Microsoft releases Windows 10 Intel graphics driver update for Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has rolled out an Intel graphics driver update for one of our favorite laptops, the Surface Pro 3, running Windows 10. The update affects the Intel graphics component installed on the tablet and is a bug fixing patch, meaning any related issues previously encountered with Windows 10 on the Surface Pro 3 should be eliminated post-updating.

If you haven't already updated your tablet running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, be sure to keep an eye on Windows Update. Dont have the Windows 10 preview installed? Fear not, as we've got you covered with a quick guide to get you started.

Source: Twitter (Gabriel Aul)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Released for my i5-3750 too..!!
  • +1
  • I read released & my heart skipped a beat although I know the Windows phone preview release is in February but ,did not they surprise us with an earlier release for windows 10 for PC's?
  • Same here bro! Lol... ;)
  • as much as i'd love that, their whole Windows Insider page is filled with "Windows Preview for Phone will be available in February".
    so we gotta wait at least 2 more days.
  • Indeed wincentral should make it more clear. Hope for the best:,2days expect the worst: 30+ days. It should also be made clear that its not an update suitable for all people i.e. Little tech knowledge because complaints will follow suit if wp10 lacks some functions due to its TP state.
  • Does it specify February of what year? 2016 seems right
  • You may have a point there. Lok
  • "Microsoft releases Windows 10..." - goddamn snippet!
  • Really?
  • What do you mean by stating 'Really?'.  Yes, they 'really' have released an important driver update.
  • How about Windows 10 preview on a Vivo Tab 8 note? Is it supported, or only surface pros?
  • It's supported as long as it's not a Windows RT tablet! If it's an x86 tablet, you're good to go :)
  • Hmm depends if your tab is compressing the operating system as it may download all the necessary files but fall short right at the end of installation stating that windows 10 developer preview cannot install on said device as it uses a compressed operating system. Just a head up, curious to know if you succeed. I have it on my sp3 but it failed on my 8" dell, main pc still on 7 (reliable, if it ain't broke..)
  • It is only a 32gb version. I think I will wait till the final version of out.
  • I installed it on my VivoTab 8 (non-Note version), and it works OK. I did a clean install, so I don't know if the 32GB storage would allow for an in-place upgrade or not. If you do a clean install, you need a USB OTG (on-the-go) micro to female adapter, USB hub, USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB thumbstick formatted with Windows 10 install media, and all of the drivers from the ASUS website. Make sure you create a USB thumbstick for recovering the ASUS Windows 8 image, so you can go back if necessary. ASUS has a Backtracker app for creating the recovery USB thumbstick. I would suggest creating one even if you don't install Windows 10. Get the 32-bit version from here:
  • The night Windows 10 Jan TP came out I worked out how to do the installation.  In place upgrades (I am referring to loading the setup from within windows - not booting separatel.) will not work for small tablets such as the Toshiba 8" or the Asus 8" because of the "compressed" installation. I did manage to get the WIM uncompressed and then upgraded the OS by booting up from a USB Stick using OTG (nothing else seems to work).  If you decide to go this route, BE SURE to download the latest drivers from the vendor's website as Win 10 TP will probably not have the drivers for the network or the touch screen facilities.  Also, you will need a hub (as stated above) to connect everything up - the add I have is to make it a powered hub because the OTG port will not have enough power to support multiple devices. Good luck! and if the tablet or device is NOT the only machine you have, then go for it - unlike the other comments.  You will be able to get W10TP up with a little perseverance.  LOL I just asked Cortana on the desktop how to spell perseverance and it worked! Now that is just plain cool...
  • Thanks guys, I might wait unless I'm feeling brave. Thanks for the tips..
  • As you didn't know that it's supported I'd advise AGAINST installing the preview as you could get yourself into a bad situation.
  • Wonder if they released it for Intel i7 HD4600. Driver issues make W10 unusable
  • ? The i7 on the SP3 is the HD5000.  ...and yes it will also cover the HD5000
  • Confirming that my i7 which barely made it to/past login now is stable graphically. This was an out of the box jump to Win10. My only question now that I am actually up and running, how do I adjust screen brightness other than the power plan settings? Is there the equivalent of the Win8 thumbslider? The display icon on the new charms menu only brings up the display properties control panel.
