Microsoft ends updates for Lumia Highlights app

Microsoft will no longer update its Lumia Highlights app for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. The app was designed to offer those users news, help and tips on their smartphones.

People who open the app now see the following message:

After today, you will no longer see any new articles on this app. But it's not a goodbye because there are still other ways to keep in touch. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And remember to subscribe to our newsletters to receive latest information, tips and offers from Microsoft Lumia in the future.

Lumia Highlights

Nokia first launched the app under the Nokia Care name. In 2014, after Microsoft bought Nokia's Devices and Services division, it changed the app's name to Lumia Help+Tips. Earlier in 2016, the app's name change again to Lumia Highlights.

This latest development shows yet another move by Microsoft to cut down publicity for its Lumia phones. Earlier this year, it shut down the majority of its official Lumia social media accounts.

Thanks to Keath and Daniel for the tips!

  • Feels painful to see the Lumia brand going because i can experience the power and simplicity of a Lumia with one in my hand
  • They simply don't understand the power of Lumia. Nokia delivered very powerful devices with awesome h/w but M$ killed it with mature less OS. MS marketing is very worst...... Hope upcoming Nokia android devices bring back the legacy.
  • Please Luffy, when you'll found OnePiece try to make something to help Windows 10 mobile T.T
  • i would like to but M$ is reluctant to improve their mobile OS.
  • Got it :(
  • That's a strong accusation
  • Don't forget tbe software and firmware revisions that Nokia also brought to the platform. There was more innovation in the Lumia 920 than anything MS have produced.
  • The Lumia 1020 I used to own can confirm this....
  • Yup me too, eagerly waiting for Nokia's comeback Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • While your statement may feel true to you, you can always replace your Lumia with a gun and still experience power and simplicity in your hand.
  • Only if that gun looks as beautiful as the start screen of my Lumia ;-)
  • No wonder this is happening in the US. -_-
  • Tbh, right time to say good bye to windows 10 mobile. Daily important usable apps are not available will make anyone's life harder.
  • If Nokia comes up with a Windows phone variant, I'd embrace the change from msft design to Nokia design. I don't know, for some reason Nokia and Msft are still the perfect partners IMO.
  • Then feel excited to welcome Surface!
  • Death everywhere
  • When we look back, I believe the hope for Windows 10 Mobile ended (1) when Nadella was hired, and (2) when the Project Astoria failed.
  • There are still some of us who have your for Windows Mobile. There are more app developers and phone manufacturers on board than ever before. Not to mention the evolutionary Continuum... I think 2017 will be a good year for WM. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • yeah Surely be
  • Pure nonsense. We only see apps going, not coming.
    As many OEMs as there may be, most handsets are US-only.
    MS has screwed things up big time! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We've seen plenty of W10 phones that will never see the light of day in America. And as far as apps go.. I'll grant you that the most gains have been made on the desktop side of things but there is a lot of interest in UWP. It's going to take time, but Microsoft has the tools to rebuild. This is their best shot. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As long as there are no users, there will be no apps. As long as there are no apps, there will be no users. As long as there are no devices, there will be no users. If I look at the current offer in Europe, I can see the L550, 650, 950 (XL), Acer, and HP (maybe at some point in future). That's it. It has been like that for the past two years. Nothing to choose from. And there has certainly been a wider offer of devices in the Americas than in Europe. With Microsoft focusing on the enterprise market, the numbers will go down even more, and so will the involvement of app developers. And no, I'm not talking about Youtube, I'm talking about life-saving apps, such as early flood warning with push notifications and the like. The phone OS is an unwanted child and has been treated as such for quite a while. 2017 a great year for WM? No, thank you. I've been waiting for the good years to come for too long.  
  • There is no enterprise only market. The results will be the same as Microsoft focusing Windows mobile for the Sasquatch community.
  • Subscribe to Windows Central. We get new UWP apps. You know that. You just don't want to say that
  • Next year will be better. Windows 11 will fix this and that. Yada yada Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • More apps are leaving than ever before. - fixed that part for you. And I am not even one of those haters. Hard times ahead for Windows Mobile fans.
  • A lot of the Windows Phone apps get replaced by Windows Mobile apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not "we"
    Only you. Here no one is "we". Speak for yourself
  • Time to move to Android
  • What is Microsoft doing? Killing us? He is going to lose lots of his customers. :(((((
  • Yeah max. they have to loose >1% market share. Dude, M$ doesn't care... They r killing Consumer phones and ready to enter into the Enterprise phones.
  • Really
  • The next generation smart phone is coming!
  • What apps will be left for it to run?
  • Starbucks! Huzzah for rank coffee.
  • yeah, lumia branding is slowly vanishing away. if "surface" takes over the microsoft mobile name, it'll be cool but never take anything from MS for granted
  • Sad to see this..
  • I didn't even know this app existed.
