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Microsoft slams Apple's iPad Pro 'computer' claim with new Surface ad

Surface Pro 4
Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has posted a new TV commercial for the Surface Pro 4. It takes a big shot at Apple's recent ad that claimed the iPad Pro was a computer, stating the Surface Pro 4 has a powerful Intel processor and can run full Office apps.

The iPad Pro commercial is labeled "What's a computer" and tries to claim the tablet, with its optional keyboard combined with its touchscreen and pen, is somehow different that other PCs.

Microsoft's new Surface Pro 4 ad is called "What's a computer? Just ask Cortana". It correctly states that it has a more powerful Intel Core i7 processor, along with a way to run full Office PC applications, rather than the mobile Office apps that the iPad Pro can run. The Surface Pro 4 also has an optional keyboard, with the addition of a trackpad, along with external ports that the iPad Pro does not have.

What do you think of Microsoft's response to Apple's iPad Pro campaign with its Surface Pro 4 ad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • lmao. Brilliant
  • Hey! but Siri does not answer this much.
  • Ah this is like the old Cortana vs Siri ads XD . The upcoming surface phone should have such ads too
  • Reminds me of the old Mac vs PC ads which Apple used to make fun of PC. Only this time the table is turned in favor of Microsoft ^^
  • I remember the one that claimed that Macs do not get viruses. That was funny... Wait, that wasn't a comedy piece?
  • Lol but if they make good ads for their phones sales might be too high! You didn't think of that, huh?  
  • I like it...
  • Barking at the wrong tree.
    I'd prefer them swiping android and google.
    Apple has never been competition but alternative.
  • Lol. If its an alternative then its competition, simple
  • Alternative like a second car.
    Different uses.
  • i see, but a lot of those users are naive or stupid apple fans. i had one person tell me that ipad pro could run full office apps and be used like a imac. he didn't understand that It runs a mobile os
  • And Apple is trying to say that its smartcar is an SUV.
  • But if I'm a car maker I want your first and second car to be mine, not from another company (that's competition).
  • Then you have to make a car the same class as my second car.
    Which means MS would have to bring back Windows RT if my second device is iPad pro
  • Except Android has no real competitor to the Surface. The iPad Pro is outselling the Surface Pro and they need to show people what is different.
  • Wrong...!!..
    Compare Windows 2 in 1 Tablet Sales and iPad Pro.. Not just the surface series..
  • But with regards to MS's own hardware efforts, it is Surface against iPad. MS don't pay out to make other 2 in 1's. They don't advertise other manufacturers or make a profit from the sales of their hardware (ignore software in this case, that's a different part of the company with that bit), they fight for their own product and want to see it do well. So yeah, the OS division may be in a great position but the MS hardware section still needs to work on it's own against it's biggest rival.
  • How am I wrong? I didn't say anything about the entire category of Windows 2 in 1s. I was referring only to the Surface Pro. As soon as the iPad Pro was released it began outselling the Surface series. Microsoft needed to show they had more to offer although I doubt they will sway many. Usually if someone who owns an iPad sees a Surface they are intrigued and then I mention it is Windows and it is if a foul smell entered the room. From that point on they are no longer interested no matter how great they think it is.
  • They didn't buy it as a tool, Apple sells 'lifestyle' or 'aspirational' products, not full on computing devices. If anything, Samsung's new tab pro should be slung into the argument. Ditched Android, as with most of their Tab range, and went Win 10 with pretty good inking capabilities as well. Had a play with one, and if it didn't say Samsung, I'd have bought one. Love my Surface though. IPads are for tinkering, surfing, playing, much like android tabs. They work to a certain level, but a full windows 2 in 1 just does the tricky stuff better. Then you add in integration with your office machines, home PCs/laptops ( ahem ) mobile devices, and it's a winner, winner chicken dinner. Love my surface!
  • Surface Book is the next level up from Surface 4 too.  Not only does it blow away iPad Pro, but it also blows away the biggest fastest MacBooks too. The onboard GPU lets me do a LOT of work that would simply be inpossible on an iPad Pro.  Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects, etc.  In fact even a full-blown Mac can't even run most of these - unless, of course, you install W10 on your Mac.  But if you do you get to see just how slow and antiquated the Mac hardware is.  Tablets are dying as a category and Macs are declining in the full-blown computer sector.  Apple's only hope is iPhone.
  • Eh it depends. The Macbook Pro 15 still beats the Surface Book in terms of performance due to the Dual core in the Surface Book. If they give me a Surface Book 2 with a quad then they would have an instabuy. Luckily I have a beefed up Desktop for things like that though.
  • Tinkering? the iPad?! Lol, no... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree but it wouldn't even be fair if Surface Pro, or even just the Surface 3 went up against the Pixel C or Chromebook. iPad Pro actually will fool enough people into thinking its better than a Surface.
  • I saw the Apple ad a couple of days ago and my first thought was that the surface has been doing all of that and more for several years. LOL
  • The comparisons are fair to call out but the ad could have been much better.
  • Its like free commercial for the Surface anyway lol
  • I agree, it was a bit corny, still, it proves an important point. iPad Pro is not in the same league as SP4 in terms of productivity abilities and power.
    How can one compare an ARM touch-only tablet to an i7 tablet with full mouse support?
  • As much as I like Microsoft, and I know that the surface pro 4 is far more capable than the iPad pro, apple didn't directly and blatantly compare it to the surface, where are Microsoft it. They should've done it a bit more subtlety. I think a lot of people, including me, think that it shows a bit of desperation when your ad compares another product to your product, no matter how well your product is doing.
  • Apple didn't compare the iPad Pro to the Surface but Apple's ad did suggest that the iPad Pro was something unique with its keyboard, touchscreen and pen in the PC space..and that's clearly not true
  • And do you remember all the Apple vs. PC ads.... way back when... I think apple really started all this battle....bashing the PC...
  • Apple over-hyping their products in advertisments? Good grief!  Whatever next?
