Microsoft takes gaming on Windows 10 to the next level with the new Xbox app

Phil Spencer was also present during Microsoft's Windows 10 event at Redmond to talk about gaming on Microsoft's latest operating system. Video games are a major part of the Windows experience, and is something Microsoft is to take seriously in the next release of Windows. Say hello to Xbox on Windows.

The head of the Xbox team spoke about how "gaming has always been inherently personal," which is true as more and more consumers take part in gaming, not only on the PC and consoles, but tablets and mobile devices too. Not everyone plays the same game the same way. 50 million members on Xbox Live are now able to really take gaming to the next level with Windows 10.

Gone were the days of the platform wars between Xbox and PC. Microsoft is bridging the gap between console fans and the PC, working towards eliminating the social impact of selecting one platform over the other. Part of this is the upcoming Xbox app for Windows 10, which will not only display the current list of games, but also friends too.

Xbox Windows 10

Need to chat with a friend on Xbox One about the upcoming game night, but happen to be on your PC? Not a problem. You'll be able to seamlessly communicate with friends on your Xbox contact list, but that's not all. Console players and PC users will also be able to game together, on different platforms, in the same instance. But more on this in a separate article.

The new app will also allow you to watch shared DVR clips, as well as comment and like said content.

Xbox Windows 10

Wouldn't it be awesome to record the last 30 seconds of gaming on the PC, just like you can on Xbox One? You will be able to do so in Windows 10. No longer will you miss those incredibly funny moments that come unexpectedly, nor will you have to have a capture suite running in the background, hogging valuable computing resources. This also works with Steam.

Achievements are also making a return to the PC, but will mean more with the added experience that's set to take gaming on the PC to the next level. OneDrive will play a part too (who would have thought otherwise?) to make recorded clips readily available for sharing.

But that's just a quick insight into what's coming to gaming on Windows 10. So, who's ready to get fraggin'?

Remain tuned for more details from the event!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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