Microsoft close to releasing next Lumia 535 update to fix display issue

Windows Central has learned that Microsoft plans to release another over-the-air update for its Lumia 535 smartphone sometime in the next few days. The update has been designed to fix a persistent touchscreen sensitivity issue that some owners of the smartphone have encountered.

According to what a Microsoft rep told its Yammer Group for MVPs this week:

"Please wait for the software update coming OTA in the next few days, install it and verify touch performance, ensure your screen is clean and moisture-free."

Reports of a new build of the Windows Phone 8.1.1 OS (version 14234), have been going to a select few devices including the Lumia 930, may be a part of this fix for the Lumia 535.

Microsoft previously released an OTA update for the Lumia 535 that was designed to fix these touchscreen bugs, but that patch didn't solve the problems for all owners of the smartphone. We will continue to monitor this particular bug in the Lumia 535 and provide updates when we learn about them.

Thanks again to Pete for the tip!

John Callaham