Microsoft unlocks frame rates for Windows Store games, adds Freesync and G-SYNC support

Microsoft has announced the company will roll out an update to Windows 10 that will unlock frame rates of titles on the Windows Store, as well as add support for both AMD Freesync and NVIDIA's G-SYNC. It's a pretty big step for the company and its digital store, which is attempting to compete against the likes of Steam for gamers to spend their hard-earned cash. With the recent release of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex beta, Microsoft has deemed now as the perfect time to launch this system update.

Should you have titles from the Windows Store (like Forza 6), you'll be locked to just 60 FPS (frames per second), which is considered by many to be the absolute minimum for smooth gameplay. With more advanced monitors already available with higher refresh rates like 144Hz, those with capable systems are being penalised for downloading games from the Windows Store, when they could enjoy a much higher FPS experience elsewhere. Microsoft has made it so this is no longer the case but you'll need to wait for studios to unlock the FPS in titles, though.

As well as unlocking the FPS limit on Windows Games, Microsoft has also added support for AMD Freesync and NVIDIA G-SYNC synchronization technologies. Should you be rocking a compatible monitor, supported games from the Windows Store will now

The update will gradually hit systems from today, though you can download it manually from Microsoft TechNet{.nofollow}.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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