Microsoft Ultimate Word Games is the next title from the Microsoft Casual Games team

Fans of word games should be happy with the news that the next title from the Microsoft Casual Games team will be called Microsoft Ultimate Word Games. The decision was made by the general public, who have been voting for the past severals weeks for their favorite game concept from the studio.

The other losing concepts were for a Hearts game, a Bubble title, a casino-based game, and a return to a chess title. However, it was the idea for the word game that got the most votes:

"With several word games, multiplayer tournament modes, and new Daily Challenges every day, Microsoft Ultimate Word Games is the best collection of word games you'll find."

There's no word on when the game will be released, but Microsoft is looking for more feedback from people who sign up to join the Microsoft Casual Games Inner Circle program. Microsoft says:

"As a member of our Inner Circle, we will gather your opinions and feedback on game features and designs, and you'll get early access to beta builds. We look forward to working with you on creating Microsoft Ultimate Word Games and hope to have more opportunities for our community to vote on which games we make in the future."

Sign up to be a member of the Microsoft Casual Games Inner Circle

Source: Microsoft

  • Ooh, sounds great. Anything that even remotely resembles Boggle or Scrabble is alright with me. :-)
  • They already have a bunch of games like that: Wordament, Snap Attack, and AlphaJax.
  • LOL, doesn't matter. It's always nice to see if they'll put a spin on an old game.
  • They already put a spin on Boggle (Wordament) and Scrabble (AlphaJax), so it does matter.
  • First this is a collection of word games and second, since details are scarce, how do you know that they won't try something new? Even if they don't try something new, it's obvious that a need isn't being filled since, even though we have Wordament and Alphajax, this idea still won the most votes.
  • Details of this game are irrelevant to my reply. My reply was in response to your post about games resembling Boggle and Scrabble, which Microsoft already has two clones of, meaning your hope the new one is the exact same thing is unlikely as it's redundant.
  • Where in the world did I say that I hope its the exact same thing? I just like word games. :-/ Nevermind, this is much ado about nothing.
  • Coip, have a Snickers.
  • You just made me get one!
  • Wheel of fortune!
  • Exactly my thought too - waste of an opportunity in my opinion. I was surprised Word Games was even on there given how big Wordament has been.
  • Maybe a multiplayer focused spin on text twist?
  • I voted for chess.
  • Everyone voted for did words win?
  • Coz [i]they[/i] wanted Words to win Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Me too
  • They should do BattleChess That was hella good
  • Oh come on, we already had Wordament and Snap Attack from Microsoft. Why didn't more people vote for Chess? :(
  • You were faster than me to comment hehehe
  • I voted for Chess too :/
  • :( We already have Snap Attack and Wordament. I was hoping for Chess...
  • Exactly. Oh well, the general public is usually shortsighted idiots. How else are Adolf Trump and the Kardashians so popular?
  • Yes we need a good universal chess game. It would be great if Microsoft make a table tennis game too specially for mobile with good graphics.
  • Try ping pong masters
  • Chess is not really a casual game. I've had games last hours. Not really mobile friendly unless it's like correspondence chess.
  • So was I :P
  • Marketing: "Hey, let's announce the announcement of Microsoft Ultimate Word Games 2016 Casual Edition. We don't have a release date but..."
    Manager: "Der. Okay. But can we shorten that name to Microsoft Ultimate Word Games?" (Wipes drool from chin)
    Marketing: Yes, we'll get right on that!
  • You should read the article. Reading comprehension is essential. It was a game concept voted on by participants, this is an announcement of the winning concept.
  • ****, that was my last vote, I suck at playing word games in a another language than my native.
  • Lame.
  • I wanted a Hearts game :(
  • This. I voted for the same.
  • I voted for Chess and bubble title. Word games are not for everyone. And agree there is a lot of words games.
  • Chess isn't for everyone either. I used to play a lot of chess and it was rare that someone could hold their own against me, however, I prefer word games. Besides, this is from "Microsoft Casual Games", and chess is anything but casual. Also, there are a LOT of chess games already in the store. I mean, a LOT. 