  • Apple didn't compare the iPad Pro to the Surface because it's an embarassing comparison for them--they clearly ripped off the Surface design, years after mocking it, and then priced it like it was a Surface Pro even though the Surface blows it away in terms of performance and versatility.
  • Are you forgetting this infamous series of anti-PC commercials Apple did? There was nothing subtle about those, and they did the job they were intended to do: increase market share.
  • You are correct. But Microsoft has been overdoing them for waaayyy too long. They really need to fire their marketing team and hire someone from Apple's marketing team (which is ironic, but they know better how to advertise their product).
  • Apple (ie Steve Jobs) even predicted a post-PC era.  At the risk of being very un-PC (politically correct), perhaps the PC he was referring to was pancreatic cancer?  Jobs was a character all right.  He's sorely missed.  Apple are rudderless.
  • Apple has done it before where they've claimed the iPad pro was a "revolutionary unique original idea" despite the surface existing and being more capable than it for years. I find it highly reasonable that Microsoft are *finally* fighting back against their false claims, not really desperation. It's not really desperation, its calling apple out on their exaggeration /lies :p They should have done this at the very start when Apple revealed the Ipad pro as if it was an original new and best product, which it wasn't :)
  • The iPad Pro compared itself to the Surface Pro when they choose the name. While it is certainly more capable than the standard iPad, it is not in the same league as the Surface Pro line and is a far cry from the claim they have now invented the bridge between tablet and computer. Call back when it runs OSX.
  • Apple has had a long lasting history about comparing itself to Microsoft to market its own products.
  • Maybe some recent and not so recent reference material will help you.   "Apple's Tim Cook calls Microsoft's Surface Book 'diluted' (updated)"   "Apple’s Tim Cook: Microsoft Surface ‘compromised’ and ‘confusing’ — like a flying car"
  • Remember in the past when Apple used to make fun of PC with those Mac and PC guy? -_-
  • Not just make fun on, but blatantly lie about.  Remeber the one where they claimed a PC couldn't work with a japanese digital camera but the mac (of course) could.
  • @daksta96 Actually, you're right the ad didn't "directly" compare the iPad Microsoft's products, but if you look at their strategy in context going back to the event, where the iPad pro was introduced, Apple has intentionally been reaching for the PC market. During that event they made the point of addressing those who have 5 year old personal computers and talked about how the iPad pro is a good upgrade for that demographic. If you recall that whole "PC Does What" collaboration between Microsoft and PC manufacturers was a marketing attempt to get people with five year old computers to upgrade to PCs running Windows 10 and benefit from the new additions to the OS. The iPad Pro commercial follows in the same vain as the tone Apple presented at the iPad Pro launch event. It was a subtle dig, at Microsoft's PC dominance. They are trying to arrest the message of what the idea of a computer IS and IS NOT; and identify the iPad against what people have grown accustomed to. If you watch what Apple is doing in thier commercial it is a very clear attack at Microsoft's PC position. And given thier marketing power, though Surface has been in the market for several years, the affect on the mind of the masses regarding Apple's message couldn't be underestimated. Microsoft was wise to come out swift with a direct response. Though, as I thought before they made this great ad when I saw the Apple ad, it would have been even better if MS had made the type of ad for the Surface that Apple made for the iPad from the beginning. It would have been great to see- Simple. Direct. Clear. Effective. -ads like that about the Surface a looong time ago. :-)
  • Good for MS. Apple markets their products in such a way that it appears as if they've just come up with a new, cool and unique creation that is exclusive to Apple users which is simply untrue.
    Crapple have copied the Surface pro by adding a keyboard, done very little else and now claim its a full computer. The IPAD pro runs a mobile OS and claiming it is a full blown PC is an insult to the Surface Pro.
    MS'S problem is apples marketing team do a brilliant job at making the average consumer, who are not all that tech savey, think that the IPAD is the best thing since sliced bread. MS's marketing team need to get their act into gear with widespread advertisement which reaches the masses and show how good their products really are Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I knew there would be a comment critical of Microsoft for being negative about a competitor's product. Every time Microsoft does an ad like this, some folks complain they shouldn't do it. Yes, Apple didn't compare the iPad to the Surface but they did years of ads comparing Macs to PCs, and in this new iPad ad, they did something far more outrageous IMO: the claimed the iPad is a computer.
  • So as I'm not a raging Anti-Apple person, I totally aggree with you. We aren't talking about people, so this whole "Apple said" stuff doesn't really apply. WHen you call out Compitition, you pretty much declare yourself the underdpg/  It worked for Apple in the old days because they WERE the underdog, and  reveled in that image. Hence why the Mac character played by Justin Long was younger, more hipster looking, and John Hondgeman's PC Character was an older, stuffed shirt suit-and-tie business guy. Apple was all about selling that they were the rebel. going against the man, the David going against Goliath.  Also, Apple didn't do thier Mac v. PC ads showing products and being logical. It was showing people, and humanizing the tech. That's why the ads worked.  Same with Samsung. Again.. Samsung the underdog, with their cooler, hipper product that your parents don't buy. Showing people in relateable situations (waiting in line). Sure, they still spit out features, but because it was a person saying why this feature was cool, in a snarky way, it humanized the technology.    These commercials are amusing.. but it's two digital products standing side by side. It's a logical ad. You don't sell tech to the mass market with logic, you sell it using an emotional connection. Personally, MS would do a LOT better, showing the ads they post to their YT channel, of People creating things and doing things with the Surface Pro that they can't with the iPad. Or if they Had to bring up the iPad, put some humanity into it. Show a cartoonistusing an iPad Pro, then, go into how they can't get their work done because the iPad pro doesn't have full photoshop. or Office.. or whatever.    That said, I always hate the iPad Pro vs Surface Pro comparisons. They both fail at fundimentals. The iPad Pro is a terrible laptop, and the Surface Pro is a terribly Tablet. 
