Microsoft reveals Gears 5 Limited Edition hardware, features frostbitten Xbox One X

What you need to know

  • Gears 5 is an upcoming third-person shooter from Microsoft's The Coalition.
  • The game is expected to launch in September.
  • Microsoft just revealed a number of Gears 5-themed console bundles and accessories.
  • You can preorder Gears 5 for $50 on Amazon.

Gears 5 is an upcoming third-person shooter from Microsoft's The Coalition team. The studio has worked on Gears of War 4 in the past, and it wants to make the sequel an even bigger adventure. Recently, Ryan Cleven, Gears 5's Multiplayer Design Director, discussed servers and balance tuning. The franchise will feature 60 Hz servers for the first time with this game, and there is one tuning setup across core and competitive multiplayer modes.

Early access starts on September 6 with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Gears 5 is the biggest game launching for Xbox One and PC from Microsoft, and the company wants it to be a grand event. As a result, there will be a number of console bundles and accessories. You can read about and preorder them below.

Gears 5 Limited Edition Xbox One X Bundle

The Gears 5 Limited Edition Xbox One X Bundle costs $500 and is designed by The Coalition and the Xbox Industrial Design Team. It features a dark translucent casing and laser-etched cracks across the top to give the appearance of shattered ice. It even has a golden Locust symbol on the back. You can preorder it today through the Microsoft Store and other retailers.

This bundle features the limited edition Xbox One X, the Kait Diaz Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller, a download code for Gears 5: Ultimate Edition, a download code for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, download codes for Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War 4, and one-month subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. There are also in-game Ice Kait and the Ice Jack skins thrown in there for good measure.

If for some odd reason you don't like the look of the console, you can always get the standard black one for $500. It still comes with all the games, but you won't get any of the gorgeous designs. If you don't have a 4K display or don't care about playing the game at a higher resolution and frame rate, the Gears 5 Xbox One S is also available for preorder for $300. Keep in mind that all of these consoles are launching in September.

Kait Diaz Limited Edition Xbox Controller

Since Kait Diaz is the protagonist in Gears 5, it's only fitting that she has her own controller. The Kait Diaz Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller is part of the Gears 5 Limited Edition Xbox One X Bundle, but can also be purchased separately for $75. The device features a snow-weathered look inspired by Kait's armor. It tries to capture the look of classic Gears of War armor. It also comes with the bonus in-game Ice Kait skin.

This controller will be available on August 20 and can be preordered today from the Microsoft Store and other retailers. If you want to put it on display, be sure to check out the Controller Gear stand for $50 that matches the peripheral. The stand should ship on August 27 and can be acquired through GameStop.

Gears 5 Special Edition Seagate Game Drive

The Gears 5 Special Edition Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One is a unique collector's item for any Gears of War fan. With a 2 TB hard drive and USB 3.0 functionality, it can easily store a lot of games. Just like the Sea of Thieves model, it comes with a Lancer weapon skin, Supply Drops for use in Gears 5, and a one-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Luckily, it'll be available on August 20.

Gears 5 Razer Turret

The Razer Turret is an excellent keyboard and mouse solution for Xbox One because it's wireless. It's already available for the console, but this model is your standard version. Luckily, a Gears 5-themed edition is coming in September for $300. Just like the headset, it also includes a bonus in-game item and Lancer weapon skin. It isn't available for preorder just yet, but those details are expected very soon.

Gears 5 Razer Thresher

Gears 5 features a diverse selection of sounds, from explosions to gunfire. If you want to immerse yourself in the game, you probably want to pick up a headset for your Xbox One. There's a Gears 5-themed Razer Thresher coming in September that should do the trick. Not only does it feature incredible audio, but it also looks amazing. A bonus in-game item and Lancer weapon skin will also be included within the Gears 5 headset. It's unclear how much it's going to cost, but more details are also expected in September.

A lot of hardware was announced today, and we're looking forward to getting our hands on the Gears 5 Limited Edition Xbox One Bundle and the Gears 5 Razer Turret the most. What about you? Let us know.

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