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Microsoft close to releasing next Lumia 535 update to fix display issue

Windows Central has learned that Microsoft plans to release another over-the-air update for its Lumia 535 smartphone sometime in the next few days. The update has been designed to fix a persistent touchscreen sensitivity issue that some owners of the smartphone have encountered.

According to what a Microsoft rep told its Yammer Group for MVPs this week:

"Please wait for the software update coming OTA in the next few days, install it and verify touch performance, ensure your screen is clean and moisture-free."

Reports of a new build of the Windows Phone 8.1.1 OS (version 14234), have been going to a select few devices including the Lumia 930, may be a part of this fix for the Lumia 535.

Microsoft previously released an OTA update for the Lumia 535 that was designed to fix these touchscreen bugs, but that patch didn't solve the problems for all owners of the smartphone. We will continue to monitor this particular bug in the Lumia 535 and provide updates when we learn about them.

Thanks again to Pete for the tip!

  • Is this phone available in the US yet❓
  • Have we written that it is? Nope.
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  • Rodney is smart enough to know our site and being able to search, or click the Lumia 535 tags for full news ;) He's been around here a long time. You folks are bright, I believe in your ability to help yourselves instead of relying on me :P
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  • He's upset because there's no new high end devices, and he's getting tired of writing about 6,5, and 4xx devices.... Lol❗❗❗
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  • See, where Daniel is wrong is he thinks I'm smart enough....
  • i have 8.10.14234.375 for my new Microsoft Lumia 535 already (with Lumia Software Recovery Tool). :)  AND NOW works perfect.  
  • >> 8.10.14234.375 Not work prefect goo. gl/iHYnPl
  • And it only took them 4 months
  • In fairness, bugs that only occur under undefined conditions can be difficult to sort out. I mean I get some of you think smartphone development is like making a quiche, but in actuality it can be slightly more difficult.
  • Agree. Make a comment here is easier. After all they are also human, aren't they.
  • Lol Hey yasin 
    Pfffft Who's making a phone here? Me, or Microsoft?
    I have nothing to lose, MS already lost a bunch of customers here because of that. There are countless used 535 being put on sale that are barely a month old.
  • Man you are too soft on Microsoft
  • Hey Daniel, my question is straight one- will it fix the multitouch issues or not??
  • Tweet Microsoft on it
  • I'd rather 4 months and fix it rather than 1 and not
  • Look at all the complaints on the year later...
  • Lol thought it would say next windows 10 for phone build
  • I read "Microsoft close to releasing next Lumia 535"
    Already❓ Damn❗❗
  • Have you all tried to turn off screen magnifier? It's work on me, no more screen issue.
  • May be in future they fix the touch but they cant fix the cheap build quality of the phone!!!
  • The quality is amazing for its price.
    Better than most android devices with the same money
  • Spot on. Better quality than what Samsung provides at this price range.
  • Yes, agreed.
  • M just telling about the back cover... Rest all are super !!!
  • Yes, is a mostly well built phone. At least it doesn't bend :)
  • Lol. Dude MS needs to speed it up. This soon shit is dumb
  • Soon is better than the never we got for the 1520
  • Agree
  • The issue with the L1520 is a hardware issue and MS can't do anything about users treating their phones badly.
  • Lol.... Going by Microsoft's calender, "close" is only a year away.
    I'm yet to receive the "resuming" bug fix that was announced 5-6 months back for my L1020
  • Well, it's resuming..
  • "I'm yet to receive the "resuming" bug fix that was announced 5-6 months back for my L1020"
    I think you are imagining things or reading poorly sourced sites because I have never heard of this update. There is no such thing and certainly nothing was ever "announced".
  • Daniel, the point is not if its announced or not! Basically my 1020 says "resuming.." every day! And yes, I've reset my phone and its sad nothing helps.
  • U should look over your installed apps. My 925 was doing that. It was because of a poorly written app dragging the entire system down. I deleted that app and have had zero issues since.
  • Might help if you mentioned the app.
    After getting denim in my 1520, no resuming.
  • I think this is what he's talking about
  • The problem is random with many apps. This is not about one specific time or anything. Anyway, I ll wait for 10 and hope that resolves some issues.
  • And there's no denim for the 630 yet, They Promised And Feb Ends Today...How Much Longer do we Indians need to wait ? :/
  • I ask you: what are expecting from this Denim update that is not in the Preview for Developers build? Be specific.
  • Again "wen in India?" LOL
  • Yes. It's just another "when in India" rant but with other words...
