Microsoft will shut down 'Modern' Skype Windows client on July 7 in favor of desktop version

Microsoft is making a big change to its Skype strategy on the Windows platform. On July 7, the current "Modern" version of Skype that was first released for Windows 8, and later became the default messaging app for Windows 8.1, will no longer be available. Instead, users of that version will be redirected to the current desktop Windows Skype client.

Why did Microsoft make this pretty significant change? In a blog post, the company stated:

"With the upcoming release of Windows 10 for PCs, it makes sense to use the Skype application optimized for mouse and keyboards use, capable of doing touch as well rather than 2 separate applications performing the same function."

There is one exception to this change. Windows RT device owners, such as the Surface RT and Surface 2 tablets, will not see the "Modern" Skype client shut down, and will still be able to use it. Windows 8 and 8.1 owners will be redirected to download the current desktop Skype client starting July 7. That version got revamped on October 2014 with a design that has some elements of the Modern client.

Microsoft also commented on the status of Skype for Windows 10, hinting strongly that the new Messaging client won't be ready for when the OS officially launches on July 29:

"You may be thinking: what about Skype built into Messaging, Phone and Skype video coming to Windows 10? Don't worry we will begin rolling the apps to get your feedback later this year. This way if you want to quickly make a call or send a message you can use task-based apps and for those of you power users who like the advantages of the all in one app, you can pick what's right for you."

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • "Mobile first, cloud first." Yeah right. Twenty different versions of the same damn program. Universal my ass. I'm getting really fed up.
  • i sadly agree.
  • This might be the last straw for me. I'm going to watch Skype make tablet apps for iPad and Android and be told that I should use a desktop app instead? This company Skype has never even attempted to integrate with Microsoft or Windows at all. If Microsoft can't even get it's own divisions to produce modern apps, how are they expecting developers to take them seriously. The Office modern apps never even came to be on Windows 8. Skype is now saying they won't have a modern app anymore. Could Microsoft make it any clearer that tablet users need to get an iPad and forget about Windows already.
  • I agree! This is ridiculous.
  • Skype is made by Microsoft......
  • right, but which "Microsoft"? there are so many...
  • Apple and Android will still get these apps. Windows will be newand different, all is the same on all devices = windows 10.
  • Who cares what it is coded in? The important points surely are 1) that it is available via the Windows Store and across device types, 2) it works for touch devices, and 3) we don't lose out on features.
    If they can tick those boxes then what's not to like?
    Somehow I doubt they'll hit point one (the article doesn't say). If they don't then it's a MAJOR FAIL.
  • It works and it works well are two very different things. Technically you could use Windows XP on a tablet too.
  • Sure, I don't care as long as your suggested three items are ticked. What bothers me is the constant change of direction and sometimes confusing coexisting of those two applications. I just can't teach my mother how to use Skype because of soooo many variables. She wouldjust use Facetime (as its integrated in that case, something we're still waiting to happen in Skype's case...)
  • Yup. That is why I like Apple more than MS.
  • Then why are you here? The Apple sites are calling. Run there. Nothing Apple is doing is even remotely exciting in my opinion, except ripping off Microsoft and others.
  • This is also true. Android seems alluring but Google's privacy history and business roadmap is scaring me more everyday.
  • Google Photos is one of the most scary moves from Google in the last  years, I read an article pretty interesting about how Google is making automatic gifs with your pictures without your permission and who knows who or what are they using these gifs for.
  • Google+ Photos has always done that. Won't Microsoft be making auto-albums without your permission, among other things? You do know that Microsoft is kind of a mini-Google wannabe with thier web properties, do you (Bing Search, Maps, Cortana, etc.)? They are both equally trustworthy.  Don't fall for one just becasue they made some dumb adds with a cute catch phrase.
  • The main difference is that with Microsoft (and Apple) their product are the software and devices, and they "only" want your money. With Google you (and your data) are the product that gets sold. Saying that I wouldn't trust either very far with anything sensitive... And yes, I'm sure NSA and KGB and who else has access to your data either way, but that is an other topic.  
