Microsoft Teams' GitHub app is getting even better with its latest updates

Microsoft Teams PC
Microsoft Teams PC (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The GitHub app for Microsoft Teams entered public preview in September.
  • It's been updated with new personalization features and settings.
  • More updates are on the way.

Microsoft Teams' GitHub app just got even better, as outlined in a Microsoft Teams blog post (via ZDNet). The post outlines that the purpose of the app is to help make coordinating coding projects easier from within Teams, then expands on how the app's been improved to make that core objective more attainable.

Some of the features highlighted in the post include enhanced personalization tools, such as the ability to subscribe to your repositories and receive notifications for commits, pull requests, and issues.

The Teams GitHub app now also allows for scheduling reminders for pull requests. Here's how the scheduling reminder feature is explained in the post:

With this feature you can now get periodic reminders of pending pull requests as part of your channel or personal chat. Scheduled reminders ensure your teammates are unblocking your workflows by providing reviews on your pull request. This will have an impact on business metrics like time-to-release for features or bug fixes.

The blog goes over a lot more of the improvements that have been made to the GitHub app recently, and at the very end mentions that more updates are on the way. Keep it tuned to Windows Central since we'll cover the updates as they go live. And don't forget that GitHub's making moves outside of its Teams app, such as with its new push notifications on mobile.

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