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Microsoft pushes a quick-fix for busted Equalizer app

Late last week, Microsoft pushed out and update for the Audio system app on various Lumias. Unfortunately, for many on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL the update also broke the Equalizer, resulting in constant crashes of the app.

Today, Microsoft has done a quick patch on the Equalizer as an update is now going out. Interestingly enough, it's under the new Equalizer – and not Audio – name, so look out for that slight change. We downloaded and tested it and of course, we now have our EQ back. How such a bug happened in the first place is a little bit crazy, but at least, Microsoft got to work on Monday and pushed it out for today.

Tweak your tunes with the graphical sound equalizer in the Lumia 950 & 950 XL

New to the whole EQ thing or did not know your phone had one buried under the Settings? Check out our tutorial above to learn how to enable it.

Download Equalizer for Lumia Windows Phone (opens in new tab)


Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Bring back flip to silent.
  • +1
  • Oh yes. I used it most of the times. :(
  • Also gestured app too
  • Yes. My old 520 now has no settings for audio.
  • Anyone use In windows 10 mobile on Lumia 520. After update equalizer app in Lumia 520 support equalizer setting?
  • Microsoft taking over on the Extra updates from Nokia knew this was coming.Removal of useful features and not putting in the effort Nokia did for the Lumia line.
  • + 1
  • My guess as to what happened is that them trying to fix the broken flip-to-silence functionality might have turned out to be such a big can of worms that MS had to temporarily remove the feature... as they sometimes have done with other features and functionality in beta and early release versions of its big brother desktop version.
  • The Previous update was titled "equaliser" that raised red flags for me and I didn't install it
  • "z" is more used for American English, European English still refers to it as Equaliser so its not wrong.
  • It appears as Equalizer in Settings in the US, but the app name is Equaliser.
  • Works now
  • Touch app is all messed up for me...after the reset I cannot turn off the vibration of the navigation keys... The option remains off and toggling the option causes app to hang :/
  • +1
  • Hi Daniel! Are we going to see our new Windows Central app by the end of the year?
  • Many of us asked. Hope the work is in progress
  • Patiently waiting for Motion Data, Glance Screen and Touch to be fixed..
  • Me too on my 1520.3. Plus Hey Cortana and bluetooth problems.
  • Isn't motion data in health app or does it not work despite the option
  • If your a l929(or maybe m8) probably not it seems like devs cant keep up with changes to sensor engine(the name Qualcomm gives for this feature)
  • Gesture app
  • Did they remove it?
  • App is there in the store. But when you open it, it will show error saying that features are not available for this version of windows.
  • You know, MSFT takes its fair share of bashing but I really like the speed that they're trying to push out updates for all the apps. It really is a departure from the way they used to do things. It may take some getting used to but for me, I like this new way.
  • Yeah, it's kind of fun how frequent core apps are updated.
  • Having Everything in app helps well, instead of having them integrated with OS.
  • I always wonder why Edge isn't also an app?
  • Isn't it? OMG, all the time i was thinking that edge is an app. But wondering why no frequent updates.
  • It is an app but it's still integrated too tight in the OS to be updated through the Store - similar to e.g. the settings app or the start menu (yes, the start menu, action center etc. are an app called Shell Experience Host) in the desktop version.
  • Still not working. L1020
  • It's also still broken for me, 950XL with insider preview Update: Looks like they actually published 2 updates in a short timeframe. The 2nd update works fine now.
  • Luckily didn't have problems on L640DS. But, is there any third party EQ app, which allows more freedom in tuning`the sound?
  • I believe no. I wonder if the OS support that much to third party apps?
  • How about fixing windows hello now! For me it only works a few times then just asks for pin. Have to reboot to get it working again
  • I've noticed windows hello working slower for me after performing a hard reset to get .29 on my 950.
  • Are you training the algorithm in cases that it could not verify you? It had problems in the beginning with me too but after training it several times in different lightning conditions it now even unlocks in near pitch black scenarios flawlessly.
  • Yea that's how mine got better now almost as soon ad I look at the camera it comes up
  • No, it just isn't there. No eye, no red light, no move closer. I have to swipe up to put pin in unless I restart. I have it on 5 minutes requiement so may be there is a bug using that setting? May try "always"
  • I've not heard of such bug yet. It could also be that. You have an app set for lock screen that could interfere with the hello feature. Always, I would recommend you to use the feedback app to let Microsoft know of this bug.
  • Seems to do it when set to 5 minutes. If set to "every time" it's ok... I think
  • Does it work with Bluetooth now?
  • They need to sort the Windows 10 mobile sync issue in Groove.
  • What sync issue?
  • Wow, they spelled it "Equaliser" in the update list.
  • And the problem with that is...?
  • It's gross.
  • Get a grip. We have to put up with butchered English on a regular basis in our day to day lives.
  • There should be an option to adjust microphone input levels as many Lumia 930s have low levels.
  • Equalizer opens then immediately closes on my 950.
  • Generally windows mobile platform has to achieve very very much goals in delivering quality music.
  • no such problem to me L1020
  • Glad to see you used my tip
  • It is now working normally 1520 .36
  • i still hear clic in groove between song on my Lumia 950 XL....
  • Thanks! Been waiting for a fix before updating it. Voice recorder and Alarms & Clocks have received updates too.
  • Mine is fixed, I have no crashing now on my Lumia 950.
  • Funny enough the update entry in Store said Equaliser with an S, not with a Z. Oh well.
  • Guys after updating to Windows 10 OTA yesterday on my lumia 430, the equaliser doesn't seem to update... it always an error Posted via the Windows Central App for Android