  • I agree with you on one point: these comparison ads are nasty and tacky no matter what product. They can be funny, or at least aspire to be, but they'll always fall far below "accomplishment based" ads, in terms of quality. And they usually skate the fine line between truth and bent truth.
    This one, for example, has Siri sounding choppy and machine-like, whereas Cortana's voice is superb, obviously directly narrated by Jenn Taylor, making her sound much more realistic. I use them both at home and neither of these in the ad are even close to how they sound in reality, where speech coherence and quality are concerned. I really like the old ads from old Apple, where they took Nike's approach and instead of comaring themselves, they focused on highlighting what the consumer can accomplish with their product, very personal, very powerful (Think Different, etc...). New Apple ads aired nowadays are as weak and average as the rest of the  other companies. Shame.
  • I've been saying for a while that Microsoft needs to be more aggressive against Apple. I know they won't do this, but it would be nice if they used my favorite slam: "Do you know why all of Apple's products start with 'i'? Because you'd have to be an idiot to buy them."
  • You know, normally I'd say Microsoft would get a huge amount of hate and backlash and lose consumer support if they did that. But considering Donald Trump gets away with it on a daily basis and actually benefits from it, I'd say Microsoft would also probably stand to benefit a lot and get applauded for saying your favorite slam instead of being technologically politically correct lol.
  • Sad thing is, you could be right.
  • Yep, sad truth about our generation. we get what we deserve. :-(
  • I own Surface Pro 3, and Windows 10 is Joke for tablets... Windows 8.1 was great (Much more touch friendly, better gestures, more animations, more intuitive) , but now even iOS is better than W10 (in tablet mode)
  • And oh yes, messenger and Facebook app cant even fit in the screen if I do split screen. I'm not saying its failure by MS with these 2 apps, but I had not any problem with facebook app in Windows 8.1
  • I have SP4 and I can confirm about animations. It looks really **** when you turn Tablet mode on or off with Start is opened - animation of this transition is so sluggish. Just asking HOW could MS allow this animation to production when it was the main feature of their devices - Continuum that was already existed on Surface devices (tablet - desktop).
  • I don't really get the criticism of Windows 10 and tablet mode. I have a Surface 3. I use it 95% of the time in tablet mode. I prefer it. I don't find it a drag at all. I think they they will continue to refine it. But I don't think it's a disaster as some seem to think.
  • It isn't a disaster but animations could be alot better
  • Win 8.1 didn't do well because ppl couldn't adjust to the new OS. Microsoft was forced to make compromises, some I find made a lot of sense. I'm now adapting to it and can get around just s fast as with Win 8.1.
  • Nobody can satisfy guys like you. P.S. I also own a surface pro 3 running windows 10. It's brilliant undoubtedly.
  • No, I dont say that windows 10 is disaster... I like Windows 10. Windows 10 is GREAT for PCs since they released it last year. But for TABLETS its still far behind Windows 8.1. I loved Windows 8 since they released it in 2012 with new Surface devices PRO and RT. It was best tablet OS for me since first version.. Same as Win 10 for PCs is :) But every body just started down vote my first comment, without thinking what i tried to say...    
  • There's this thing called user error and I believe that's what's going on here.
  • You know you can turn on touch mode and have it be the same as 8.1 except for those stupid gestures.
  • It is far from beeing the same. Charmbar with its complete funtionality is gone. I can't even beam DLNA content to the big screen anymore.
  • Completely agree. Windows 8.1 was much ahead of the iOS tablet UI. But they took 2 steps backwards with Windows 10 while Apple improved.
  • I have to agree with some of the previous comments. In short, Apple's ad felt more polished. Microsoft's comparison felt too forced and over-obvious. That said, at least it's an ad. How many times has Microsoft's cool tech come and gone without so much as a poster, let alone a video ad.
  • The iPad pro looks stupid, because 90% of the home screen is useless space. Live tiles FTW.
  • This is actually one of the worst arguments for Windows 10. How much time are you spending looking at your home screen in either OS?
  • It's an opinion based on a simple observation. Did you expect me to write an entire article on how iOS is garbage? To me, the home screen is the "face" of an OS. It's there every time you unlock your device. If you don't care about that, then maybe a few static icons is good enough for you (I'm guessing that's what Apple thinks). But for me, it's important not only because it gives me useful information without needing to do anything, but it also allows me to express myself in a way different from Android and iOS. Of course, in PC the live tiles aren't as useful, but I think comparing iOS to full Windows is a joke anyway, as they're not even in the same category.
  • Why would I expect you to come up with a whole article when you can't even make a single good point by itself? Tiles are great, sure, but most people aren't going to spend a lot of time staring at their home screen. If they did, Windows Phone 8.1 would have gotten iPhone level market share.
  • You assume I don't know anything about Windows and Windows Phones, yet you say things like, "if they did, Windows Phone 8.1 would have gotten iphone level market share." I'm pretty sure you're smart enough that I don't have to explain to you why any revolutionary home screen on Windows, or the time spent looking at it, would have no impact on market share.
  • But supposedly that's the reason why the iPad Pro looks stupid. Shouldn't the iPhone look just as stupid because of it? And shouldn't people be buying a device with live tiles if they're that great? Or are you agreeing with me that it is a differentiator that most people don't give any craps about?
  • The iPhone home screen is equally useless, but obviously it's not 90% wasted space, and therefore it doesn't look stupid, if you comprehended my first comment. It seems you don't understand that the app gap literally makes everything else irrelevant. No software feature is going to increase Windows mobile market share if it doesn't have apps. There is no evidence showing your claim of the home screen being something "most people don't give any craps about," so no, I am obviously not agreeing with that statement.
  • The real question is whether this ad will run on every show I watch like Apples ads do. Otherwise, why bother?
  • This. Even though I like Apple's ad better (my first run through the right slide-in window reminded me of Windows 10), we don't see Microsoft ads nearly enough. One contributing factor to Apple and Android's domination of the consumer market is that they bought mindshare, just like the top brands in all consumer markets do... soft drinks, snack foods, restaurants, insurance, a membership organization for senior citizens, etc.