  • For 630 ?? the damn equalizer ! Its the only feature thats not there in the latest pfd ! Hell ! I was disappointed when I purchased my 630 went to audio settings and saw no EQ.(My first WP, moving from lagdroid) I even thought of exchanging it back for another lumia just to have the EQ. I waited, joined this forum for news, updates etc. Then I came to know of PFD, immediately enrolled and hoped that in future the EQ might be added. Rumours started flying around that EQ for lumia is unavailable due to hardware limitation.(I hoped for the best and waited know that it was BS, even basic java phones have EQ) Finally denim started rolling out and in the 630 forums users reported to have recieved the EQ. I am finally relieved and waiting my turn. Not complaining. I am sure same is the case with 535. It can be rectified   So this is my answer for Daniel's question on "what are expecting from this Denim update that is not in the Preview for Developers build?"
  • So? Are you getting equalizer through Denim otherwise?
  • yes go through the 630 forums. EQ is confirmed with denim.
  • well, it is on the 635
  • Good for you :)
  • Cool! I didn't know that.
  • @therawkr92 Thanks for the info buddy, i didn't knew that too either. :O
  • Dang ! ... so you havn't explored your WP that much :P :P 
  • It made my 1520 so smooth, no resuming. Forget about the camera or hey, its just so much smoother.
    And for those who keep saying firmware and the OS are different, yes, and no. They are inextricably tied.
  • @DaneilRubino I always prefer the official firmware :) I had installed the windowsphone 10 technical preview but after reading the ' Microsoft India Denim Promise' post i rolled back immediately. It's Not About ' When In India?' It's About ' Why not Yet In India?'
  • Use preview. There is nothing new in denim for low range phone than denim. Firmware will remain same. Just OS version got changed. So you can use preview too. But I think it is just a few days of wait.
  • Lumia 630 gets an EQ with denim. So there might be minor/major improvements for all the low, mid and high end devices.
  • They are not releasing denim update (Lumia 625, India)
  • So what feature are you missing that this update is bringing? I'm genuinely asking, because I do not know but I am guessing you do.
  • Well, in all honesty, Denim (aka GDR1 with firmware) feels smoother than DP. This coming from a 820 owner.
  • I don't feel any changes as I used both :- 520 user.
  • You don't notice less resuming?
  • I'm seeing considerable changes in my l820 after Denim.. The display looks vibrant and the font size seems to be increased just a little bit... Not sure if it actually increased but it's different and I like it.... And as always itsss fasterrrr!!!! :-)
  • Man i request you to just ignore "wen in india people". I seriously don't get why people can't just keep quiet? This is not MSFT site. C'mon INDIANS.
  • Denim brings EQ to L630 !
  • There is something
  • Yes there is... There is something for every lumia. (may not be a visible feature though)
  • Less resuming screens as compared to Preview for Developers
  • Absolutely
  • The guy in the previous comment tells that 635 denim gets an EQ
  • Missing Cortana man. We will get Cortana in alpha version in denim update. Microsoft promised that all Lumia phone running on 8.0 and 8.1 will receive denim update by the end of last month. Today its already 1st march, where is denim????????
  • I hope this solves the problem. Lumia 535 is otherwise a wonderful device with a budget price tag.
  • Now if only the could fix the display issues with the icon
  • I have read a few isolated reports about this. I use the Icon every day now (Verizon account, Lumia 1520 is on my ATT one) I have no issues or complaints?
  • Purple and green hue issues? My 930 have those issues too. Denim made the purple issue weaker, but made the green one stronger. Hoping for a fix :')
  • is this build firmware version for 535: 02060.00000.15053.24003 ? if so, i already got it through LRST and i can confirm touch is MUCH better, even the auto brightness thingy is better. but it looks like the 535 still need some more new touches (no pun intended)
  • I'm pretty sure yes, that is the update on Nokia support servers, but we are not yet 100% certain. Obviously the chances are that it is and your experience seems to confirm that. Glad to hear.
  • I received from recovery also but the touch sentivity still unmatched with my old lumia 520  :( I hope MS will generate new update.
  • Yes, this is the same fix. For some reason its in the recovery tool before going OTA
  • LRST?
  • Probably meant LSRT - Lumia Software Recovery Tool.
  • ^ this
  • I have been trying the same through LRST (in India), unfortunately it is not showing, do I have to change the country or some tricks to get is? can you HELP???
  • Is the DP os more unstable than the LSRT one..if that's the case then i will hav to use LSRT..can someone tell me how to use LSRT.
  • Right after I sold my 535, trying to get a 730 now, but damn it is not available in my place......
  • Lumia 820 has the .234 build in Denim too.
  • 920 has it too.
  • How about fixing the 1520 touch problem plz.
  • Yes, please
  • That is most likely attributed to the size of the screen. Basically the screen flexing, no software update can prevent that.
  • Yeah, l1520 has the ghost tap issue since day one... No fix yet, but it is much better now. I believe it is software and not hardware since it happens more often in specific applications. Seems like it at least.
