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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature aimed at moderating chats.
  • Supervisors will soon be able to delete others' messages.

Microsoft is adding a new capability to Microsoft Teams that will enable supervisors to clamp down on users' messages if they fall out of line with what is deemed acceptable. Soon, chat supervisors will be able to delete inappropriate or derailing messages so that conversations don't meander or become toxic.

As spotted on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, where most Microsoft product updates are found, the latest spread of Teams changes is listed. One of those is feature ID 82939, which is titled "Microsoft Teams: Chat supervisors can delete messages."

Microsoft describes the feature as being inspired by Teams for Education. "This feature, designed with our Teams for Education users in mind, allows chat supervisors to delete inappropriate, off-topic, or other messages in a Teams chat."

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While the need for moderation in a classroom setting may very well be the basis for the new feature, it remains to be seen how it will impact Teams as a whole. The feature is due for a September 2021 release, though it's still labeled as "in development," so whether it comes out this month is anyone's guess.

Drop your thoughts in the comments section below if you have any opinions on Microsoft's incoming update to help give supervisors more control over Teams chats. And, speaking of Teams chats, remember that Teams will be powering Windows 11's default Chat app.

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Microsoft Teams had Teams for Education in mind with the development of its latest feature. Said feature will ensure that off-topic chatter, as well as disruptive or otherwise inappropriate messages, can be deleted by a supervisor.

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