Microsoft just announced a SURPRISE media event taking place tomorrow

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has announced a special event taking place on February 7.
  • It's unknown what will be announced, but AI is expected to feature heavily.
  • The event won't be livestreamed, but press will be in attendance.
  • The event begins at 10AM PT at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond.

Microsoft has announced that it's hosting a special event for press on February 7 at 10AM at its Redmond headquarters in Washington. So far, the company has remained incredibly tight lipped about what it's planning to announce, but recent developments suggest the topic of conversation will be focused on AI. 

In the past few weeks, Microsoft has announced that it's planning to weave AI throughout many of its products over the coming months and years, and just recently announced a massive $10 billion partnership with OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT. 

The company is already shipping AI with Microsoft Teams Premium, where the technology is being used to recap virtual meetings in written form, create highlights, and more. 

A new version of Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT integration briefly went live for some users before being switched off late last week, suggesting that the company is almost ready to unveil a revolutionary new way of searching the web. This is likely to be one of the announcements taking place at the event on February 7.

It's unknown what other products Microsoft is planning to announce with AI. Earlier today, Google announced its rival to ChatGPT, known as Bard and available now to a limited group of select testers. The AI competition is about to heat up, and it looks like Microsoft wants to be front and center when it does. 

Windows Central will be on the ground at the MIirosoft Event tomorrow with all the news as it happens.

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