Microsoft will issue a voluntary recall on some Surface Pro AC power cords

Microsoft is going to be issuing a voluntary recall later this week for some of the AC power chargers that were included in some Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 tablets. The recall is due to a possible fire hazard for those cords.

Channelnomics Europe reports that the recall will affect all Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 tablets in Europe sold before July 15, 2015. It says Microsoft will officially announce the recall plans on Friday, January 22:

"According to the Microsoft statement, if the cords are "sharply or repeatedly bent... [or] tightly wrapped" they are prone to overheating and, as such, could pose a fire hazard. Eligible customers wishing to obtain a replacement will, as of Friday, be directed to a specially constructed website, where they can order one. Affected customers will also be advised to dispose of or recycle their existing power cords safely and in accordance with local regulations."

ZDNet received a statement from a Microsoft spokesperson who said:

"As a result of damage caused by AC power cords being wound too tightly, twisted or pinched over an extended period of time, a very small proportion of Surface Pro customers have reported issues with their AC power cord. We will be releasing details of how customers can obtain a free replacement cable shortly."

The spokesperson added the recall will be for those tablets that were sold in the US before March 2015. The recall will not affect owners of the non-Pro Surface tablets, nor the more recently-released Surface Pro 4 model.

Source: ZDNet, Channelnomics Europe

John Callaham
  • Even though you don't hear much about these cases, it seems that to insure quality, you have to make it yourself.
  • "As a result of damage caused by AC power cords being wound too tightly, twisted or pinched over an extended period of time" So... at what point is there an issue with MS making them? Just asking. (Ensure = Make sure. Insure = Your car)
  • *ensure...still speaks for quality. There are many cords that have been "wound up/pinched tightly" that didnt pose a fire hazard.
  • It's been known for about 30 years that you shouldn't wind your cords up. I know people that used to wrap their NES cords around the controller and they would split. It's a piece of plastic/rubber, it has a point where it can only take some much wear and tear. In this case, it's an AC cord so there can be a fire hazzard. 
  • I've had two power bricks for Surface Pro 2. They are using the winding as an excuse, but the connector on both came loose after repeated use. I'm hoping the connector is heavier on the replacement.
  • First I've heard of it... I always wind my cables, and always have done so since the 80's. I've never had a problem with cables, except for the modern micro USB cables, that seem to go a bit wonky after a couple of years of charging at odd angles (not winding)
  • my first gen surface pro's charger is giving static shocks through the surface's chassis, and sometimes it says not charging until I unplug and plug again a few times.
    but since the surface line was never released in my country the recall is useless to me
  • i guess because not grounded + metal(is it?) chassis = static shocks
  • probably, the charger only has 2 pins, no ground, and the chassis is of the so called magnesium alloy with some kind of anodizing to give it texture. it started to give shocks very soon after I bought, and I read on the internet about more people with that problem, but I bought my Surface during a trip and there is no support here. I would have upgraded to a newer surface by now if they were available here, when this one stops working I'll have to buy from another manufacturer.
  • That seems to happen with many (most?) metal devices, and I believe it might have something to do with how the electricity is wired and grounded in your house. I too get little shocks occasionally when charging my Surface RT, and my father has had the same issue with two different MacBook Pros, using several different chargers.
  • I already had them replaced mine under warranty last year. I wonder if i received the newer version or just an exact replacement as this was before they acknowledge the issue. Oh well! 
  • No, it's a different cord end: vs
  • One of the issues I still see is that if you plug your cellphone into the power brick it will prevent the surface from charging. It's like it can't handle some of these super amp sucking cellphones.
  • I've had this happen to me but only recently. It used to be fine charging both at the same time.
  • really?  I always charge like this, had my surface pro 3 a year and a bit...
  • Yeah, I posted on the WC Forum about a year ago. I have found out that it works only with some microUSB cables. The cable from my Kindle works or one from Samsung (I don't know from where I got this). I tried about 10 cables and only two worked for me.
  • It needs to be a USB cable that supports charging.  There are some, though rarer these days, that do not.  If it works in the power jack style connectors it should work in the surface power brick. 
  • I've already had to replace two power supplies from my SP3 that have stopped working, thankfully the Microsoft Store replaces them no problem.
  • Well handled.
  • whst about non-us?
  • This is for Europe.
  • yeah I read that, but later on it says for the us, but I read it wrong, english isn't my native language :P
  • I found it confusing at first but seems Europe for sales before July 15 2015 and before March 2015 for USA.
  • What about non-US and non-Europe?
  • It's worldwide, don't worry
  • I'm confused. It was reported by a European outlet but last paragraph mentioned purchases in US. Guess we will wait and see.
    My first power adapter developed fraying between the Surface plug and the brick, right next to the brick. When I exchanged it, MS store said, "oh, another one?"
