As we get closer to E3 2016 in mid-June, even more rumors about what Microsoft might reveal at the gaming trade show are popping up. The latest such report claims the company will show off a new standard controller for the Xbox One console.

Xbox One

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Based on sources inside the company, expect to see new hardware at the event and there will be a new standard controller that ships with the Xbox One. The new standard controller will look similar to the current design, which isn't too surprising, but will likely come in a new color. Considering that Microsoft currently ships a black controller, a white default design seems like a decent mid-cycle refresh for the console to help spur sales.

In 2015, Microsoft released the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, which cost $150 and offered many more high-end features and customization than the standard controller. also claims that Microsoft will reveal upcoming "new interactions between the PC and the Xbox One" at E3 2016 but did not go into details. Microsoft has already announced that it will update the Xbox One with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update later this summer. Of course, previous rumors claim that Microsoft could reveal a new "slim" version of the Xbox One at E3 2016 as well,