Microsoft shows how developers can add HDR image features in Windows 10 camera apps

Microsoft reveals how Windows 10 UWP app developers can put in high-dynamic range (HDR) imaging features in third-party camera apps.

In a blog post, Microsoft says:

The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) empowers you to build apps that take HDR photographs and videos, using digital compositing to overcome some of the limitations of standard photography and videography.

The blog post goes over some of the APIs, tools and techniques that Windows 10 app developers can use to support HDR features in camera apps, They include learning the basics of the MediaCapture API, along with using the AdvancedPhotoCapture class so that the app can capture HDR photos with a phone that supports those kinds of images. It also shows how apps can capture HDR video with the HDRVideoControl class.

John Callaham