  • Continuum doesn't run full Office or a powerful Intel processor either. Sounds like Microsoft doesn't consider Continuum is a real computer either. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i dont get your point
  • The point he is making is that he is an idiot... and he is brilliant at making that point on a regular basis.. :)
  • I think my point is obvious. Microsoft is bashing the iPad Pro for the same issue their new "business" feature, Continuum, has. Would they also say Continuum isn't a real computer?
  • So without continuum, the Surface Pro would be more "Business", but since Continuum is there, it becomes less "Business"......I see. I want you to think about that....
  • I don't think you know what Continuum is. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I may not (actually, I do know), but you seem to think it's a business computer haha
  • Are you arguing that Microsoft isn't pushing W10m and Continuum as an enterprise/business solution?
  •   I am not arguing this or that, there is gray area everywhere.  But you are stretching MS words in an Ad arent you?  In an Ad about a Surface Pro vs Ipad, MS's message is that the ipad is inferior for business bc xyz.  You come in and say "but their mobile platform also doesn't do xyz" therefore, "Liars!"......but if you consider WMphone with Continuum vs the iphone, Continuum is a feature with their phones that they consider make it more business like than other phones.   
  • Uh, what? Nobody ever claimed Continuum on a phone was a pc.
  • Actually yes. That's how they market the feature.
  • No, it isn't. Promos say, "Works like your PC" and it does. It gives you a desktop and KBM environment. Microsoft has never called Continuum a PC.
  • Bleached apparently did....for the sole purpose of bashing that it is not a business PC
  • Bleached never said anything about a PC. He said 'computer'. And the first paragraph in this WC article states: :[Microsoft]It takes a big shot at Apple's recent ad that claimed the iPad Pro was a computer…" So, emplying the same odd logic used by MS, Windows Phone with Continuum is not a computer. It can't be because it isn't running on an Intel i7 processor not is it capable of running full office apps. Nowhere is the word 'personal' used.
  • I guess I'm not understanding then, what continuum has to do with the ad....In the ad about the ipad pro and the surface pro, they talk about why the Surface Pro is a computer and the ipad is not, Bleach brings up why thy Continuum on a phone does not make it a business computer? Thats retarded no matter how you slice it.
  • You don't see the parallels with Microsoft's iPad logic when applied to Continuum? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Continuum is not a computer. No one has ever said it is. Continuum is a TECHNOLOGY that works as a bridge between your mobile and a desktop station.
  • Ohh, ok I understand then. It isn't a computer. It is an electronic computing machine technology. They are very different and because Microsoft says it is computer like, it is ok that it doesn't have capabilities it bashes competitors for missing.
  • Microsoft is right on that. Continuum is no replacement for real computer. Its just RT lite.
  • Windows RT? It has a complete Win32 subsystem in addition to the WinRT runtime and therefore can run full desktop apps. No comparision to continuum at all.  
  • Your comment doesn't make any sense. Continuum is not a device.
  • The 950, Primo and X3 are not devices? They were all basically made just for Continuum and now Microsoft is bashing them because they don't have full Office or Intel. You don't see the obvious issue here? Microsoft didn't think this through.
  • This is talking about a PC... The Apple ad is calling the iPad Pro a PC. As I already said in my other reply, nobody is claiming that Continuum for Phone is a PC.
  • That is exactly how Continuum has been sold, especially by HP. They are positioning the x3 as a replacement for your PC. That is the whole point, they even have a laptop dock for it. Now Microsoft is directly calling a non-intel or full Office experience subpar.
  • And with HPs Virtual Environment, it does run full PC software. Again, nobody has ever claimed Continuum for Phone is a PC. This ad is directly towards the iPad Pro because Apple calls it a PC.
  • Hp tries to compete with Citrix. Good luck with that now that MS killed its remote app platform and advised customers to use Citrix instead. Citrix is not known for its support of Windows mobile. As if Nadella wants hp to fail..
  • "Connect a keyboard and mouse to grant your phone PC-like powers. " Microsoft words
  • Are you for real - PC like and PC are now the same thing? Come on...
  • Well, English is not my native tongue. But "like a PC" surely sounds like you can use it like a PC
  • Because it can be used like a PC. You have a keyboard, mouse, external monitor and accessory support. It does work like a PC, but nobody has ever claimed Continuum is a PC.
  • Oh, I've used it. I know how it works. I would feel dishonest if I say it works like a PC.
  • English may not be your native tongue but does that give you an excuse to spread misinformation?
  • What misinformation? I copied-pasted from MSFT site.
  • Yes and you took it out of context to support your claims.
  • My only claim is that Microsoft is just as dishonest as Apple calling something that is not a PC as something that works "like a PC". And it´s part of Microsoft selling pitch of Continuum feature: instead of buying 2 devices for your employees, you can buy only 1. Clearly this falls short 99% of the times. And Microsoft pointing this out to Apple is, as the other user suggested, hypocritcal. If you think it´s fair, OK
  • First of all, again, they are not calling continuum a PC at all. With that said, one could argue that you have more of a PC experience on Continuum than an iPad due to USB accessories support and a mouse/cursor. But, again, nobody has ever claimed a continuum device available today a PC.
  • Remeber this ad when Microsoft and HP start marketing the x3 as a business device. That is all I am saying. Microsoft argument applies to Continuum as well as iPad.
  • Because due to virtualization software and the ability to use a mouse, you are getting a full PC experience with that. Why is that so hard to understand?
  • iPad also has virtualization capabilities and precise input methods through the pencil or whatever Apple calls it (I am sure they would never call it a stylus!). It is missing the mouse, but even the Full Office apps have a touch interface.