  • Google has been doing the gif thing for years now part of auto awesome which can be turned off. You are just a paranoid fool. Also Microsoft does auto albums. You are just a biased moron
  • Hear this sore loser.... tsk tsk tsk
  • Because some people like more than one operating system. I know you are on a period but calm down bertha.
  • My family are totally Mac but headed back to Windows if 10 is really good.
  • I don't do much trolling, but I want to make up for that.  This is dated, but still fun: "Why choose Microsoft?  Retail stores -    
  • My counter argument... Q: "Why Choose Microsoft Retail Stores?"
    A: You can't because they are only in the US and Canada, while Apple stores are in most major countries. Microsoft truly suck at realising they need to reach ALL markets with ALL features, at the same time, like Apple do.
  • wow i wish our ms store in the philippines is this big ... our nokia store is being renovated now as microsoft. but it's half of the size of its neighbor store, the power mac hehehe about our powermac store, it's really annoying to go to a very big store that sells like only 5 different gadgets. and they are remodelling a service center for mac, and it's as big as the powermac store. are they gonna make a factory there?
  • With Apple you get one choice, they decide what that choice is, you have no say what that choice is, and if you complain about it then you are ostracised from the Apple community. But Microsoft does it with one app (Skype metro), then it proves that Apple is better because Apple does the same but to the extreme? Looks like the brain-washed masses have found this site. Did someone post a link to here on MacRumors and give the dictate to go out and try to turn this site, too?
  • I really hate Apple, but it seems like all the divisions at Microsoft love iOS more than Windows. If I have to go to iOS to get the best Office and Skype apps for tablets then why should I continue buying Windows tablets? Same question for phones. I don't want to buy Apple products, but if Microsoft puts it's best phone/tablet software on iOS then what choice are they giving me? If Microsoft decides to publish the next Halo exclusively for Playstation, but say I can play a port of old Halo games on Windows PC, is that going to make me want to keep buying Xbox consoles? I don't see the logic in Microsoft making Windows the least/worst supported platform by Microsoft.
  • Office for iPads are pretty, yes but the truth is I haven't seen in my entire life an iPad user using Office with their fingers, most of them attach a Bluetooth keyboard from Targus that you can buy at Walmart for $20 Windows convertibles are much better since they have full Office which work with a keyboard and a trackpad.
  • Right but if you have a Windows tablet like Surface right now and you don't have the keyboard or can't use it sometimes, it's not like they ever even built you modern Office tablet apps; even though they promised it for 3 years. Also they continue to build new Office garage apps exclusively for iOS and their Outlook email/calendar apps are also currently exclusive to iOS. Windows is now an afterthought at Microsoft and Windows tablet/phone users aren't even thought of at all. Using Skype desktop program on a 7" or 8" tablet is a joke. That is basically saying you don't care about those customers at all and want them to leave.
  • Microsoft has always been a company that writes their software for platforms other than Windows. iOS is far from the best for Office, I can run full Office from SurfaceRT to the most powerful of desktops. Not a scaled down version, but the full suite of apps with all the features. And the metro version of Office is turning out better than what is on iOS. Yes, I have an iPad, and while Office is good on it, it is not anywhere near what is available for Windows. No, Halo will not be ported to PS, and it certainly not be an exclusive for PS.
  • The irony of someone pointing out that they like Apple more than MS on this post is thick. The reason for using Skype instead of Apple's Facetime is that I can use Skype on all platforms. I can't do desktop sharing from my PC using Facetime, I must use Skype (or several other fine alternatives).
  • And don't forget, Steve Jobs himself said "We're going to the standards bodies, starting tomorrow, and we're going to make FaceTime an open industry standard." That was June 7, 2010. Where are those standards? Another lie from Apple, but we will not hear people like Alastair complain about this. No, he has to go to Microsoft focused sites and troll.
  • I don't think they know what "first" means, since their motto is an oxymoron. W10 is shaping up to be quite the debacle.
  • Complete BS! It's just the opposite. Now take a hike you troll.
  • I guess I've been a Windows Central member long enough to be insulted for stating what I feel to be true.
  • No, he's right.  W10 is an ugly, horrible mess.  I've been a huge Win8 fan from the beginning.  The more I test Win10, the more angry and disgusted I get.
