
  • I wouldn't say they're "giving in". Companies typically buy domain names that are similar or abbreviations. It will just end up redirecting to the official site.
  • I hate it. I'll probably just type out Xbox One most of the time, XB1 if I feel like shortening it.
  • I like Xbone, though I sometimes use X1 and on the rare occasion its proper name.
  • Sorry guys, boners are awesome therefore xbone is awesome.
  • Ugh.
  • I don't understand the logic how them buying and forever shelving a domain gives the moniker any validation whatsoever? They bought to prohibit its use, its gone, case closed, shut until the domain lapses and is available again by which time the feebleminded may have forgotten what wa-and this is already a lot longer than it needs to be. See how annoying I can be, internet? =/
  • I'd imagine, like the other domains they bought, will be routed to the official site. So, people could still use it.
  • That's twice I've seen someone use the word 'moniker' today. Never heard it before. Off to find the definition:)
  • Is English your first language?
  • Thanks for letting us know. Make sure to inform us when you discover new words.
  • Lol i taught an english teacher the word 'domicile' she thought i was making it up so i gave her my dictionary....
  • I can't wait to Xbone my opponents
  • I'm using Xbone as the name exclusively from now on.
    "Hey, you getting the new Xbone?"
  • I hope the NSA don't watch me playing with my Xbone
  • Well the Xbone does get me hard so why not? Lol
  • It did bother me until I coined the phrase "PlayStupid4", now whenever someone calls it the Xbone, I simply reply by calling it a PlayStupid4. That seems to shut them up. ;) Dam someone beat me to registering the PlayStupid URL. lmao Sir I salute you.
  • It will just be used to redirect misspelt web addresses to xbox. Stop worrying about it guys.
  • Pick a better name.  Obviously it's not the first Xbox, name makes no sense.
  • Sure it makes sense, think about it for a while.
  • I think it's less annoying that calling it the Xbox 180.  Plus, "The One" sounds a little pretentious, and "X1" to me will always mean the original Xbox (maybe that's my fault for using that abbreviation for the past 8 years, but it's stuck in my head).  So yeah, I just call it the "Xbone".
  • Nice porn movie name
  • Silly name to start with. Surely one of the many geniuses they have at Microsoft would have spotted the frankly rather enormous chance of Xbox One being shortened to XBone? I understand totally the need to have the Xbox part, why numbers for the other bit? It confuses people when its not chronological. Today I heard a woman in a shop telling her friend that the kid wants an Xbox for Christmas and that she presumes the 360 is the newer one of the two Xboxs (As in most other things tech the higher the number the better I assume).
  • Is it read "ex bee one" or "ex bone"? Why would anyone call it "ex bone"? This reminds me of the Casio GZ'One (gee zee 1) series of phones. People consistently call them "Gee Zone". I'm like, REALLY? Why not just call it the G'Sp0t or something.
    I personally find it hard to understand how anyone gets their rocks off calling it the X"Bone". It's pretty gay. Gay as in "sucks a big fat one" and not "homosexual". There is a difference.
    Pull the XBone out of your nether regions and you might understand where I'm coming from.
  • If you have to explain that something is funny, it probably isn't.
  • LOL. That's only partially true. Those with a varied sense of humor will understand, but those that might be offended will appreciate the fact that I'm not so insensitive to not know I've offended them and have apologized preemptively. Those that are still offended are beyond reproach. Also, I've removed my disclaimer... Its still punny to me! *attaches image of "bad joke eel"
  • You are not the first one to be schooled by nbolmer on your humoristic chops. :P
  • :D I'm honored.
  • The One is coming!
  • My xbone already came!!
  • We can learn to live with Xbox One as a name, I mean c'mon, people learned to stop laughing at Wii, but One is a terrible, generic, confusing name.
  • So true. I remember how controversial the Wii name was when it was announced.
  • Talk about a non-story, obviously Microsoft will snatch all domains that are derivations of Xbox one. This has nothing to do with anything, other than protecting IP.
  • Is it read X-bone like X and bone? Or X, B one? Or Cross bone? What's the nickname?
  • It will probably just reroute to the home page.
  • That would be dumb, they don't want the association. Use it as a place to highlight the foibles of Sony in a funny way. Then all the people using Xbone name are just sending traffic to a site that they probably don't want people going to.
  • I can't stand reading that name. It looks ridiculous. I kept meaning to do the Mean Girls meme with it. "stop trying to make xbone happen, it's not going to happen."
  • Companies like Apple, Google and MS own a lot of domains just to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.
    Just because they own doesn't mean they'll use it (which if they *do*, will be the joke of the year).