Microsoft has announced that it is currently working to fix a server-side bug in Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14342.1004, which shows a "Disabled" error when Insiders try to change their ring selection in the Settings menu.

Windows 10 Mobile

The bug is mentioned by Microsoft team member Jason in a Community forum post. He adds that the team is "aware of this issue and are actively addressing it."

Jason also posted some additional notes on this issue:

  • We will not release any flights until this is corrected.
  • A fix is expected within the next few days, so no new builds over the weekend. This isn't surprising, right? I can count on zero fingers how many Saturday or Sunday builds we've released to Insiders. And... we have Monday off as well. :)
  • No action should be required on your part.
  • We will make the necessary changes and when complete, affected users should be back on their original ring (WIP Fast)
  • This only affects users on Mobile build 14342.1004 (which was released only to WIP Fast)

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