  • I am a huge Windows 8 fan, huge. In fact Windows 8 exactly! Not even 8.1.
    But Although Windows 10 for me personally is a let down, I can't honestly say that Windows 10 is a horrible mess, no matter how sad this backtracking is. It is a great OS and the masses are going to love it.
  • If this is going to do harm to anything, it's Skype and not Windows 10.
  • You just didn't understand. Mobile first could mean, that they focus on mobile devices. Or it could mean, that the user is mobile at his choice of OS. Or that OS will be served first, which are considered to be mobile, which is not win10. Or that, after checking out his bonus, the CEO is mobile.  
  • I just didn't understand what? Two things can't both be first.  It's either mobile first or cloud first, but can't be both!
  • Haha lol... U are so funny
  • The way I see it, Windows 10 will have messaging and calling integrated into the OS' messaging and telephone apps (of which at least the former should become a universal app and be available on PCs as well but it looks like the telephone app may arrive for PCs as well), plus a seperate universal app for video calls. The app covering all Skype features at the same time will be discontinued for phones and people will have to use the old desktop app for that. I've got to say it's a strange move, but let's see what they've got planned for Windows 10 Mobile before we condemn this change. Either way, it's going to be unpleasant for tablet users in the next months if the desktop version remains as it is.
  • I was speaking with a little more passion than I normally do. I really don't like all the tablet usability changes and I feel Microsoft has diluted their Surface brand some by focusing on the desktop so much. I remember the baked-in Skype features they revealed, but in typical MS fashion they're not ready at launch and going to be released with a beta tag. I'm trying to believe, I really am. But google moves with so much speed while Apple's copy machines are in full force and already have the solid basics down. I will say this: The Skype team is awful. They're routinely late at adding features and squashing bugs and always support the competitors on mobile first. Then again... It is business. :/ I'll try and stay level headed.
  • I assume the Skype integration will be there with Windows 10 Mobile, it must, if there won't be a single Skype application on Windows 10 Mobile, as it seems (then again, you will probably be able to use the old WP 8.1 client there). Instead, Skype messaging will be built into the messaging app and Skype calls will be built into the phone app and it seems there will be a seperate app for video calls. It seems Skype will be truly integrated into the OS similar to the way iMessage is on iOS. Honestly what puzzles me is simply that the modern app is going to be discontinued not only before the Skype integration is released but also before Windows 10 is even done. I agree Skype is not nearly as good as it could be.
  • I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe there will be ANY integration as the operating system develops.  Microsoft STARTED with TIGHTLY integrated features in WP7, then chopped a number of them OUT in WP8, and even more so on 8.1.  Similarly, Windows 8 started with some nice integration that has completely disintegrated with W10.  Say goodbye to every good thing they started with.  All to placate Windows 7 users.
  • We have already seen official mock-ups of Skype integration into the messaging app, which would also fit into what the Skype blog post said today. Of course, we don't know if it may be cancelled in the end but I prefer to approach things with optimism. If you prefer to ruin your mood by speculating about bad things that may or may just as well not happen that's up to you of course.
  • What about Windows 8/8.1/RT users who can't or don't plan to upgrade to Windows 10 anytime soon? Pulling the plug on tablet users is obnoxious to say the least.Yet another good reason to stop tolerating mistreatment from Windows and Microsoft. The reality is that what I'm going to do on July 7th is to stop using Skype altogether on all platforms and get my friends and family to download Viber app instead.
  • Sorry but, Viber is a piece of crap, and if this is a sad attempt from Viber's marketing to plug the product shame on you!
  • It probably is crap compared to Skype's modern app, but it's gotta be a lot better than using a desktop app on a tablet.
  • RT keeps the Modern App, it's in the article. But yeah, there's still a lot of tablet-like devices that run full Windows 8 and that the Modern App was great for that.
  • Exactly. Also: what about Skype for Business?
  • Yeah, this is insane. Why would MS want to force people to go thru TWO changes in a short period? First to switch from Modern to Desktop, then switch back to the Modern app in W10! I've got family and friends who don't use ANY desktop apps, so now they have to make that leap as well. This is unconscionable and clearly uneccesary and arbitray since RT users can continue to use the modern app. Is there a registry setting to trick MS into thinking a W8.1 is really RT?