  • This is the first I'm hearing of it too Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Never knew this app existed, so I won't miss it. From a pr point of view they should have waited with this until they introduced something else instead. Funnily enough I saw MS won a clio today for having the best advertising. Well obviously this did not refer to their mobile phone business.
  • What are they going to do with a small French family car?
  • Certainly not put some advertisement for Lumia on it and drive it around.
  • Haha, very funny. Read more about it here
  • Yep, no advertising, no sales, no Apps, no more customers.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Judging by your signature, android will also be hurt if Lumia and Ms mobile goes bye bye.
  • Read only half of the headlines when i opened the app and thought they are ending support for Lumia devices..... Haha....
  • Deleted the advertisement app as soon I got my 950xl
  • Deleted the advertisement app as soon I got my 950xl
  • Used it maybe twice since I bought my phone then deleted it a pointless app better off without it
  • Never used this useless app.
  • I like the idea of this app but I figured this would happen. Why keep Lumia highlights if Lumia is dying? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As long as I have my L1020 in my hands I won't miss either Nokia or Lumia brand...
  • Nowadays, having a Lumia Smart phone or any Windows Phone device it's a risk. They have changed the game rules all the time, and it would not be surprise to me that suddenly they decide to stop the support to wp os, because of business's needs. They were launching Lumia 950 meanwhile they were thinking that they are not interest in smartphones' business.
  • Windows 10 Mobile is a VERY important part of the entire Windows 10 ecosystem. The entire concept falls apart if they stop supporting mobile. It isn't going anywhere. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I understand mobile is part of the one windows vision (I've been here since day 1 in December 2010 with the launch of WP7 on a Samsung Focus) buy I cant help but say to myself, if mobile is so important, why does it seem like Microsoft is treating it like a disrespectful ass-hat step child?? It definitely doesn't seem to get the same TLC as desktop, the cloud or even HoloLens most of the time...
  • The majority of mobile's problem are a direct result of Balmer's short-sightedness. What you see as them neglecting mobile is the retrenching that Daniel (or was it Jason?) has been writing about. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It was Jason. Though Daniel probably also believes that fairytale, otherwise the articles would probably not have been published.
  • Being a WP user since the launch of WP7 DEC 2010 (and current insider on my 950xl ds) I have a different view.. See, I've been here since day, so this I've experienced several "retrenches" and faithfully went along with MS with optimism. I've seen and felt every stumble, witnessed many of favourite exclusive features like Rooms disappear. I kept up with all the windows news and blog during this time and understood MSs vision of a unified windows, etc. I learned how to make apps for WP7, then 8 and now UWP. But I don't feel like these days MS is clear or even confident of how to achieve their vision. They stopped marketing. They've stopped making phones. I understand the rationale for each of these decisions as presented by people like Daniel and Jason. But I don't know man. For the first time in 6 years, my confidence in MS in this area is waining. I don't feel they're communicating all they're decisions properly, especially to their customers. I understand them as a developer, but that's just not enough. It's like, how many times do you need to reboot the OS before you feel you have a product to market globally. There was some a fair bit of marketing with WP7, less with WP8/.1 and none with W10M. We are losing apps and market share, even devices (and the iconic Lumia line). It feels like we are experiencing minor gross progression each iteration but net regression overall. How would this play out if they did this windows desktop, or Samsung with its galaxy line. Not well I think, so why would windows mobile which is basically on nobody's minds at this point, be any different?
  • Amen to that.
  • I'm the same, used it since WP7 launched in the UK here. With regards to Lumia, the funny thing is it was never really supposed to become the iconic brand within Windows Phones - In fact, it may have even hurt the platform in terms of third party OEMS. Nobody was making Windows Phones as good as the ones Nokia were making, they had the best custom software that made buying any other windows phone pretty pointless. I think this really killed any investment from other third parties because they just couldn't compete. Making a maps app as good as HERE Drive+ would have been a lot of work and it was exclusive to Nokia for ages. The W10M maps app is now as good or better IMO, but back then the Bing maps app was nowhere near as good. As long as Lumia is around it'll be seen as THE windows phone to buy by most - Also the stigma of the Lumia brand still sticks hard with some people. I have friends who used WP7 Lumia 800, and they still think Windows Phone is the same as it was back then, when the Facebook app would only notify you at specific intervals rather than a true push notification. Moving away from it could be a good thing. It's brought some great features into the Core OS for W10M, like Glance and Living Images etc. Those features will hopefully live on in future devices from Microsoft AND third parties - if we see this things staying, dedicated camera button staying those of us that have been here all along with see those as the Lumia legacy living on in Windows Phones going forwards. If the next MS phones have the best of Lumia in them but under a new brand I'll be happy, and I'll always remember where that dedicated camera button etc. came from
