Microsoft Sticky Notes adds support for bullet lists, new maps view, more

Sticky Notes may not be the most well known among Microsoft's stable of Windows 10 apps, but it's trucking along with feature updates nonetheless. The latest update to roll out to the app, ticking it up to version, brings along a few notable new features, as well as the standard batch of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Most notably, this update adds support for bullet lists. which is sure to come as a welcome addition for anyone who regularly uses the notes to compile lists. In addition, version introduces a new maps view when opening address insights, along with improvements to speed up long notes. Here's a full look at what's new, according to the release notes:

  • Bulleted lists are now supported! Typing "*" and hitting "Space" at the start of a line auto-converts to a bullet.
  • For users on the Fall Creators Update, a new maps view is shown when opening address insights.
  • Still getting notifications to upgrade? We'll now only ask you to upgrade when we think we have something super special. (Like this update.)
  • If you have any long notes laying around, you might notice they're acting a little faster. That's on purpose!
  • Who needs spring cleaning when fall cleaning is just as fun? We've removed many of the bugs that were hanging around. Let us know if you see anything that's out of place!

Sticky Notes can be a handy little tool for things like pasting reminders to your desktop, so it's good to see it receiving a new feature update. If you'd like to check out all of what's new, you can pick up the latest version of Sticky Notes at the Microsoft Store now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I would love to see check boxes.
  • Integrate them with OneNote already (stylistically too)!
  • I would love to see OneDrive integration, or in any case, save the sticky notes to the cloud and be able to continue on other devices. 
  • This I use like 3 devices laptop/pc mix and would love that. 
  • I developed a partially cloud integrated version of the desktop app using symbolic links and command scripts. It was limited to having the file open on only one system at a time which for me was not a problem (What do yo expect, StickyNotes is a personal productivity tool, not a collaboration tool). I have not looked into doing the same with the Windows 10 App. I've switched to OneNote specifically because of good cloud integration and more devices are supported. If you need a truly cloud integrated tool, definitely try OneNote.
  • I'm not seeing the bullets after typing "*".  Please don't tell me this is not available in Canada.
  • So the App is almost back to the functionality of the desktop application in Windows 7.0. Windows 7.0 supported multilevel, bulletted and numbered list, and retained most list formating when pasting from Word. I'm waiting for the day I can recover my graphics from Windows 8 version of StickyNotes.