  • Right... but we're not talking about iPad being good or not at business. We aren't even talking about Continuum being a good or not (*it is). We are talking about the iPad being a 'computer'. Both Continuum and iPad serve their purpose well, as a companion device. Nobody is arguing what the devices can and cannot do, the argument lies in the 'computer' claim. ipad is not and will never be a computer. Continuum isn't either, but again, nobody is claiming a Continuum device is a computer. There are absolutely people that only need an iPad or Continuum based device for what they use/do. The mobile versions of Office will absolutely be enough for many, many people. But... those that need a PC for whatever reason, will need a PC. Again though, iPad is not and will never be a 'computer'. *I think Continuum is outstanding and used it quite often before AU and almost daily since AU.
  • Well Played! I would say that the commercial is talking about business use since it is comparing pro devices and the need for full Office.
  • Continuum for phones is another story. And btw iPhone Office cannot run it on a full screen desktop environment if you said about phone feature.
  • No, you didn't think your terrible argument through.
  • You don't see the issue with Microsoft bashing iPad, saying it isn't business worthy due to the lack of Intel or full Office when the feature they have been trying to sell to businesses doesn't have Intel or full Office either. I think it is obviously hypocritical. Anytime an article comes out about selling Continuum to business, we can remember what Microsoft thinks about the lack of Intel and full Office. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You don't seem to grasp the concept of virtualization.
  • iPad has virtualization too.
  • Bleached, You are a window licker.
  • They are phones not PCs. The Surface pro doesn't use continuum, not sure your point.
  • The point is Microsoft is marketing Continuum as a PC replacement when it has the same limitations that they are bashing the iPad for. If the iPad isn't sufficient for business use, then neither is Continuum.
  • Re: Bleached,
    Read the story again to understand this topic.
  • The topic is Microsoft bashing iPad Pro for not having Intel or full Office, right? I thought the topic was straight forward. Don't you see the issue since their new product, Continuum, has the exact same limitations. How can they bash Apple for this when their new business feature has the same problems. If the iPad Pro isn't worthy for pro use for this reason, then Continuum and Continuum devices by extension are also unworthy.
  • They can because Continuum isn't a PC and isn't marketed as such either. Yeah, they've said that it works like a PC (which it does), but that's not calling it a PC. Not to mention that you're now comparing a tablet to a phone.
  • I am comparing a device marketed for pro or business use to a device marketed for pro or business use. If iPad isn't sufficient for business use, then neither is Continuum since they have the same limitations. Remember that Everytime this site has an article about how Continuum is great for business and how that is how Microsoft is marketing it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can an IPad pro allow you to use a mouse and keyboard?
  • @bleached – I know exactly what you are trying to say; you've expressed yourself exceptionally well, especialy given that your native tongue is not English. It's pretty darn obvious except those who are loyal to all things Microsoft. The word 'like' seems to be what they're clinging to. 'Like' is apparently being interpreted by them as meaning 'virtual' and 'pretend'. Save your energy. I'd love to witness the idiots here trying to argue with you in your native language.
  • My native tongue is english. You have me confused with another poster from above. Some of my thoughts didn't come out quite right since I am using a tiny phone this week (OG Moto X, remember when 4.7" was huge?!). It is really hard to use such a small phone, I understand why you thought I wasn't a native english speaker!
  • Haha @EBUk.....look up phone so you know what that is. Then look up computer too. If you need....the internet has pictures of both.
  • You are comparing tablets and phones. Now if you were comparing iphones and lumias (with continuum) then people wouldn't down vote. No sh*t continuum isn't a real computer, no mobile device on ANY market is considered a real computer.
  • Remember that whenever Microsoft market Continuum as a killer business feature. That is the whole point of Continuum and especially their new flagship. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I really believe you THINK you are making a logical conclusion here...problem is you are not.
  • Of course it is a logical conclusion. Business/Pro devices need Intel and full Office to be useful. That is the argument Microsoft is making. That same argument fits their new business feature, Continuum. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are you dense??? The whole post is about the iPad pro and Surface Pro. Not Windows 10 Mobile and Contiuum. And about Contiuum, name another device that can do that?
  • Exactly
  • Almost any phone made in the past 5 years can run mobile apps on a big screen with keyboard and mouse support. Motorola specifically created phones and laptop docks with that functionality and today you can buy a laptop dock for Android that gives the same experience. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Re: Bleached,
    I think you should refresh your memory and view the video again. Then we can stick to the facts of what exactly was said.
  • iPad pro is a toy
  • It's a giant iPhone, without the actual phone capability. Maybe a giant iPod Touch?
  • Neither of those arguments are going to convince anyone of anything. It's just something people use to make their own buying decisions seem better.
  • Hahahhahahahha cant sto lauging....xD
  • Which is why I said it looks a bit desperate as it did look desperate when apple did so.
  • let's talk about productivity
  • The idea that you could slap a keyboard on an IPAD and pretend it is a real computer was always silly of Apple. Glad MS called them out, Apple is trying to distort the idea of what a real pc actually is and it's not an Ipad iwth a keyboard.
  • they all have to high of a price...
  • Huh, it's almost like MS has a great marketing team but they just refuse to use them for anything other than Windows or Surface
  • MS been busy promoting iPad Pro. Perhaps Nadella made rare miscalculation in that. MS was special guest at Apple keynote.
  • WOW, are you and bleached competing to write the lamest, out of context, no merit, ass hatted posts for this subject... that would be awesome, I have $20.00 on bleached... any takers?  
  • Re: sipneat,
    I noticed that too.
  • I am getting bored on these few actually. I may stop reading comments soon. Shame.
  • They really need to enable a block function that kills the whole part of that thread and leaves the relevant important conversations.
  • I wish I could just block comments from specific, certain people and still read the rest of the posts in each thread.
  • I think they've got some deal going where vhyr writes the short form needless comment troll and bleached does the long form rant troll. Although both add the same level of value to the overall conversation.
  • Microsoft Office is what makes the iPad Pro workable for business and a potential Surface or PC replacement. They shouldn't complain about the situation they created.
  • The video links don't work; shows "video not found". I know it's gonna be awesome, they always are. When my daughter saw the iPad Pro commercial, she said, "It's an Apple Surface Pro." Microsoft had the original. The iPad's a fine tablet, but for what I use it for, give me a Surface.
