Microsoft dives into new features in Windows 10 Maps app for phones and PC

Microsoft is putting the spotlight on the maps apps it has created for Windows 10 for phones, which launched last week with the current 10051 preview build. It has also revealed some updates to the maps app made for the Windows 10 PC preview.

Windows 10 maps for Windows Phone

In addition to pinching for zooming in and out of maps in the phone app, users can also tilt the map by scrolling with two fingers. Of course, there's also a search bar which accesses Microsoft's Bing engine to help map users find what they indeed inside the app. Microsoft says:

"Enter the name of a place you are looking for, such as the "Space Needle", and you'll see a rich set of details that's consistent with our search experiences across Windows 10 Technical Preview and Bing web search. Along with the landmark's location and contact information, you'll see images and recent customer reviews. You can even make a reservation for a restaurant right from the app. When you're on the go — let's say you're staying at a hotel in an unfamiliar city — you can easily find nearby places to eat, drink, and shop, or even suggested attractions and activities, right from the detail card for your hotel."

The app offers turn-by-turn directions, with the best routes based on current traffic conditions, and maps can also be downloaded for offline use. Microsoft adds:

"We're also making it really easy to get to your content from one device to another. Sign into any Windows device with your Microsoft Account, and your home and work locations, route preferences, and recent searches will automatically roam with you. Simply tag a place as a favorite, and it will always be there, in your Favorites list on all your Windows 10 devices. Search for a favorite restaurant on your PC, and the search result will be there on your Windows phone when you're ready to go."

Microsoft has also announced that a number of cities which have been included in the Bing Maps Preview app for Windows 8.1 with 3D images, are now available to view in the Windows 10 PC preview maps app as well. There's also additional streetside panorama imagery as well.

Are you using the new Maps app for Windows 10 on phone? Let us know in comments what you think of it so far and what you would like to see next!

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham