Microsoft Wi-Fi makes an appearance in Windows 10 build 10158

Microsoft Wi-Fi Start Menu Icon

Microsoft Wi-Fi, the rebranded version of Skype Wi-fi, which enables buyers to pay for Wi-Fi access at public spots around the globe, is now active as a new app in the recently-released Windows 10 build 10158.

Microsoft Wi-Fi is a paid service that operates much the same as Skype Wi-Fi did previously. Rather than paying a monthly fee, users buy access to the Wi-Fi hotspots by increments of time. When we previously caught a glimpse of this service on its website earlier this month, it wasn't quite clear how users would pay for the time. However, according to the app included in Windows 10 build 10158, it appears that users can pay for access using the same payment method they use for purchasing apps in the Windows Store.

Overall, accessing the networks looks pretty straightforward. Interested users can simply search for a Wi-Fi network labeled "Buy Wi-Fi from Windows Store" when they're in a public place, at which point they'll be able to do just that. Going forward, users should automatically connect to Microsoft Wi-Fi hotspots whenever they are within range at a hotel, airport, or other location for the remainder of their time.

Update: As it turns out this is an update/refresh to the 'Network Beta' app. To refresh, head to the Store and force check for a new updates. Once the update is installed, it should switch from 'Network beta' to a working app called 'Microsoft Wi-Fi'.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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