  • On point!
  • Max is better than Maya.
  • Damn straight up talk right there!
  • Took my gf into a PC World few months back to show her different devices (she got a SP4 in the end) and first time i help the iPad Pro i laughed.  Its weight distribution is rediculous as its too big, wrist strain would set in quickly.  As for it being a compoota well its stretching it a bit more than a bit.  I do have an iPad, its still my goto device when I need to grab something and check the web quickly and (literally) throw it on the bed again.  
  • Honestly, of all the issues with the iPad Pro, you choose to mention its weight distribution? It's basically perfectly balanced, and way easier to hold than a SP4 because of this. This makes it very obvious you didn't actually hold one.
  • It's cute, but unfortunately them talking up the high end (I7) doesn't do it. They should really highlight that the price point starts at less than the Ipad Pro (AND it does more). The fact of the matter folks is that Sheeple don't care.. All you need to do is look at the sales numbers.. [FWIW, I'd argue that my Surface 3 is better than the Ipad Pro (so any Surface Pro machine should blow it out of the water.. and again still cheaper), but no one seems to want to listen]
  • Maybe because an ipad meets their needs? Is there any reason why Microsoft fans think a Windows device is the only device capable of satisfying a users computing needs?
  • Agreed 100%. I don't need full office, photoshop, a desktop, etc. for 99.9% of my normal consumer use case. For most consumers a big screen for Netflix and YouTube is good enough. Now if it were for work or school, maybe then something like a Surface would be required. But I have my work provided laptop for that.
  • Is there any reason why Apple fans think a iOS/Mac/Watch/TV device is the only device capable of satisfying a users computing needs?
  • And that's perfectly fine. But the subject was about a brand that has a history of making claims about their devices. And fooling consumers in the process.
  • Fooling customers and successfully charging their customers high prices with huge profit margins that have made Apple very rich.
  • Well Surface is actually what tablet should be Ipad is just bigger and more expensive never was a fan of the Ipad.
  • And yet the Surface is a terrible tablet, because it's completely lacking tablet apps. It's a laptop with a detachable screen. Have fun using Photoshop, or Instagram, or Illustrator with the Surface in "tablet" mode.
  • Microsoft has been showing a lot of Surface ads recently. I have seen one everyday since the beginning of the month.
  • I didn't like it, it lacked class though it did get the point across. I just think they could have done better with the delivery of it.
  • That's the problem. Apple has the masses brainwashed into thinking they can't do anything wrong. How do you educate them when your device is more capable.
  • More capable and a better experience are two very different things. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They should always show these two ads in that same order Oh the TV
  • I'm able to click on the video and watch it directly on mytube but the same can't be said on email links, edge and other apps. They just go to the browser. Wish i could do the same with them too
  • Touché Apple.
  • Touché Apple.
  • I've used a Surface Pro 3, as well as an iPad Air 2 as my main computing device in the past. I found both to be capable of covering most of what I needed. The Surface Pro 4 is a better laptop, the iPad Pro is a better tablet. It really comes down to what your use case is - if your work demands more of a full laptop experience - the Surface Pro 4 will make you happier. If your work demands more of a tablet experience or you just want a big screen to watch netflix, the iPad Pro should be good enough.  
  • You'd pay $600-800 for a device to view Netflix?
  • Some would. I mean there is more to it than that (if you're buying an iPad Pro, I would assume you have an iPhone, so there are some continuity advantages there). But you do bring up a good point - if all you want is a big screen for netflix, both Microsoft and Apple's offerings are overkill. Chromebook is all you really need.
  • I think these kinds of commercials are incredibly cheesy. To me this represents a lack of confidence in a product. If it's truly as good as Microsoft claims, the Surface should be able to stand on its own merits. What this commercial is unintentionally saying is that the iPad Pro is the better device, barring some features Microsoft hopes the consumer finds essential. Most critically, surveys show that these kinds of ads perform poorly with viewers. Given how Microsoft continues to struggle to turn around public perception this is the worst sort of ad to run.
  • Big claims of knowing the "truth", but no suggestions as to what would be a better advertising strategy.
  • The Surface can stand on it's own, and it would against any other rival, but this is Apple. People will eagerly hand over cash for that logo on the back of their device regardless of what it does. The iPad Pro is a flawed product, it has some merits, yep, and a few advantages, but it's not hard to see from an objective viewpoint that as a laptop alternative it is beaten into the ground by Surface. But that doesn't matter for Apple, as like I said, people will buy it regardless of it's technical ability and instead just for it's branding, it's status and out of loyalty. Microsoft and their better-suited product will lose the limelight anyway, no matter how good Surface is. Apple are lucky to have that. Light-hearted adverts like this remind people Surface still exists, it's superior in this instance, and also helps weaken Apple's image momentarily so people can really see the product and it's true abilities a little better.
  • Re: LondonLumia,
    Very nicely said.
  • Microsoft clutching at straws again and in doing so make themselves look a tad weak and somewhat pathetic, almost borderline embarrassing! Have never owned an apple gadget, but let's face it, they get it right don't they! One company, multi products with a skilled and dedicated forward looking workforce. Microsoft, on the other hand are trying to control 13 different companies, can you imagine the confusion and lack of communication!??....well, we bear the brunt of that, enough said.
  • Love it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's a neat ad, but for travel media consumption my iPad Pro 12" is very hard to beat. I always have my work computer with me anyhow, and to check out and "play" the iPad remains king.
  • Re: Coolbreeze78,
    You choose to buy and carry two devices plus a phone. One for work, one for play, plus a phone. You wouldn't have to. Not everyone would want to.
  • so you like to have two devices.  one for each item.  I'm guessing you have a lot of closet in the house as well, one to store your shorts, one for your shirt, one for boxer/brief, one for tshirt, etc ... while I dislike the SP4 for many reasons, mainly, the horrendous battery life, I rather carry one device for work and play.