  • Well, nobody will be forced to switch from the desktop version to the universal app later on. Not to mention that I wouldn't expect there to be one, instead, Skype will be integrated into the phone and messaging apps of Windows 10. Users who prefer to have all their Skype features in the same will be asked to use the desktop client.
  • exactly. my dad doesnt even see the desktop. he is only using modern apps. now ill have to show him two different ways in a matter of months. id like that reg hack too please
  • I also have a lot of family and friends who don't use any desktop apps. Using desktop apps on a small tablet that has no keyboard or mouse is a very bad experience. This is an absurd decision.
  • The desktop version has a very similar UI to the Modern version nowadays if you full screen it. So it shouldn't be much of a problem really. nice large buttons and all. and a much beter people management system.
  • I don't think you understand. People with small tablets don't even have the desktop tile. The desktop doesn't get used on small tablets. You never go to the desktop for anything. Microsoft is the one who even decided to not have the desktop tile on these devices by default.
  • That UI has issues on small tablets.  For example, tapping in the text field in a desktop app does *not* automatically pop up the keyboard on a small tablet.  You have to manually hit that tiny button in your system tray to activate the software keyboard. Additionally, on Tablets without the best of the best, certified, touchscreen/drivers tapping precision in desktop apps is HORRIBLE and the OS/Software is constantly trying to "guess" things and getting it wrong. Without a Metro Skype App, Skype mind as well not exist for people on small tablets.  It simply isn't usable, especially when trying to multi-task due to desktop apps simply not having the kind of easy resizing and rearranging themselves that "Metro apps" have on Windows 8.1. They should have never shut down WLM (which people I know actually used often, and they *never* migrated to Skype after the migration - literally none of them bothered to migrate over) and gotten rid of the Messaging app. Ironically, the new Messaging app they have for Windows 10 in development is basically the Metro version of the Messaging Hub in Windows 8.0.
  • I think the point here is that there will be NO MODERN/UNIVERSAL VERSION OF SKYPE. As previously announced, Skype will be embedded in certain universal apps (like messaging), but the actual Skype app is just going to stay as a desktop version. This doesn't preclude them from putting it in the store, but it sounds like they will not be building a new app anytime soon.
  • The problem with this strategy as we've already seen is that when Skype adds new features to it's iOS/Android and desktop apps these features never come to the integrated apps on Windows or Xbox One. If they had a universal app then all Windows devices could get updated at the same time with new features at the same time as iOS and Android.
  • Yes! They are asking developers and saying it's easy to code and develop apps for Windows 10 when they can't even code and make a universal Skype for Windows 10 upon its release. What is the message they are conveying?
  • We have no clue what they might be doing backstage, plus the desktop app works great in single view mode full screen.
  • It would be pretty much alright if it weren't for the tiny menu bar at the top and the lack of high-DPI scaling. Here's hoping they will bring that by July 7th.
  • Aren't you all forgetting that Win32 apps will be able to port into the Windows store? Also, store apps will be able to run in a Window? So really there would be no difference between store apps and desktop apps soon?
  • Guess I'm done with Skype why would I want a desktop app I have to leave running in the tray for something as simple s chat/video calls? What is this, windows 7?
  • I think you probably missed the point here. Microsoft will have an Skype app for Windows 10 which will work across all devices. It's just Windows 8 and 8.1 pcs that will have to run the desktop version.
  • Really Microsoft ? If Skype does not have a modern app anymore, why other should when they don't support their own OS ?
  • Because they know there will be w7 hold outs that will complain
  • The Skype team is clearly working on it's bunker outside of the MS branch making Windows
  • Why would you use the modern app for Skype when the desktop app is 10X better?. This is a good decision IMO.
  • It isn't even close. it may be missing some features but Modern app is 100x nicer to use on a tablet.
  • They clearly said they are working on making the desktop app work better with touch - its not that difficult.
  • I hope they do and I also hope that they will add High-DPI-scaling by July 7th.
