Microsoft rolling out improved Dashboard, Beam Streaming for Xbox One today

Xbox dashboard
Xbox dashboard (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is rolling out a major update for the Xbox One today that includes a faster, improved Dashboard, Beam Streaming and a whole lot more. This update has been in testing under the name "Version 1703" with Xbox Insiders for several weeks now, and today it's finally rolling out to the public.

The update, as mentioned above, includes some much needed improvements to the Dashboard and Xbox Guide. No longer will a single tap of the guide button take you to the Dashboard, but rather it'll take you directly to the Xbox Guide, which no longer lags when opening during a game.

There's also Beam Streaming, Microsoft's new game streaming service is now built directly into Xbox One. You can access Beam Streaming via the improved Xbox Guide, and is entirely configurable with options such as using your Kinect cam, Microphone, and a whole lot more.

Microsoft said in an official announcement:

We're excited to announce that we are shipping new features to the broader Xbox One community today. This is a big release, and includes Beam streaming, an updated Xbox experience with the new Guide, home improvements, and much more. One major goal for this release is to make streaming your Xbox gameplay even easier. And by updating the navigation of the Xbox console through the new Guide, we're aiming to put the features and experiences you love the most right at your fingertips

Microsoft says the update will be rolling out to all Xbox One users at some point today. If your Xbox One is configured with Instant On, the update should install automatically when available.

Zac Bowden
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