  • So your wrists don't get tired after 15 minutes holding that enormous IPAD?  The kickstand along IMO gives the win to the Surface. Even with a Surface 3, I find it hard on the wrists. I can't imagine not having a proper kickstand.  These other tablet manufactures are dropping the ball IMO. It does no good to have a 10-12" tablet without a way to prop it up.
  • Interesting that there is no mention of the Apple Pencil - "I just have a keyboard" is a little disengenuous, since the Apple Pencil has been one of the main focuses of the iPad Pro, not the keyboard. Bluetooth keyboards have existed for the iPad since Gen1, well before the Surface.  
  • Interesting indeed when MS was first to promote it.
    "With the new iPad Pro, we’re adding inking to the Office apps and making it easier than ever to create documents and collaborate with others. The new tools include pens, highlighters, an easy-to-use thickness control and a new color wheel. Using Apple Pencil, you can mark up documents just like you would with pencil and paper—making the collaboration process natural and intuitive. And with inking-specific features like shape recognition in PowerPoint, the apps turn the pencil into a first-class content creation tool."
  • MS should of definitely talk trash about how user would have to charge the usb pen for ipad pro.
  • Haven't seen a John "Slam™" article in a long time.
  • Ok, let's take their claim at face value that Surface does indeed do more than the iPad Pro. Does Surface do more than a Matebook? Or a Galaxy Tab Pro S (at least that includes a keyboard). 2 years ago this type of ad was great, as Surface was truly one-of-kind. But the Surface Pro 4 is no longer unique. The other OEMs have comparable products that do the same thing and in some cases are a better value. Microsoft should be telling me why I should buy THEIR product and not a Matebook or Tab Pro S.  
  • And why would Microsoft be in competition with their OEM partners? They stand to benefit from anyone not going Apple.
  • That's what the surface was for in the first place. For OEMs to follow the example. Microsoft will not compete with Samsung and Lenovo etc. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I liked the Microsoft Ad, I thought it was in good taste considering, Apple's ad was more professional, but then they were making an ad to advertise their products, Microsoft's ad was more of a rebuttal, just like when Trump makes outrageous claims in his speeches, then Hilary, Barack or one of their Aides have to step in to correct a mistake that could lead to a detrimental mistake, like buying an Apple product (LOL)!!!! I thought the ad was actually a bit funny and there is nothing wrong with showing off your superior products. I think it's also funny when Apple normally run adverts (especially for their phones) and after they show something amazing or advertise something that is a unique selling point, it's normally followed up by a message on screen saying, additional software, apps or technology was used, normally concerning taking pictures or videos, not that my 950XL is perfect, but I'm coming from a 1020, and damn I miss that Camera!!!!
  • Microsoft's issue with the iPad Pro is Microsoft's Office apps are not a good experience? Is that really an issue with the iPad? This doesn't make any sense when you think about it. Microsoft is really bashing their own apps when it comes down to it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's the fact the Ipad can only run apps and not full blown programs. There are 4 decades worth of programs that the Surface can run.
  • I understand that. I have a SP3, not an iPad. I am just saying Microsoft should be careful since they are bashing their own apps and their Continuum experience as much as they are bashing the iPad. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There is no reason why Microsoft couldn't port full Office onto the iPad. They'd just have to replace Visual Basic, which they should have done on ththe desktop years ago anyway. But the newer iPads are plenty powerful enough to run Word/Excel/PowerPoint.
  • In a way your right but remember the iPad is just a tablet and it probably doesn't have the proper tools to to run a full version of Office, so the app version of office is the best Apple can do
  • I'd like you to back that up. What does iOS lack in terms of being able to create Full Office?
  • You said it yourself. Visual Basic. Do you have any idea how many office workers would kill themselves if their VB macros no longer worked?
  • They have issues if they'd kill themselves over it. And like I said, they need to replace VB already. 
  • Well, yes and no.  Yes, in that they are suggesting that an "app" experience is not equivalent to full versions. IMO they are definitely not.   I think they are asking you to look past all of that and see that, ultimately, the iOS app model can't compete so might as well go Surface.  Otherwise, stick with status quo (and continue using even their available apps which may not be as fancy, but still better than competing solutions).  Its one technicality buried under the truth of their larger core message.
  • This is the type of marketing that sells. Drawing contrasts. This is how Android became the monster OS that it is today. The original "Droid Does" commercials that slammed the iPhone with capabilities that iPhone didn't have like running widgets is what put them on the map (EVEN WITH AN APP GAP). Microsoft needs to do the same with Mobile and use its "Surface Does" capabilities like Continuum and other productivity differentiators to get Surface Phone LAUNCHED like "Droid Did". I will be the first consumer in line.
  • lol good advert :) iPad wanting to leave the party. I'm surprised Apple aren't crying and wanting to sue. No way is the IPad pro a full computer and no way can it replace one, Tim Cook is completely delusional. Also that flappy keyboard is rubbish. Where is your kickstand, iPad pro?
  • What's an apple?
  • An apple a day, keeps the doctor away :)
  • I like how Cortana sounds so happy for her little delusional little sister with a speech issue.
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There goes Cortana again, bringing a gun to a knife, Surface: PC Evolved #shotsfired =P
  • IPad is not a laptop at all is just a regular boring tablet all the rest. It will never compare to the power of a Surface.
  • I like that troll video!
  • I'm not sure you know what "troll" means.
  • LOL. "I just got a keyboard."  I'm going to use that as an answer now. Along with, 7of9's "Unacceptable."
  • Sadly, iPad and its perfectly optimized apps for touch only control, can't be replaced by a Surface. I recently sold my iPad Air and bought a Surface Pro 4 (i5, 256GB) as a replacement for both iPad and a 15" laptop (Mac Book Pro retina with mainly Windows 10 work environment). Oh boy I was wrong! Even with WPF apps and Anniversary update (Fast Insider) it wasn't enough for a touch only control with no compromises. On the other hand it was small and clanky for work (programming). Also battery wasn't as good as with iPad. Even after I made sleeping and hibernation working, the battery was around 5 hours of news reading and much less for video playback etc. Long story short, I sold it and bought an iPad Pro 9.7" WITHOUT the stupid keyboard and pen. Its still the best for consuming web, news, video on YouTube etc. It can't replace my full laptop Win10 experience when I want to be productive, but I don't regret.