  • Same here. It is pretty laughable that MS can't themselves support their own OS correctly, but they support retina on the Mac. 
  • Are you sure?? I find the desktop version is much much better.
  • The keyword is "on tablet" my friend
  • Even if you are right that the desktop app is better, that doesn't make it alright to pull the rug out from under people especially when the modern app isn't going away for RT users. I have family and friends who use NO desktop apps and only have Win 8.1 tablets, etc. because I told them RT was a dead end. So now they have to not only change apps but also learn the nuances of using desktop apps at the same time. And then be switched back to the NEW Modern app in W10. Unbelievably stupid on MS part!
  • You clearly do not own a 7 or 8" tablet. Try using desktop apps when you have no mouse or keyboard. Also I've never had any problems at all with the modern Skype app. I don't use the desktop app at all.
  • THIS. Touch apps for tablets bec they are optimized. I have tried to use the desktop app and it was torture
  • Because it's a desktop app! Gawd.
  • I think modern app is lot bettern for skype, it runs in the backround very smoothly(once you login you just forget about it till you uninstall it), and I love live tile functionality. desktop verions will laod when the sytem starts up(with that funny noise) or I have to manually lognin everytime. that is pathetic. 
  • The noise at startup can be disabled.
  • Because MS is moving away from the Modern design language.  They are going to have a single app for all platforms, both mouse and touch.  This makes 100% sense to me. The big probelm is that they should not be pulling existing applications before the replacement (touch friendly interface) is ready to go.
  • I definitely agree about your last point but I hope that they are actually going to release an updated version of the Skype desktop app by July 7th.
  • In some use cases Windows desktop apps are much better than modern apps, take for example Office,Photoshop, AutoCAD, Spotify, Edge browser, Windows Media Player, File Explorer. Modern apps are good for consuming services like TV, take Netflix for example which modern app is better than the website, or Xbox Music  (now to be called Microsoft Music) which is better than the web version.
  • or apps that need reliable tablet-like notifications -- not tacky system tray stuff without deep link pinning. or high dpi scaling, smooth touch scrolling, touch as a first class citizen, and ability to have lockscreen notifications.
  • Horrible idea. Does it have live tiles and notifications like the the modern app? The desktop app looks horrid on the high res screen.
  • Skype is a service that can be updated, so expect more to come + win32 apps can show notifications
  • I agree it currently looks horrid. But the modern app is a complete shower on a PC for one. I've never, ever had a good time with it.
  • Me too! I uninstalled it
  • Yes, it can have a live tile, and notifications❗
    Remember Build 2015❓ MS explicitly explained how any website, or desktop app, can have a live tile, notifications, and even appear in the store, just as mobile apps do.... This is most likely the reason for this..
  • i agree that skypes desktop app looks awful. Its cluttered and ugly, it LOOKS like something that would be used in a business. And to top it off, its littered with advertisements.  
  • Makes sense, tablets will either run full W10 with a desktop, or Windows 10 Mobile, so the modern app isn't really required, apart from RT tablets.
  • Don't forget that PC running 8.1 use modern apps. They're not only for RT devices
  • PCs running 8.1 that aren't RT can run the desktop app. The modern app is redundant. And the objective is to extinguish 8.1 PC and move them to W10. So...
  • Totally redundant. I have a touchscreen all in one and prefer the desktop version of skype
  • Thinking the same. What happens to all those tablets that are in 7 to 10 inch segment with or without RT. Try using desktop Skype in its current form and you'll rather have your head eaten by a leopard. Universal app for Skype won't be with us till next year so what on earth do all those who are finally see tablets as "not just iPads" do? Nothing. Well played, Microsoft, kick whatever last faithfuls you have away.
  • The way I see it, Windows 10 will have messaging and calling integrated into the OS' messaging and telephone apps (of which at least the former should become a universal app and be available on PCs as well but it looks like the telephone app may arrive for PCs as well), plus a seperate universal app for video calls. The app covering all Skype features at the same time will be discontinued for phones and people will have to use the old desktop app for that. I've got to say it's a strange move, but let's see what they've got planned for Windows 10 Mobile before we condemn this change. Either way, it's going to be unpleasant for tablet users in the next months if the desktop version remains as it is.