  • Phone needed...#windows10
  • I swear I thought Microsoft released windows 10 for phones!
  • Same here ! :[]
  • 1-2 detective remember? :D
    Agree after the super bowl ;)
  • Nice, was impossible to run W10 on my Surface3 because of problems related to the Intel driver
  • Does this solve the Youtube bug where IE crashes when trying to play a video? Hope it's available for Surface Pro 2 too!
  • Yep, it solves that exact bug. Also on Bing homepage when they have an animation and any other page using HTML5 video. It also fixes Store apps and desktop apps crashing when playing video.
  • Perfect! This bug was one that actually made me consider rolling back to Windows 8.
  • Me too. I ended up forgoing video apps and turning IE to software rendering. I'm a happy chappie now though!
  • Yep, already avaible for Surface Pro 2 too (the chipset is practically the same SP3-I5 has) and it works!! I´m still having minimal issues with some usb devices at start up, but nothing really important. Saludos!!
  • Good news, can't wait to get home to update and start youtubing! :)
  • This site is really getting lazy with facts. I had to read through a bunch of comments just to find info on the Pro 2. Thanks for the info! I had 10TP on my pro2 but couldn't get half my apps to run correctly (mostly Fresh Paint, Netflix and Xbox Video), I believed they were all driver related.
  • Man I just love driver updates, this is great
  • Does it actually give decent performance?
  • Sweet. My surface has been waiting. Noticed yesterday that metro tube on my sp3 and 8"tab fails to play all video's, cant access log to see if its google playing their usual bullshit games with us windows users or if its youtubes html5 changes... Anybody having same issues?
  • I habe a question. When I install the preview on my sp3 can I revert everytime without lost my data? And how can I easily update from 8.1 to 10 without losing programs config of them and so on. ?
  • Reverting from preview is iffy. I nearly had everything working again but it just wasn't quite there. I had to refresh my Windows 8.1 install.
  • Yes reverting was easier and faster than I though without loosing any data. I had to revert because of the now fixed graphics drivers issue and also because the picture app is not really usable at the moment.
  • Reverting using the partition? I thought it would not work on surface pro 3 installing win 10 and if needed going back to 8.1
  • It's great to see developers already updating drivers and apps to be compatible with Windows 10. I updated my app Chronotron Speed Changer with a configuration parameter that makes it compatible with Windows 10 (that is, implement workarounds for known issues in the current W10 build).
  • Will wait for the final version
  • Same. I'd like to try out W10 but I need my SP3 to be stable and under control, lol. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How about updating the driver for the origibal Surface Pro. If MS stops driver updates its the last MS PC product I buy. Sony and HP are already on my black list for failing to release up to date drivers for the components they use in their notebooks.  
  • You could, you know, always chase INTEL as it's their part. Yuo do not have to wait for MS with regards to Intel HD drivers.
  • I've sworn off HP, especially printers, because of their lack of driver updates. I try and steer people away from them as much as possible. I don't have any Sony computer products, but I'll add them to my naughty list. Thanks.
  • I haven't encountered any trouble so far with Win10 on my original Surface Pro. There may have been a driver problem specific to Surface 3.
  • I have maracas in windows 10 TP
  • Do you have a point?  
  • It also fixes the cameras in the SP3 as there was a conflict between the Intel drivers and the camera drivers.
  • A needed update for those who have a Surface Pro 3. Hope now it's gonna be usable :)
  • Is it safe on my tablet (stable)?
  • I hope they put out a few more graphics updates. I tried to install the most recent build on my desktop and it is unusable due to the screen flickering. It stays mostly off, and then every several seconds it will flicker on enough that I can see the login screen. Then about every 30 seconds, it will reset everything on the screen so I can't even log in. Anyone else had similar issues? I'm running an OC'd AMD desktop system with Radeon graphics.
  • Anyone know if this preview will increase or decrease the amount of available memory? I have a new surface pro 3 but its only 64gb. It's not too cumbersome is it?
  • I put 10 on my HP Touch Desktop. Not going on my Surface Three cause they disabled the Start Screen option. Not really liking "Tablet Mode".
