Microsoft Rewards app for Xbox One now available for Insider testing

Now that Xbox Live Rewards is making the transition to Microsoft Rewards, Microsoft is taking the next step in its journey: an app for Xbox One. the company announced today that a Microsoft Rewards app is now available on the console for testing with Xbox Insiders.

If you're already familiar with Microsoft Rewards, you'll know what to expect here. The app allows you to check up on how many rewards points you've earned over your account's lifetime, as well as currently available points. And if you're ready to start spending, you can purchase things like gift cards with any points you've accrued. And if you're not yet a part of the program, you can join from the app as well.

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The app is currently in beta testing, so expect some hiccups. If you want to start testing, Xbox Insiders in the U.S. can join the beta through the "Insider Content" portion of the Xbox Insider Hub. And while it's U.S.-only for right now, Microsoft says the app will launch in all countries where Microsoft Rewards is supported.

If you're an Xbox Insider and you don't yet see the Microsoft Rewards app available in the Insider Hub, don't fret; Microsoft plans to roll the app out to more Insiders "in the coming weeks."

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