Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 build 15063 to Slow ring for PC

Surface Insider Rings
Surface Insider Rings (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is today promoting Windows 10 build 15063 to the Slow ring for Windows Insiders on both PC, meaning Microsoft is happy with how the build is progressing when it comes to feedback. The build moving to slow ring means it's one step closer to being deployed in the Release Preview ring, at which point it'll be safe to assume this is the build Microsoft intend to roll out to Insiders.

On Monday, I had heard rumors that build 15063 had been signed off on internally, and with the build arriving in the Slow ring today, that rumor appears to be more fact than fiction. If you're an Insider on the Slow ring on PC, you can now download the latest build.

We're expecting Microsoft to release ISOs for build 15063 over the next few days as the build is now available on the Slow ring. Microsoft has said in the past that all Slow ring builds will eventually get ISOs to go with it, allowing people to clean install the build if they wish.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • I thought it was just PC?
  • Blog says both
  • No it doesn't - it says "UPDATE 3/23: We have released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15063 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Slow ring."
  • ah, I see what they've done - confusing adding it into a previous posting. Maybe they stopped the mobile update due to the BSOD issue.
  • They always update the original build release blog post with updates when it goes to diff rings. It's nothing new.
  • And Dona twitter page also only mentions PC
  • App crashes and battery drain also.
  • Nothing on mobile yet for me.
  • I thought it was for mobile too lol. Jump the gun on getting excited for slow ring mobile
  • Makes sense. Minor updates only in this release, so it should progress quickly through fast-->slow-->release preview.
  • Will be safe to assume it's the build Microsoft intend to release to the public*
  • Was just here to ask that, but then I realized that dan would inform us when ms will stop working in Redstone 2
  • It's like an article about abortion that has a picture of a live baby.
  • Any bugs in this build?
  • I was just bitten by the old bug that deletes your call, text, and email history today. The change log said it was fixed on 15063 but I just lost all mine with a restart today.
  • What bugs are you referring too.
  • I didn't get the update!
  • Cannot add Bluetooth devices on the mobile version 15063. They need to fix that before releasing to slow
  • As of last night, you couldn't add Bluetooth in the PC build either. My keyboard and mouse stopped working and I had to roll the update back.
  • It's fixed, at least in the PC build! Last night, the update killed my keyboard and mouse so I rolled back. Today, I tried again and my keyboard and mouse are just fine!
  • ISOs tomorrow?
  • Builds are not ever deployed to Release Preview. That ring is for updates to the current production (currently 14393) build. After RS2 is finalized and public, expect to see updates for that build in Release Preview.
  • RS1 was released to Release Preview before it went to Production.
  • Windows 10 Insider Preview 15063 (rs2_release): error 0x80242006
  • Update fails how to fix it
  • Kinda off topic, but just curious, how are ads working in Edge with the latest insider builds? On my Surface Pro 2 (with the so-called "stable", non-insider build), Edge is extremely slow on sites with ads, including Windows Central here. I get a nonsense error message along the lines of "page stopped responding and needs to be recovered". With uBlock Origins, things load almost instantly, but then I can't support the sites I like, including Windows Central here...
  • I haven't got it yet ☹
  • Is there a problem with Bluetooth on the Windows 10 update from Tuesday this week? My Logitech K830 keyboard became sluggish and stopped working on Bluetooth yesterday (it works with the USB connection, but still somewhat sluggish). Also, my MS Sculpt Comfort mouse is listed as paired, but doesn't move the cursor. I have tried to unpair it and re-pair it, but no response.
  • Lots of issues with Miracast and finding Devices to cast to, especially from Edge. Both PC and Mobile!!!