  • W10 is going nowhere near my SP3 until its better optimized for "Tablet Mode"......I installed on my Dell Venue 8 Pro - way too buggy (Yes, i know its Beta)........I do like where its going though - Cant wait to get some transparent tiles, and start menu in the mix.  My biggest gripe is that the recent/all apps list should be customizable - i want to hide it, and swipe to the left to make it show - just like in Windows Phone - that would be amazing.  Also, Cortana on the taskbar is a bad idea.  That search bar takes up way too much space, especially on a small tablet.  I think she should be just the little circle on the taskbar.  If you want to search, click the circle.  I also think she could be integrated into the notification center, or maybe integrated in the start menu.  Like, a swipe left brings up app list, and  a swipe right brings up cortana.
  • Now there's one thing I have heard absolutely nothing about. I'm loving Windows 10 and what Microsoft is doing to make things seemless across the board, but here's what I don't know. Windows 10 FREE for all Windows 7 and 8x owners but what about the hardware on these machines? And what about older programs that run on 7? Will all the laptops with 7 and 8 still have all the functionality they have now? This is why people love their Apple's so much I think. One manufacturer for hardware and the OS. As Paul Thurrott mentioned in an article he wrote MS needs to get OEM's to dump all the crapware and also IMHO keep up with solid drivers!!!
  • Does this fix Miracast bugs?
  • Glad about this update. There was a bug that affected the game Riptide. When using the tilt option for steering, the game would freeze in some weird orientation if tilted too much
  • My i7 is still wondering when the patch for my fan will come. It's so annoying and loud, especially in class. My god you'd think they would have sent a release already.
  • Has anyone running Windows 10 had issues with connecting and disconnecting from a vpn. When I connect my connection constantly drops and when I dissconnect, I have to reboot to re-establish my ethernet connection.
  • Does this fix connected standby bug?
  • Hows the battery life with the update?
  • Am I in the twilight zone or something? They're releasing updates but I haven't even been able to download updates since the January build? Ami I the only one still having this problem? How are they releasing updates if there's a known issue with ehhh...installing updates? 
  • Sounds like the preview target bug. this fix worked for me
  • Didn't work but thanks for the suggestion. They really need to address this. Especially since it appears they either aren't aware of it or think it's fixed. There's also the screen to choose which OS to boot in that lasts for 30 seconds. They mentioned this bug by name in talking about fixes but I still see it, so I hope they don't think that's fixed too. 
  • They mentioned that startup bug when they released JTP. They never said when it will be fixed. This is preview software. It's not even a beta
  • It IS a beta. That's the point of releasing it early to let people report bugs and make suggestions. That's the definition of beta. They didn't say when they'd fix the startup bug and i didn't say they did. All I said was I hope these two bugs aren't being treated as fixed because at least one of them appears to be treated as if it were (they're releasing updates when anyone still experiencing the update bug can't even get the update).
  • beta isn't the only pre-release state in the release cycle. You usually have an Alpha, than a Beta and then a Release Candidate before you go to RTM. Microsoft does technical previews for a lot of software (they've been doing it with visual studio for years) too, before even getting to a Beta.   This is a technical preview. It's not even a beta. If you're having issues, provide them with feedback so they can resolve those issues. Complaining about these issues as if Microsoft has released a bad product when it's not released yet is just silly
  • Your last comment implied that betas and technical previews were mutually exclusive, which they aren't.  Yes, I agree that "complaining about these issues as if Microsoft released a bad product when it's not released yet is just silly"...which is why that's not what I did. I never implied anything like that and I have provided feedback. I'm not sure how else I need to phrase "I hope they still have these documented as outstanding issues". 
  • This is good news.   My SP3 had become nearly unusable with Win 10 just because the screen kept sporadically going on/off and losing touch capability and then rebooting on its own.  I even put Win 8.1 back on it today because I couldn't get the update to take. I will try it again because I'm in for Win 10! (that wasn't intentional)
  • "meaning any related issues previously encountered with Windows 10 on the Surface Pro 3 should be eliminated post-updating." that's extremely optimistic...
  • yeah except the bug that's preventing me from updating.