Microsoft store selling select Windows Phones for a penny

Although Microsoft stores (physical) are few and far between, you can still order online from Microsoft directly. And in the latter case, they seem to be taking a lead from some 3rd party retailers by offering select Windows Phones from U.S. carriers (sans AT&T) for the low, low-cost of $0.01.

Heck, they even throw in free 'next business day shipping' and free return shipping if you're not happy with the phone. Mind you, this deal also counts for new lines, upgrades/renewal or add-a-line, which is something that some 3rd parties don't offer (often, they only offer the deal for "new customers").

The three U.S. devices that are available for a penny are the Sprint HTC Arrive, Verizon HTC Trophy and T-Mobile HD7. Sounds good to us, so if you were looking to upgrade, this seems to be a solid deal.

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab); Thanks, AK, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • Aren't all contract phones free anyway?
  • Nope. A new smartphone on contract usually starts out at $199.99 then gets dropped according to market (how much the phone is selling; less sales=lower price, sooner).
  • It would be nice if they had discounted developer phones without contracts
  • I wonder if the Trophy comes with a free XBOX game and this deal?
  • Looks like it does. I'm looking at the MS Store site and it also comes with 4000 XBL points. In all cases there are only 3 games to choose from. Halo Reach (if you want it you probably have it), Kinect Sports (hope you have a Kinect) and LodeRunner (blast from the past).I'm eligible for an upgrade so the temptation is there. I have a Pre Plus (Palm) and part of the case just broke off (around the usb port). I have an AT&T LG Quantum that belongs to the company I work for, but I like to have my own phone as well. I've been planning to wait until October when I could get an extra $50 off with new every two, but a penny still beats the price of other phones.The only reason to wait is the promise of newer hardware by October. There might be a Nokia phone out, there might be other, newer phones with Mango pre-loaded, the Pre 3 is a possibility as are the countless Android phones and the iPhone! OMG. How can anyone choose at this point? They are ALL good choices. But... a one cent sale sure can get your attention...
  • If only t-mo had the gsm trophy, then I'd be very likely to get it. I'm using a Pre 2 unlocked on t-mo, and so I've been waiting a while before choosing something on contract with them. My wife has the HD7, which is a decent phone (if you overlook the poor design of hardware buttons), but I want something with a screen between 3.5" and 4", so I'll be waiting longer I guess. If only the HTC Sensation coming out soon were WP7 phone :-/
  • I tried to do this but the phone is actually being sold by Wirefly. After being approved by Verizon, Wirefly made me do some security verification about my identity and then told me I failed and they cancelled the order.????????????????????????????????????????????????????After a ton of time on the phone and chat with them, I left discouraged, frustrated and exasperated. Worst online purchase experience ever. You have been warned.
  • Thanks for the info!! I ordered my Trophy today and will get it tomorrow.I had no problems ordering it. You get the free xbox game and a Xbox Live 4000 point card.I was on the fence but the $.01 pulled me in.
  • seems like a good idea. just get it out there. no better ads than family and friends.
  • Same here, I've been waiting and waiting and more waiting to upgrade my original pre. I really didn't want android, and I can't get the iphone on sprint, when I saw this post, I went right over and ordered my Arrive, should have it tomorrow, no problems ordering! I love my zune and the zune software, so I'm really excited to move to this platform. So long hp/palm, you strung me along too long, now I hope you fail miserably!
  • does anyone know if stores can price match this? If i go into my sprint store and ask for the 0.01 price rather than pay the 199.99, would they consider the match???