Microsoft Rewards app launches for everyone on Xbox One

Microsoft Rewards app launches for everyone on Xbox One

After a brief period of testing with Xbox Insiders, Microsoft has launched its Microsoft Rewards app for Xbox One. If you want to keep an eye on your rewards points right from your console, the app is available for everyone to download now.

The app offers an experience that should be largely familiar to those who are already using Microsoft Rewards. The app lets you check up on how many rewards points you've earned over your account's lifetime, along with currently available points. Once you're ready to start spending the points you've accrued, you can use them to buy things like gift cards and other goodies. And for those who haven't yet joined the program, you can get started right from the Xbox app.

The Microsoft Rewards Xbox app was U.S.-only while it was in testing, but it should now be available in all countries where Microsoft Rewards is supported.

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