  • You idiots are bad at comprehending English, but sure how know to barrage others with paragraphs. The issue isn't what they PLAN to have "later this year," the issue is that they are removing the only decent way to do what needs to be done right now. And I hope their Web Plug-In isn't the Answer, as if someone using a 7-8" tablet is going to want to sit on the desktop and use desktop IE with all of its usability fails on all-touch devices. There's no excuse for not keeping the existing app running until they had the upgrade available, and then removing it.  It makes no sense, because a lot of people use this service and it's so locked down that there are no third party tablet-optimized clients available to connect to it (for Voice/Video Chat).
  • Looks like someone should take a breath and relax before replying to people. It's not healthy to get worked up, you know. I never said that I liked the fact they are discontinuing the app before having a replacement, more so considering I don't really see any good reason for that. I do however recognize that they may have an update to the desktop app that improves tablet usage by July 7th. You see, there is the sort of people like you that decides that it's best to get worked up by default before having all the information necessary for a reasoned judgement while I prefer to wait for that as there is a scenario that I consider likely that, while not ideal, would be better than what we have know or rather assume we are going to have. I can still get worked up later if I find it necessary - even though I know that I'm not going to get angry over something that to me personally isn't going to be more than a minor annoyance, I have other things going on in my life that I consider more important and generally I prefer to focus on the positive stuff. Just don't go and insult people who prefer to have a more positive approach to things than you do.
  • They've done this integrated messaging thing before. Then they stopped doing it because they realized they couldn't keep or add features with parity to the Android/iOS versions. So then they separated all their apps and got rid of the integration so they could update individual apps faster. Now they're going back to the integrated approach. It's just going back and forth. This integrated messaging strategy was already tried and failed. If they really had confidence in it they would kill both the modern and desktop Skype app. The fact that Skype division will keep the desktop app as their priority and continue making tablet apps for iOS/Android is all you need to know about how much of a priority the integrated app will be. Also all the people on Windows 8/8.1 who don't upgrade immediately will be left with no real app to use in the interim.
  • They cannot kill the desktop app because users of Windows 8.1 or earlier won't be able to use the universal app. Same why they will keep making apps for Android and iOS. Surely that isn't too hard to understand. Also, this announcement doesn't announce anywhere that the desktop app is going to be their absolute priority from now on, it could be the messenger integreation later on but we don't know. I think they are following a different approach with the messenger integration now, as the messenger seems to only integrate Skype now. I'd say they are trying to position Skype as Windows' iMessage.
  • I'm still confused. Wouldn't they still need a universal app for mobile? Wouldn't that app work like a modern app but across all platforms? I might be missing how this whole universal app thing will work. Missing Google services on WP8, I've been holding out hope that the modern apps they have for Windows 8 today will become universal and I'll finally have Google apps on my phone. Too much wishful thinking?
  • I can't speak for anyone but myself, but right now I'm planning to buy iPad Pro's for the whole family for Christmas. I'm sick of getting jerked around by idiotic corporate decisions like this. The Skype app is the third most popular app in the Windows store followed by the Viber app and they're deciding to kill it off on purpose? On what planet does a company purposely kill off the 3rd most popular app in their app store? Only in Microsoft world do decisions like this make sense. I'm pretty much done accepting garbage decisions like this.
  • Makes sense, tablets will either run Android or iOS, so the modern app isn't really required, apart from Win 8 tablets.
  • if they are removing one of them, why not remove the .exe one and keep the universal one :S
  • My guess is they have different plans for wp
  • Because of Windows 7 and earlier users who'd be left out.
  • Who said they were going to scrap the Universal one?   What I get out of this is that the "Modern" (non universal) app will be scrapped. There will of course be a Skype app for Windows 10 Mobile, which will be Universal. This new app will of course work on any Windows Device. I dont se the problem here...?
  • I hope you are correct.
  • Windows 10 is not there, and the app for W10 is not ready for launch. That's a problem
  • Of course WP10 will be ready for launch - for its own launch, that is. Continuum is already ready, not sure what you are missing there. Same for universal apps. What is missing yet is indeed the Skype integration.