  • How about 1520, we need the patch too
  • 535 is a very nice budget phone with good features, but with the touch screen issue as I try last time, no one will buy unless problem solved.
  • They are releasing updates for touch issues. So it feels like its kinda software issue. But i heard that the newer units of 535 are being sold at improved touch panels. That made me thought it was hardware issue. So whats exactly the thing? The touch is really horrible though. Can't even scroll smoothly. 8 mistaps out of 10. My 520 feels like heaven after using 535.
  • Does MS or Nokia doing the bad quality of touch screen?
  • It was one the first Microsoft branded devices so....
  • Good to see even the budget phones receiving support. Hopefully wp 10 will support the 920 in the next update. ~off topic~
  • +920
  • Budgets are the main Lumia phones :P
  • Lumia 730 has 8.10.14167 version..what is new in 8.10.14219 and 8.10.14226??
  • they should. touch issue isn't quite an issue on my 535 though.
    also, i'm having this "resuming" in my start screen lately. what does this mean? it lasts only for seconds but still find it quite annoying.
  • So how close is close for microsoft! May be a decade I No matter what microsoft does it is always slow.
  • Ohh came on Microsoft
  • My sisters Lumia 830 has some touch screen issues while zooming into pictures. Also, double tap to wake is very slow to respond. I hope that Microsoft addresses them too.
  • These low end phones had horrible display..
  • A bad display is expected, low resolution, poor color, poor viewable angle and etc. I feel it is actually having hardware problem and Microsoft is trying to fix that by software. I flashed mine with the latest firmware using LSRT but still it performs badly. See my Vine videos.  
  • Exactly not only 535, 530&435 too had a worst display...
  • Well compromises have to be made at that price point. Especially if they want to drive costs down.
  • In a few of your videos, all I see your fat thumb meat (near the bottom) touching the display. How is this performing badly? I just installed 14234 update and everything is working fine on mine, including double tap (which can be hit or miss on even high end phones).
  • The color and picture quality on these phones really sucks...
  • Bought a Lumia 535 here in Colombia yesterday and it really has display issues, hope its fixed soon
  • If what you're talking about is, OS: 8.10.14234.375
    Firmware: 02060.00000.15053.24008 I loaded it to my 535 by using Lumia Software Recovery Tool. Touch screen works a little better but still badly. Especially not response to Double-tap to wake up most of the time.
  • You could fix this issue by slapping a screen guard on it. I did same to my mine and now its smooth as any other device.
  • I have put a glass protector on it already.
  • Wait, do you mean plastic or glass...I've got Nilkin glass?..
    Aren't those nice... I finally cracked mine, got two more coming from Hong Kong as I write.
  • I wonder if the new OS version adds any new features?
  • Yes, as a matter of fact. It adds the extremely coveted feature "asswipe mode", which makes the phone double as toilet paper.
  • so i guess you are on the latest update and using your phone to wipe your dirty crack ? ( with your so called "asswipe mode" how good it is ? tellme from your experience. are the dirty stuff getting 100% cleaned from your crack with your latest coveted feature ? does your behind still smell when you walk around ? have people stopped complaining ??
  • Ew, people please clean your ass well, up and Down, Down and up, sides, bit insides, repeat until clean...
  • Use a garden hose and the neighbors wash off their line..
  • Lol
  • At last we will get something new.god knows is it work or not.
  • My old 520 was working fine when the screen was slightly moist (which it always is when you enter to a warm room from a cold space). Having it run perfectly in perfect conditions is not enough. So dissapointed in MSs first mobile phone.
  • They aren't lucky with the first smartphone under their name...:/
  • I think a lot of this is overblown, TBH. Shocker, people complain on the internet. Shocker #2, people notice a low-cost phone is not as good as a high-end one.
  • 1520 has a lot of touchscreen issues though.
  • Daniel I don't agree with you on that.
    A phone should be cheap in terms of it's specs and durability. Having touch issues on a brand new phone is unacceptable.
    Even cheap Chinese phones don't have such issues to the best of my knowledge. Just imagine getting a new phone and the camera is faulty, or works on and off. Would the cheap price be an acceptable excuse?
  • <p>it is not overblown, you should get a 535 to test it yourself in every day use. have a look at the nokia forums like the italian one: . people were complaining all over the place in those markets, where the phones are sold. the shop assistants in the big eletronic markets roll with their eyes, if you ask them about the touchscreen of the 535.</p> <p>i had over 12 diffent 535 in my hands and not a single touchsreen worked like it was supposed to. i send several to the care points and spoke with those guys on the phone - they admitted that weren&#39;t able to repair those faults because microsoft is still investigating those issues.</p> <p>yes, you could argue, that the phone is a affordable one but nonetheless it should work properly.</p> <p>microsoft really messed it up with their first Lumia.&nbsp;underestimating that fact is not a smart move - even not for a fan boy. the second hotfix which addressed that touchscreen issue helped a bit, not did not solve the problem - again.</p>
