Microsoft setting sights on Pandora?

Pandora is one of those services that use databases and high end math to answer a simple question, what music would I like? Sadly, Pandora hasn’t made an appearance on Windows Phone 7 yet; though Slacker Radio is a good alternative.

The rumor mill is starting to churn at the possibility that Microsoft is building a social-centric music discovery service codenamed Ventura. Obviously details like cost and scope are unavailable but the thought of having a service like this definitely has us chomping at the bit, especially since Windows Phone would be the perfect platform to push such a service on.

Our hope is that Ventura is a piece to the puzzle as to why the Mango update has been referred to as the "entertainment" branch.

Source: Mary Jo Foley; Via: Business Insider

Tim Ferrill
  • With the Zune video side gaining share, snapping up someone like Pandora would boost the music side of the service quite well. We'll just have to wait and see what MS pulls off.
  • This is more about Microsoft building a competitor to Pandora than acquiring them.
  • Wait... how is this different than the current Zune store? And Microsoft better not dump the Zune branding just to introduce a new store. No, they need to keep the brand and integrate the new technology into the existing branding. I mean, right now they have a pretty great media player (could use a couple fixes like tagging features) with music discoverability features like the pop-up collage thing. It works even better if you have a Zune pass... but I don't so whatever. Furthermore, you can make auto-playlists (ala iTunes genius) off of single songs. Now, if they're going to continue to build up the branding which they've dumped so much money and time into (and which quite a few people I know would be pissed to see go down the tubes), then they're idiots. And I'll regret purchasing a Focus and will wish I'd gone with a Captivate.
  • This sounds like its quite a way from actually being a real service that can be used. Wouldnt expect to see this anytime soon, especially with the pace (or lack thereof) that MS is moving at with WP7.
  • The only feature Zune offers today is Smart DJ, and at times it isn't so "Smart." I for one welcome enhancements, even if it means building a new back-end service for Zune.
  • Not really related to the story its always nice seeing Microsoft re-invent the wheel. But in a spat of rant Apple in its new iOS release will introduce a new MobileMe which includes moving and sharing files from your desktop or laptop if I am not mistaking. Why hasnt MS capitalized on the notion that they can utilize our pc's as personal clouds for our user discretion and use commercial storage like Skydrive to include more pertanent things like photo editing, file editing, or the like. And remane the app store with something else, apple, app, apps its like brainwashing, apps for Microsoft should be called Cells they represent building blocks that extend our lives like a human cell would. Sorry again, I know its off topic.
  • This is totally wrong. Ventura isn't even close to what this post thinks it is.
  • What did you understand it to be?
  • I *know* what it is. It's something already in production for another service.