Microsoft unveils and discusses over 100 icon redesigns

Outlook and Edge on iOS
Outlook and Edge on iOS (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Jon Friedman discusses redesigning over 100 icons in a Medium post.
  • The post shows off several icons that have never been revealed as well as some icons that have already been implemented.
  • The icons required a large amount of effort to align with each other and the Fluent Design System.

Microsoft continues its push to refresh and unify the look of Windows 10. Last week, the Head of Microsoft Office design, Jon Friedman, discussed Microsoft's refreshed mobile icons. Now, Friedman shares the process of redesigning 100 icons in a Medium post. Redesigning these icons presented unique challenges, including making them work across devices and aligning them with each other and design guidelines.

Friedman called the process a "One Microsoft effort," which involves teams across Microsoft working together to stay aligned with each other. Friedman states, "Design teams across the company came together as a collective to develop design guidelines that encourage individuality while creating a cohesive whole." He adds that teams shared icons throughout the process as well as obstacles and successes.

The Fluent Design system is at the core of this effort from Microsoft. This system began on Windows 10 and now extends throughout Microsofts efforts across platforms. The redesigned icons needed to be created for both flat operating systems like Windows 10 and 3-D ones like Mixed Reality.

Many of the icons shown off in the post have already been revealed or implemented throughout Windows 10 and Microsoft's mobile apps, but there are some icons in the post that Microsoft's never shown before.

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  • I just don't understand the point.
  • The point is that MS has redesigned many icons and that it involved a lot of work.
  • I really like the redesigned Outlook icon. first saw it on my Galaxy S8 Android work phone.
  • I like the new MS style too. Much better than the previous flat icons in Windows or Material Design on Android.
  • Do you understand design? The point is collaboration and what was stated in the article about why the redesign.
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  • What do you mean by "mobile", mobile is dead.
  • @fdruid The Neo maybe, can the Neo be classed as mobile?
  • Mobile means Android and iOS. Microsoft even has an Android phone coming.
  • Microsoft has dozens of apps on iOS and Android. The article includes a link to a piece on Microsoft's efforts to redesign their mobile apps.
  • Only if icons of Android were like this. Android would look awesome.
  • So when are we going to get them in Windows 10?
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  • FOLKS years ago I used MS Paint to ALTER the shape of Windows tiles Icons to have rounded
    corners and they looked like these new MS Icons. I submitted this idea to Microsoft The trouble
    with Microsoft's tiles was they were ugly to many folks. especially Windows 8 & Windows
    phone 7-8 tiles. they needed to be reshaped. To me all Windows tiles that did not have
    data that changes within the tiles should be small tiles or regular icons and live tiles
    that had data that changes within them have the capacity to change size. had Microsoft used
    these rules the tiles would have been accepted better & the UI wold have looked better
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    "Weather" tile on "Neo" & "Duo" device and also on their Android phone launcher. Live tiles
    that actually have data that changes within them is a Microsoft "Tablet's mode Feature that's
    OK.As a Windows insider Years ago I created tiles an MS tile UI that had tiles with rounded
    corners & sent the Idea to Microsoft I warned Microsoft that their Current tiles looked
    homely/Ugly to some folks. Finally someone in Microsoft got Microsoft to change the way
    their "UI" tiles & Icons look. I salute the person who got them to change
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