  • AMEN for sure, I think the Lumia 950 is a great phone...but without apps it is just no capable anymore
  • But hey, didn't Balmer SAVE Xbox when others wanted to kill it? That's one of the many things he did right.
  • It doesn't fall apart. Mobile has hardly any market it's already rather irrelevant.
  • Have you not read any of Microsoft's plans for Windows 10? Mobile is a vital component. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I did read all that, indeed. I also read they would be making low-end, business, and enthusiast devices. Then I read it would be business and enthusiast ones. Then business only. Then Lumia would be discontinued. I no more trust them a word they're saying.
  • I lol'ed. MS backtracking their own commitment. Some kind of consumer confidence they exhibit. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mobile software is very important for Microsoft to be everywhere, now the windows 10 mobile os is not important at all as long as Android and ios users use Microsoft software and services on there devices. Heck I wouldn't doubt seeing a Microsoft device running Android with a windows skin atop the x version of Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In my dreams: I hope they sold the Lumia brand to the new Nokia mobile Chinese company and they will take the progress for cheep windows mobiles (Microsoft will probably kickstart it with som cash). And we will ses some flagship from MS 2017. I want to keep Windows in my pocket! And now Im a pleased user of a HP X3 now with anniversary update. But I think its no good for wp with the totally silence about the future so get the leaf off MS and talk.
  • Ya, it's as if MS doesn't know what to do with mobile. Do they advertise/push it? Wait a little longer? It seems like they're paralyzed with uncertainty of what to do it most of the time. I have a 950xl ds unlocked and would sort of like to upgrade to a an elite x3 or surface phone in the future, but i feel like I don't know how much longer windows mobile will be around because MS themselves don't convince convey that narrative. How can I feel confident of the future of the windows mobile when it seems they're not even sure (I mean, they don't advertise it for FS)? It sure doesn't feel like MS I doing everything in their power to ensure it grows and becomes successful. It's kind of like MS is like "well, we have the mobile component now which completes our vision but if it fails, it fails, as long as we have all the components to say we've realized the desktop is and always will be the main concern anyways..."
  • If you like Windows 10 Mobile you could easily keep that Lumia 950 XL for 2-3 years, especially with the user replaceable battery. I love my tech but I know for a fact upgrading a phone is most often nice due to the novelty that inevitably wears off (Not you specifically, but in my past experience and what I see of friends). The X3 is a great phone, I'd buy one if I needed a new phone right now (But would be tempted by another 950 for £249 if mine broke just due to value) - There's going to have to be substantial new features in a phone for me to upgrade before a minimum of 2 years, I think phones in general have stagnated, each release is just an incremental improvement - Things like Continuum will push hardware to it's max over the next few years and I think that's more exciting than a 2x digital zoom on an iPhone 7s. I'm just not excited by small improvements in cameras when so many phones are now at least "Good enough" that the differences in day-to-day use are small enough not to notice unless you are doing a deep critique. Companies should keep doing these things, but it doesn't excite everybody and make us want to constantly upgrade - Everyone, including me loves to get shiny new things but over the years I've been guilty of upgrade just because I wanted to rather than because I actually needed to, most of the time the excitement wears off REALLY quickly.
  • 6 months from now I can see Daniel Rubino writing his last windows central article and saying "Microsoft is saying goodbye to Windows mobile and I will begin working for our sister company imore see everyone there.
  • You got jokes. Dan seems to prefer Windows Mobile over the other two.
  • Seems so, but then he DOES write for windows central (so he has a vested interest in being seen as pro windows)...but also uses an iphone if im not mistaken..
  • And he did say once if wp died he will go to ios. I pretty sure he has the elite x3 and an iPhone in his other pocket. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @libra89. Daniel took the site over from the WMExpert days. This site goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back lol.
  • Surface Phone will rise WP again!
  • too funny....the surface unicorn will be available sometime in the year 2087
  • "And remember to subscribe to our newsletters to receive latest information, tips and offers from Microsoft Lumia in the future." Why would I want to do that? With Lumia dead, the Store falling apart and WM slowly fading away...
    Holy cow, they don't even know how to write press releases properly! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I thought the same like what's there to signup to if you killed your primary channel for Lumia tips and are killing off the Lumia line entirely? You'd probably only get 1 email if you signed up...and that's to tell you Lumia and its newsletters are ending too. Lol
  • Good ol MS, keeps bringing out the cart but forgetting the horse, who does that?... Already answered my own question so no need to respond ;) Not that I used this app but either way, they seem to have a trend of eradication "then" we'll start working on a suitable replacement, ars backwards if you ask me. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Glad to see the app go never used it and was rubbish anyway.