  • So, today they have the "desktop" version and the "modern" version. They shut down the "modern" one and stay with the "desktop" one. Because it's redundant to have both. Then, they make an "universal" and stay with both...
  • The universal one will not work for those on Windows 7 machines.  Keep in mind that the Windows 10 store will allow developers to turn there standard win32 programs into universal apps, as mentioned here.  One can only expect Microsoft to take advantage of this, and turn their current win32 Skype program into a universal app once Windows 10 comes out.  I think that this only makes sense as we see Windows 10 come to Phones and Xbox.  This is the only logical move forward to be sure that Skype is ready for all supported versions of Windows, and to remove redundancy.
  • Edit: Keep in mind that the Windows 10 store will allow developers to turn their standard win32 programs into universal apps, as mentioned here.  Also, I agree that this shouldn't be done until Windows 10 comes out, and the universal app is ready.  It seems like they are taking a giant leap backwards before moving forward.
  • No desktop "apps" on my W8 and 10 machines! If this means, no Skype, then MSFT will loose a customer.
  • *lose So you're not going to use any desktop programs...ever? I think you'll end up missing a lot more than Skype.
  • There will still be desktop apps on Windows 8 & 10 machines, it is just giving developers an option to be able to take these desktop apps and allow them to be downloaded on mobile devices and Xbox One, if they choose to. It is another way to bridge the app gap, while helping a developer's pocket book.  I'm just viewing this as a way for Microsoft to combine all of their different Skype applications in to one streamlined version, while allowing it to run on all devices seamlessly. The problem I have with this plan, is that they are starting it too soon.  I feel that they should wait until after Windows 10 is released to prevent users from having to install a different application twice.  I for one am hoping they turn it into a full universal app for Windows 10, that is what I want, I don't really want the desktop app.
  • the desktop version of skype is leages ahead in terms of functionality than the app. You can share your screen and do other crazy functions with it.
  • It's also the last thing you want running on a tablet. It's bloated, and not touch friendly.     Microsoft is making a REALLY bad call.
  • I also think this makes sense. I just dont think it makes sense to shut it down before Windows 10 launches.That is going to be a crappy few weeks for the wait...
  • Most probably there is some programming on the backend of the "modern" Skype app that needs to be removed from the service to pave way for the universal windows 10 skype services to move on in development.
  • Make sense. Just going to suck to use for those few weeks.  
  • This makes NO SENSE. Not everyone can or is willing to install Windows 10 on day one. Especially for tablet users there is good reason to hold off on installing Windows 10 for a long time. The tablet experience has a lot of problems on Windows 10.
  • I have installed on my desktop, but not SP3 yet. From what I can tell, I am not going to hate the tablet mode.What issues are you seeing?
  • Go to the Insider feedback app and read the feedack in desktop for continuum and under touch interaction. Lots and lots of problems that makes Windows 10 a worse tablet experience than Windows 8.1. I could tell you my personal problems but they're mostly the same ones that everyone else is already submitting to feedback for the past 8 months.
  • Sad thing is, Microsoft is ignoring all that feedback. But, don't worry guys, WIndows 10 has transparency. That's all that matters.
  • Yay MS!!! This is the way to incetive Windows Univeral apps!! Keep going!!
  • On my one PC where I actually use Skype.. is a PC connected to a TV and camera in my living room where there is no mouse or keyboard. It's all handled via a remote. The ModernUI version is what works best in that scenario for video calls to/from family and friends. Going to the desktop client only sucks. I am going to give feedback to them about this. I even got the same client set up for my mom and my nephews who are not even teens yet because it's easy for them to use. They HATE the desktop client, but love to video chat. This should not be killed off!
  • Try joytokey/xpadder
  • They are having a fit. What the heck is Microsoft doing since last 5 years, only they would know. It's going nowhere. It's like me writing love letters. Write it all at once, read it - bin it. Take new paper, repeat. Fuck, god knows how many gfs I could have had, if I wrote those letters and actually handed it over :(  
  • Quelle métaphore ! Bravo
  • Yup, there is no logic to this decision whatsoever however logic and Microsoft can