Microsoft UK sends its Surface tablets into the Big Brother house

Microsoft has signed a deal with UK broadcaster Channel 5 to have its Surface family of Windows tablets advertised on the popular TV show Big Brother. While the reality show may not be the ideal program for Microsoft to show off its new gadgets, Big Brother will be taking on a technological theme for this year, making Surface tablets fit in perfectly. The products will be featured through the show with the product placement agreement signed.

If you're not familiar with the show, a handful of contestants are locked in a carefully constructed house, isolated from the outside world. Competing in numerous challenges and nominating house mates to evict, the public gets involved with voting and stalking each contestant's every move. The winner who survives the battle through various public voting rounds takes home a cash prize.

Big Brother UK

The product placement deal will see house mates utilize the Microsoft Surface tablets for weekly nominations to select which contestants they wish to face the public vote for eviction. As well as voting, the Windows tablets will also be used for shopping (carried out by the show's team). It's believed there's at least one Surface tablet inside the Big Brother house, with a fan site noting one is mounted on the wall next to the kitchen.

Overall, it's a solid deal for Microsoft as Big Brother is a hit show with millions of viewers. It's not known which Surface tablet will be used.

Source: MediaWeek, BBspy via: Engadget, WinBeta; thanks, Marco,for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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