Microsoft launches new batch of Xbox One S and Xbox One X console deals

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

Xbox One X, One S PUBG

If you missed out on Microsoft's holiday deals on Xbox consoles, the company is serving up some more for February (opens in new tab). Among the deals are some solid discounts on Xbox One S bundles, as well as the return of a popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) deal for Xbox One X buyers.

The highlight here is for those looking to pick up an Xbox One X. Microsoft says it will once again be giving out a free copy of PUBG with every Xbox One X (opens in new tab) starting on February 18 in Canada, Ireland, the UK, the U.S., and "select Latin American countries." The bundle deal will start on February 20 for Australia, India, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, and select countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The promotion as a whole will come to an end on March 4 (February 24 in the U.S.), but dates will vary by market, Microsoft says.

If the Xbox One S is more up your alley, Microsoft is offering up various discounts on console bundles in the U.S. and Canada (opens in new tab). In Canada, Microsoft is shaving $60 off of 1TB Xbox One S bundles from now through February 23. In the U.S., Xbox One S bundles will be up for grabs at a $50 discount from February 18 through March 3. The sales also apply to the upcoming PUBG Xbox One S bundle, which is set to launch on February 20 and is up for preorder now (opens in new tab).

Are you planning to pick up a shiny new console with any of these deals?

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  • No
  • Bundle deals are nice, but I'm waiting for the One X console itself to start seeing some discounts. I'm sure we'll have to wait until this holiday season for that though.
  • Yeah, I can't see it going any lower than the $50 in different store credits before that. Still glad I preordered my Scorpio edition. Games are so much better to play on the 4k screen even when not 1X optimized.
  • I agree with @TheJoester09. Different One X color options would also be nice.
  • Was hoping for more than this. There have been much better bundles elsewhere recently. I know MS doesn't want to undercut their retail partners, but they could throw in some store credit, a first-party title, or something.
  • Will get one of  those S bundles(still stuck on a 360) and a 4K TV for tax season. I'll upgrade to the X when they have a $100+ price drop later on and AT&T FTTP.
  • Bought this yesterday. $440 after coupon - $44 in Rakuten points - $17 in eBates cashback = 2% cashback on credit card (CC perk). Already have shipping and tracking. Go!
  • I did better than all deals out there and odds for a long time..  It took a lot of work over (on down time anyway)it, it worked out for an awesome deal. I shopped ebay and gift card sites for discounted Gamestop game cards. After about 25 giftcards of different amounts and some larger ones with huge discounts (most 20 to 50% off)... after all said and done, I got a brand new Xbox One X with PUBG for $375 out the door. TRY to beat that one ! :) I did well on a Xbox One S, last black friday (not the one that just passed), So a little over a year ago. From Amazon, I picked up a Xbox One S with Battlefield 1 and 3 months of Xbox Live for $163.50 Shipped.  Right before I got my Xbox One X, I sold it for $195 on ebay. So held on to it and used it for a year, kept the game and 3 months xbox live and made money off it... LOL Wise man never pays full price for anything :)