  • Still can't delete it
  • Ding dong WP is dead!
  • They should make it uninstallable from our phones. It's one of those first few apps I wanted to uninstall.
  • I think i understand MS thinking on this. THe app seems pretty pointless, I have opened it a few times and never really saw the point of it. At least with W10M you can delete it, I have and android tablet with loads of pointless stuff I cant remove (the same for my old iPhone).  So back to the point, why keep an app for a product line you are finishing with? There is no point. Lots of people are suprised that I have a windows phone, many say they did not know that such a thing existed or still existed.  They all seem impressed with it and I have nothe but good to report of my L950.  However, W10M was clearly in development when it was first released (although I thought it was still better than iOS) and given MS position in the Mobile Market when they start marketing W10M it will have to be amazing for it to attract propper attention.  If I were MS I think I would polish W10M and get a few trule exceptional devices lined up and then go all out with the marketing.  But I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.  I dont think this enterprise only thing has much distance in it.  Folks want a phone that works and does everything they need to.  If you need to carry a Windows phone for work and another phone for everything else you are starting to get backtowards carrying a Laptop and a phone and then Continuum and its carry one device work everywhere ideal starts to brake down.  I am still hopefull for a birght W10M future.
  • Yep a phone needs to do both. People already use iPhone in this way. Saying that, I think the HP Elite X3 does both just fine. Apart from the price being high for some people I don't think it's that bad unless you plan to upgrade every single year. £700 for a phone that will be used for between 2-3 years isn't too bad a price to pay, and there's always the chance of it coming on sale within 12 months or so. I like that I'll be able to buy a replacement battery for my L950 down the line if I need one, that tends to be the first thing that will die on a device these days....unless you drop the phone
  • If they are changing brand it's normal...
  • There's no point in this app even if they weren't changing brand. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Days are gone where we use to say Android is Laggy, Yes its bit laggy but their r bunch of OEM's who created best UI's to run their phones very smooth. Besides now a days phones like Mi, Honor, Oneplus, Asus comes with huge RAM, Processors. U can run these phones without major issues for almost 2 yrs. While M$ lost its creditability for developing mature win10M OS. it still has to improve a lot, but as they killing consumer phones its no use we still wait for updates. But people like us got ditched by M$ bcz we were trying insiders providing feedbacks and eagerly waiting for a bugless OS.
  • "Business Phones" can still be good consumer phones. I'm a business user AND a consumer, I'm a single person I don't have a split personality for home/work. Fact is the HP Elite X3 is a fine phone for consumer use. Just because it isn't marketed as such I'd happily use it if I was due an upgrade. I'm hoping for a Microsoft "Business" phone that still has the things that made Lumia great. It would be a shame to throw away those things for no good reason. Their next phone may be more expensive, like the HP Elite X3 being iPhone priced, but for some that is okay when you don't upgrade every single year.
  • I have two official office email addresses, one host is Google and another one is Yahoo....
    Recently Yahoo sent me a message to my official email id that you are using very less secure connection from some 3rd party apps and immediately to disable it. I anyway ignored it. Every time I try to update my emails iam getting error for the first time. My gmail official email works better in MS Edge than in MS Outlook. When MS ends consumer phones, Google may block its Gmail services for Surface phones.
  • Hoping Nokia will be back with w10M devices also.......
  • I have 2 points. Microsoft isn't making Windows Mobile hardware but it is doing software and updates for Surface and it's partners, right? So if you go to the well there is still water just not yours, I'm I correct? So they'll continue to fix things like Edge, YouTube, Maps, security, etc, because you can't sell an engine if the last car you had it in blows up. So it seems to me we're just stagnant not dead.
    Point 2, I'm not here to be combatant But, if you are coming to a wake why would you where the other gang's colours. It is so easy to edit the " Posted via the Windows Central App for Android" signature, I've done it. Even if you have good intentions it's just a reminder of what we're left with when this goes away. If you have a Windows Phone use it, it works on Wi-Fi, you've got the app use it to communicate here. It just seems disingenuous.
  • The app was pretty good for it's news updates on the live tile, but I'll go ahead and uninstall it. I think it also has a manual for the phone in there too. I hope with the Lumia brand going we still see the features that made Lumia's good phone - Glance, Dedicated Camera Button, and if they still hold some sort of license for it the camera tech - Even though other companies have matched and surpassed Lumia in photography there is still some great stuff in there that makes the Lumia cameras just as good for normal use - When you aren't doing a deep analysis on image quality phones just need to be "Good enough" these days, they don't HAVE to be the best on a technical level.
  • The best article that will be written here regarding windows 10 is when MS announces it is ending support for windows 10 and windows 10 mobile....and its new OS is actually 8 in new labels.   Its way better than 10 will ever be....
  • :)))