  • i thought the same, but there are different dates for europe and the us, but it is confusing indeed
  • It's worldwide - just ordered mine in Australia
  • I've had to replace three SP2 adapters because of fraying near the magnetic connector, where there doesn't seem to be enough relief in the cable to prevent stressing the cord over time.  I'm hoping that they have fixed that and that this will be a replacement of the entire adapter, but the way it's written kind of makes me think they just mean the actual AC cord that goes from the wall into the 'brick'.
  • Yep. I picked up a replacement made by the same company, just no Microsoft logo. Works great, but I'm sure it'll end up getting frayed near the magnetic adapter again. It did come with a 2m least instead of the short 0.3m lead the original one had.
  • Only US? I'm spending a fortune getting crappy third party that doesn't even last a day
  • Read it again. Europe. US added at end of article.
  • I'm not the only one then. I think 2 replacements lasted less than a week. The only reason I wouldn't buy another Surface tablet. Official replacements are ridiculously expensive and I can't even seem to find one any more.
  • Worldwide, just got it in Australia
  • I'll get one just to get it. Just in case mine does go out.
  • I had sparks comming out of mine a month or so ago (pro 1). The issue was on the removable lead with the wall plug. The sleeve split just behind the connection into the block. Spoke to Microsoft who was very good and after a few pictures sent out a replacement in no time.
  • Sweet!  Extra one for the travel bag :D
  • I don't think you're getting an extra one. You send the one you have and they send you a new one. At least that's the standard recall procedure.
  • "Affected customers will also be advised to dispose of or recycle their existing power cords safely and in accordance with local regulations" gonna get recycled into my travel bag :)
  • Assuming they don't ask you to send it to them for recycling... If they don't, great ;D
  • FYI they don't ask for the original, but ask for you to "stop using your AC power cord... you aren’t required to send in your old power cord to receive a replacement. Please discard or recycle your old-style AC power cord in accordance with local requirements."
  • only europe? i had the over heat issue of this AC adaptor year ago, and i have to buy a new adaptor
  • Europe and USA mentioned. USA is at the end.
  • while i am in Canada, so who know if this will be applied to Canadian. just like the free Office offer for lumia950 and many more.
  • WHAT about Canada? Can anyone let me know.thanks
  • just confirmed, canadian get it too.
  • Worldwide, just got mine in Australia
  • My SP3 went to Microsoft today...they could have said it sooner and the cable would have gone with it. Oh well... Let's see if they'll take the chance and send the new cord with it.
  • It was way back in the late autumn of 2014. I was sitting at home one day and was suddenly hit by a strong scent of melting rubber and burning electricity. I began to frantically search for the source and upon grabbing the molten hot cable of my Pro 2 charger, I swiftly tossed it outside and called Microsoft. It was quickly replaced by what appears to be the same style of charger.
  • So... You want to do this now, AFTER I have "voluntarily" purchased a new one!  And to say I took care of my power cable with a level of focused care would be an understatement.
  • I had this happen to me 3 times. I bought 2 new ones during that time but on the 3rd time, I reported it and got a new one for free. So now, I just report any defects first.
  • I had the metal connector separate from the plastic casing on my pro 1 cord and would only occasionally charge after about 5 minutes of finagling. I ended up buying a new one off Amazon, thinking my MS warranty was expired, and my Square Trade warranty wanted me to send in the cord AND the tablet to be repaired (no thank you). Guess I should have tried asking MS anyway. Thankfully the replacement off Amazon was only about $12...
  • Good, I need a new one. The wires are exposed at the base and the plastic on the charging tip broke on mine.
  • Good timing. Just yesterday, plugged in adapter to Dock, and saw a spark and then smoke and popping sounds. I unplugged it quickly, but the end is fried. So hopefully, I can get a replacement for it.
  • Well, a little too late for my charger that blew a hole in its cord.
  • Who in the **** is doing this to thier cords? The people that are doing this need to be recalled.
  • Very poor quality device overall.
  • I cant charge both my phone and surface pro 3 at same time
  • Just when I thought my SP3 was my favorite MS device, I learn it could potentially burn my house down. Great.
  • My surface pro charging cord has broken wire at the source and cannot charge.I cannot use my surface pro which l purchased from Microsoft shop here at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto,Canada.I understand a replacement charger will be given by Microsoft.I am address afraid it might catch fire if l plug in the defective charges. My email
  • Mine too happened a year ago, and I endd up buying a new one. the Recall program is not open yet, and not sure it will be in Canada either, we just have to wait a little till they started the recall program. and I would also suggest you edit post, iis not wise to leave your personal email on public forums.
  • Where do l send my defective charger. NOW I CANNOT USE MY SURFACE PRO BECAUSE THE BATTERY IS VERY LOW.PLEASE LET ME KNOW.sdawoodj@
  • You don't send it anwhere, just request a new one:
  • So where do we sign for the replacement friends. Cause mine is giving shocks and also causing sparkling... Thanks
  • My Surface Pro 2 unit is the one sparking.  I tried 2 different chargers.  My eldest son's pro2 works fine but the younges his smokes from the unit, 2 different chargers and both smoked.  I cant't charge the unit and I should not have to be forced to purchase a new one!