Best answer: Absolutely. Currently, a version of the Surface Go with LTE connectivity is being sold by Microsoft, although you'll have to pay a little more for it than for the standard model.

Affordable and LTE: Surface Go LTE ($679 at Microsoft)

Why is LTE worth it?

In a day and age where people are always on the move and Wi-Fi can often be scarce, cellular internet connectivity can be a lifesaver. Cellular internet allows you to get online anywhere at any time, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi entirely.

LTE is the best kind of cellular internet, offering the user the fastest speeds possible on their devices. Nearly all smartphones have LTE, but in recent years, tablets and even laptops have begun to integrate it into their systems as well. The Surface Go, thankfully, is one such tablet/laptop hybrid, though you'll need to pay more for an LTE variant of the device than one without.

Why get a Surface Go?

Aside from the fact it has an LTE option, there are plenty of other reasons you'd want to buy a Surface Go LTE. The main one is that it's affordable; even though the LTE variant of the Surface Go is significantly more expensive than the normal version, it's still less pricey than most LTE hybrid devices. Another is that it's very compact and light, making it perfect for people who are out and about. Additionally, there's a solid amount of horsepower under the hood of the Surface Go, and while it won't match the performance of a dedicated laptop, the Go is still very capable of handling most work tasks that you throw its way.

Things aren't all perfect. In our review. we noted that the battery life was average, and that the price could potentially get higher if you want to get a keyboard accessory and a Surface Pen. Even so, however, the Surface Go LTE is ultimately a really good piece of kit that combines the power and usefulness of Surface with the ability to always stay connected. It's far from perfect, but it's arguably one of the best tablet/laptop hybrid devices on the market right now.

Go with Go

Surface Go LTE

Always stay connected... on the Go

While the LTE variant of the Surface Go is far from perfect, it is ultimately still a great portable laptop/tablet hybrid that you'll love and find incredibly useful.

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