Microsoft Stores offering a free Windows Phone with a $499 purchase

We've heard of this deal before but now we can see the flyer for itself to verify: if you live near a Microsoft Store and you spend $499 or more, presumably on a new desktop or laptop PC, you can pick up a free Windows Phone, carrier free.

Eligible phones include the discontinued HTC Surround, LG Quantum, HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro. No word if this will extend to cover Generation 2 devices, though we'll keep an eye out for anything. Here's a list of all the Microsoft Stores (opens in new tab) to see if you live near one.

via: Fat Wallet; Thanks for everyone who tipped us in the past on this

Daniel Rubino

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  • I'd love to gets me a free DVP...if only I was in the US.
  • Tip for Microsoft: get those in-store demo phones updated to Mango, like TODAY. I know you've probably got a custom version of the OS on those phones, given the extra demo messages popping up, but... Really?
  • Yeah if they're still demoing NoDo, ten that would be an extremely bad job by Microsoft. Even Sprint stores are demoing Mango already!
  • There's definitely not a demo OS version on them... The counters are just for promotional photos and videos.
  • At my local MS store, the phones are running live NoDo variants. Consumer phones do not popup feature callout messages. I checked them all.
  • desperate... :(
  • Wow, they've resorted to giving phones away. Ouch.
  • I wouldn't exactly call spending $500+ having something given to me. :)
  • Sweet. If only it is here in Indonesia. I would love the introduction promoting free phones as family pack. Skype will benefit most and the meeting real time showing location-something feature.
  • It's a great way to get more Windows Phones into the wild, but unfortunately there are so few Microsoft stores in the US (I'm nt sure about other countries). AThough I would like a free DVP even though I already have a Windows Phone. I could give that VP to someone and hopefully convert them to Windows Phone.