  • That's a bummer. I wanted chess. It was great on Windows 7. We already have Wordament and Snap Attack and they support very few languages. I bet this one will support 4 or 5 languages and the people who don't speak those languages will be left out...
  • Lame... There's already so many word games. Give us a good chess or hearts. Of all the games listed in the contest this is the one I wouldn't even bother downloading...
  • Chess would have been great, I won't even download this lol.
  • Chess isn't a casual game.
  • Why do they always name big and doesn't sound good at all..
  • Wel, I hope they do better work at the UI this time around. The Windows 8.1-versions where awesome, but the Windows 10 versions of Solitaire and Bingo are ugly. What the **** where they thinking when they designed those menus (especially with solitaire: bad paddings, drop shadows, ugly animations for the hamburger menu, borders around buttons without spacing, etc.)?
  • No chess. Thanks Nadella.
  • Chess must have been second on the list. Because I also voted chess. The word game was my second choice.
  • All I see is chess voters in the comments. I, too, voted for the chess game. Like others have said, there's a plethora of chess games in the store. A good chess game would have been on point.
  • Is it a plethora or a dearth of chess games?
  • Not really a plethora or a dearth, but the fact remains that it is still a copious supply.
  • I think he meant the opposite of plethora. Or maybe he meant plethora of non-chess games?
  • That's are good news! I am very proficiently at English and words also.
  • It sounds like it, my friend. I look forward to playing against you.
  • Lols. Yeah you are. It's obvious.
  • It was hard for me to come up with that. My brain overheated at 'proficiently' :)
  • I play Alphajax more than any other game.
  • Wanna play? Gamer tag : sanjeetdeshwal
  • Another word game? Really?
  • so people chose this stupid word game... wow. when there is already many words like that... while we don't have a really good Chess game or a poker/casino game for Windows 10. people have dust in their brains and Microsoft listening to clueless people is worse.   Battle Chess 2015 it's what it has to be be done for Windows 10, not (another) stupid and boring word game.
  • BATTLE CHESS 2015. Come, come all and see the amazing spectacle! The battle of two magnificent armies, opposites throughout all of history. Giant statues that defy all logic as they come to life and battle to the death. You can buy the whole seat, but you won't even use the edge. You'll be standing up in amazement.
  • Just bring back Texas Hold 'Em
  • I hope it will be a cheater-proof Ruzzle.
  • I wish they did away with the ridiculous achievements in these games which are the only thing that keeps me from ever touching any more of them.
  • May I ask why? It's not like the achievements are hurting you.
  • simply put: I'm a score *****, "hardcore gamer", and a completionist. These games aren't bad but not worth the arduous grind for the OCD when there are better games to waste time on
  • Good grief, y'all act like this in public? Users voted, and your favorite was not the winner. Really sucks to be you, doesn't it.
  • That strangely vehement response to no one and everyone in particular gives me the impression that it is you, in fact, who are bitter over not being promised the game they wished for.:P
  • No, I'd be happy to see any one of them arrive. I'm just tired of the non-stop petty whining in the comments for every single story.
  • I bet there is a lot of people who didn't give much thought to vote word game for their third vote.
  • When they will bring back space cadet pinball?
  • Nah we need Crueball.
  • **** poor
  • Oh, WORD? =P
  • I was hoping for chess.
  • Why another word game when we already have good games like wordament and snap attack.??? The other chess apps in store are so poorly designed except's app. I was so looking forward to chess
  • I just want to have the original scrabble and monopoly, not a similar rip off. What's the problem with getting the originals?
  • I was voting for Bubbles, Word game is just useful for English speaking countries.
  • Aw, i wanted chess, we already have enough of those word games
  • Everybody wanted Chess...
    This was a fake survey.
    Microsoft didnt care about people.
  • I installed Alphajax some time ago but couldn't play a single game abd I had to uninstall it.
  •    It figures. I voted for the chess game, bubble game and casino game (in that order) and none of them made the cut. Aren't there enough word games out there already? Jeesh!