  • " Its still the best for consuming web, news, video on YouTube etc. It can't replace my full laptop Win10 experience when I want to be productive, but I don't regret." Completely agree with this statement. Most of the press agrees that an iPad Pro cannot replace a PC for productivity, but for consuming content, and a bit of productivity, it's the best there is.
  • i replaced an ipad with a Surface.
  • Nice
  • Lacklustre. Faster Intel i7 processor? An inefficiently programmed OS needs a faster processor to disguise those inefficiencies. Likewise inefficiently coded programmes. If the iPad Pro isn't a computer, then what is it? What are my Lumia and Android smartphones, my Windows and Android tablets, and my Macbook if they're not computers? And what about the bundle of electronics in my car that control the engine - is that not a computer? I think Microsoft is trying to redefine the word 'computer' to mean "An Intel x86 family microprocessor with a Microsoft Windows-based interface". MS can do better than this. Much better. Though they'll never really understand humour.
  • Now that's an ad
  • HAHAHA great ADV
  • I must say, those commercials would be much more believable, if there wouldn't be constant driver hassles with SPs. Add to this the dumbed down tablet experience. Every iPad Pro I've seen was not tied to a pro, but was used as a living room device, with games, apps and stuff. I think Apple's marketing is actually designed to lure MSFT away from this honeypot, which is deciding the war of ecosystems. This commercial only tells Apple, that it is working.
  • I believe the ipad pro and the surface pro are completely two different things. I know people who have bought an iPad thinking it can replace their "computer" but then they realize they are missing the ability to install software, use back up drives, thumb drives among other things. Until the ipad pro gets a full fledge desktop it will just be a bigger ipad with more power under the hood. I think apple trying to label it as a "computer" will confuse some people from what I have seen.   and as a developer I can't do what I can do on a Surface vs the ipad pro. can't code, can't install code editors, or compilers. Just my opnion
  • If they had only advertised Windows 10 Mobile or the Lumia's brand like this it would be also great. SLAMMM DUNKED Apple's in their face...
  • They did. It didn't help. Marketing only gets you so far. You need a good product to back it up. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Never really had an issue with these adverts, like when they compared to Macbook Air etc. but I got the feeling a lot of people hated them.
  • Funny how apple don't mention that $400+ price for the dreadful keyboard thing and their 'pencil'.
  • Who can forget Mr Jobs standing on stage with the Original iPhone stating that they had pretty much invented the best way to interact with a phone. This idea / invention?? The finger! Now, I'm pretty sure that mankind has been sticking such a device in places where he shouldn't for hundreds of thousands of years. I'm also fairly confident that the touch screen was around before Apple jumped on the band wagon. Apple are no better than Samsung at convincing people they need their products, especially when it comes to tabs and phones. They are the Harley Davidson of the tech world. Harleys arent particularly pleasant to ride, especially if you haven't started a family yet, they aren't the fastest and they don't particularly handle very well. And yet, I bought a sportster. Why? I loved the impression of freedom, thousands of Harley owners doffing their collective cap at you, the neighbour annoying exhaust note, etc. And all of this despite it not being 'very good' to ride. It's a lifestyle statement, you feel you belong, you are part of a bigger collective etc. Same goes for Apple and Samsung. They offer the impression you are better than anyone else, above anyone with an imagined lesser device. Apple are so vain, they have a hole cut out in the case, so you can see the logo! Really. So anyways, they can try and take the 'we did it first' mentality to sell more 'devices' but we all know, they are wrong. Have any of the tech press reported on this?? Probably not otherwise they will have to return all the goodies they have been sent to write a 'subjective (??)' article.
  • Apple totally deserved what they got. Calling the iPad pro (a tablet running a mobile OS) a PC was just downright wrong
  • All this talk of Apple innovation has me wondering.  Will the iCar or whatever they call it have a Start button? Or will that be blatantly copying Windows?  Maybe you can start your iCar with a stylus, what?
  • iPad Pro can do Office, but excels in drawing. Surface Pro can do drawing but excels in Office. iPad Pro can do some couch gaming, Surface Pro can do a bit less couch gaming and some "on the table" gaming. The biggest pro for the iPad is still the app gap (and yes for a tablet that matters, no matter how many desktop applications, of which the Surface can run only a portion, exist). My personal view is that iPad Pro can be great for people who have already given up on owning a PC (including Macs), or to those who need more precise and responsive drawing. Surface Pro for basically everyone else who does not require a power laptop / desktop. edit: Oh, and the ad was ok.
  • What I don't like about this is Microsoft positioning itself as having a product that needs to be validated by its alternatives. Apple, knowing damn well about the surface, doesn't even acknowledge it in its commercial. That's why they emotionally appeal to their audience. They keep their marketing directed at them 100%. They give them the why. Yes, we know the surface is a better product, hardware-wise, but Microsoft comes across as a "hey look over here!/me too" in this. Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners. THATS the difference.
  • You, sir, are over thinking it, in my opinion. Too much "biased" thinking.
    Just run the video again, enjoy it, and grin.
  • How about you elaborate on my perceived bias? If you're going to make such a bold claim, explain your position.
    We could have a productive expression of ideas.
    It would behoove a more simple minded person such as yourself to realize, which in my opinion is safe to say seeing you would even propose such a thing, that there is no such thing as overthinking. See that? I made a bodacious claim, including the reasoning that backs up such claim. It displays substance in context, unlike what you failed to do.
  • Well damn, sh*t just went down.
  • Yasss! Drag them!
  • Hahhaha..shame on apple..
  • Apple: BOOOOOO! shame on apple