  • +535
  • I think this fix is that is available from few days on Microsoft's server in Italy
  • Lets hope an icon fox is coming soon for the red blacks since 8.1.
  • Shame they couldn't have sorted 1520 out. I've had a new motherboard in mine and still the touch screen issues remain!!!
  • Mine did at first. An update came out prior to worked for me. Then, I sent it on for another reason and got two to my please surprise. No problems with either..9months later. I do have Nilkin glass on mine so, maybe that reduces sensitivity.
  • Yeah I've had no such luck sadly, as a result it's the worst phone I've ever had. I've just emailed Satya Nadella asking for help actually I'm hoping someone will see sense and allow me a warranty related swap out. I may ditch windows phone over this to be honest.
  • To bad, you have been around for a long time...i suppose you would still be.
  • I've used windows phone since 2010, but this has been too much for my patience to take. Even a motherboard swap out didn't sort it! I've asked to swap it for a 930!
  • wow !!!! make it very soon please !!!!!!!!!!
  • "ensure your screen is clean and mositure-free" Well that sounds like admitting it's a hardware problem.
    Other phones I've used (including cheap Chinese phones) don't have issues with moisture or dirt on screen.
  • Shall be supported by Nokia at least some parts inside the phone?
  • Random question, but I've noticed the only manufacturers to produce high end devices are Microsoft, previously Nokia, and HTC. So my question is.....If all other manufacturers are focussing on producing low to mid tier phones and Microsoft is saturating the market with their own mid to low tier phones, is this not in some way detrimental to the expansion of Windows Phone? I'm no expert, but I would think maybe produce one or two of each (low end, mid and high end) and encourage manufacturers to compete? I mean, all these new manufacturers is great ro read about but who really takes a punt when Microsoft devices have all the Lumia specific apps. Someone please enlighten me. Daniel Rubino? Richard Devine? Final point, I'm really interested in the Kazam offering being from Britain myself, but I'm concerned that it will be wasted money as Lumia devices seem to be advertised better, have better specs, have better hardware, are supported by Microsoft etc etc. I'm on the red wine. That's the best way I can explain it right now.
  • Out of all of your questions, what do you mean by your on the red wine...
  • Wife's at work. Thought id open up a bottle or two....its nit a crime
  • No, its "nit" a crime..just wondered. As to the rest of your questions; it's been discussed over and over. Market penetration is the supposed answer.
  • Guys pls keep update for the touch screen issue here
  • I don't have a big issue with touch on this phone only when I connect it to usb
  • I don't have a big issue with touch on this phone only when I connect it to usb
  • same here, charger or usb, both cause issues on the touchscreen
  • Happy to not be alone
  • Yes ! Finally, cause screen issues kind of ruin otherwise wonderful phone :)
  • get tested with power charger connected to the phone and the problem disappears
  • I already running 8.10.14234 if it's what Microsoft means by the next new update for (maybe fixing lumia 535 screen touch issue) I told you guys, the issue still remain the same after the update, just update it via WPRT right now so you don't have to wait for OTA, but I hope what Microsoft means by new update it isn't 14234 :(
  • Touch still have problem fix it again please
  • Is the Project My Screen Problem with Lumia 535 solved After this Update ?
  • I cant move and download application in sd card in my Lumia 535 when Microsoft will fix this issue.
  • Why not? It works perfectly
  • Too late for a fix, My friends already jump in to Android.
  • I don't think this issue ll be solved but i want this to be solved.
  • Please can some tell Microsoft that the Lumia 535 project my is not working when using a USB cable.
  • Hey Microsoft Project My Screen  is not working in my LUMIA 535 & also i think their is a problem in Earphones as when i hear music in full volume with LUMA 535 original earphones then every time automatically music stops after 1-2 min. but when i use other company's earphone like SAMSUNG then it works normal & also add button feature in LUMIA 535 earphone . And please provide Windows10 Technical preview for 535 soon  .  Hope i'll get a positive reply soon .  Thank You . I Love  Microsoft . 
  • Sometime touch sensitivity sucks....
    It has bugs....
    Please need an update
  • Make that phone able to detect 10 finger correctly instead of only 2 (yep, it have problem with 3 finger) is not an update, it will be a miracle!
  • What's the display issue??
  • Next up, I hope they fix the GPS (takes 15 mins to lock and then only updates position every 10 seconds) and the Touch setting to allow disabling haptic feedback when using the capacitive buttons...