Outlook.com is Microsoft's free emai service available for eveyrone to use. The service enables you to create a free email alias for use around the web and beyond, but it was also possible to add your own domain (example being forename@surname.com). This option was removed and Microsoft has recently sent out an email to remind consumers that if they already have a custom domain configured, they'll no longer be able to manage that domain and its accounts.

The only possible solution is to upgrade to the Office 365 business subscriptions. Luckily, they're giving away a free 90-day trial of the Office suite, but there is a way to remain on Outlook.com with your unique email domain if you don't need to add and/or remove new accounts. Head past the break for more details.

Microsoft recently made it so new domains could no longer be added to Outlook.com accounts back in April, but in July it will no longer be possible to add or remove accounts on the domain. It's essentially stuck with what's presently configured on or before the date of July 31. If you're administrating multiple email accounts on a single domain, it's strongly recommended you upgrade to a business plan for continued support.

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Should you desperately desire to keep this feature in place and be able to add and/or remove aliases on the domain in future, it's worth checking out the Office 365 Small Business plan, which includes this functionality and isn't such a steep price increase from the personal plans – in fact, if it's just for a single person, it's a more affordable option than the Home plan. If you're never going to configure the domain, you're free to continue using it as is without an issue on Outlook.com.

Just to clarify on what's happening here:

  • Need to add email accounts to your custom domain on Outlook.com (or set up a domain altogether)? You'll need to upgrade to and use Office 365.
  • Already have a custom domain with Outlook.com and don't need to change anything? You can ignore this article and continue using the service post-July.

As noted above, the company is handing out a 90-day subscription to Office 365 Business Premium for 5 users if signed up before July 15. Head through this link to take advantage of this offer and find out how to migrate your domain from Outlook.com to Office 365.

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