Microsoft's massive Cyber Monday sale is LIVE: up to $600 off on Surface, Xbox

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It's Cyber Monday! If you've been looking around for the best Cyber Monday laptop deals, you'll likely want to check out Microsoft's own online storefront, which is having its own sale this week for Cyber Monday. Everything from the latest Surface PCs, to the greatest Xbox accessories, and even non-Microsoft devices like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are on sale for discounted prices.

So, we've rounded up the best deals we've spotted on the Microsoft Store, and grouped them into easy-to-view lists for you to decipher between.

Cyber Monday Surface Pro & Go Deals

If you're in the market for a new Surface 2-in-1 PC, you can't go wrong with what's on offer this week for Cyber Monday. Microsoft has its brand new Surface Pro 9 on sale for a discounted price, up to $200 off select SKUs, and $100 cheaper on the entry-level model. Featuring 12th-gen Core i5 or i7 chips, or a Microsoft SQ3 ARM chip with 5G capabilities.

If you're looking to save a little more cash, you can opt for the last generation Surface Pro 8, which is still a great and fully capable Windows 11 PC. It has the same great 13-inch display, very similar design, and even supports all the same Surface Pro 9 accessories. It has Intel 11th-gen on the inside, and optional 4G LTE.

Lastly, if you're looking for a small companion PC, the Surface Go 3 with its 10.5-inch display is a great choice. It supports its own Type Cover accessory, support for the Surface Pen, and has expandable storage with microSD.

Surface Pro 9 | $999

Surface Pro 9 | $999 $899 at Microsoft Store

The Surface Pro is Microsoft's "flagship" PC, and the Surface Pro 9 is the very latest in that line, launching just a few weeks ago alongside the Surface Laptop 5. So, to see it on sale with a $200 discount already means you'd be silly not to grab this offer with both hands. Available with Intel or Microsoft ARM chips, up to 32GB RAM, and new colorways.

Surface Pro 8 $1,199

Surface Pro 8 $1,199 $799 at Microsoft Store

It may be last gen, but the Surface Pro 8 is still a fantastic Surface PC, and looks very similar to the new Surface Pro 9 anyway! In fact, it's even compatible with all the Surface Pro 9 accessories, so for the savings you're making here, this is a no-brainer. It has Intel 11th-gen chips, optional 4G LTE, and the same great 120hz display.

Surface Go 3 $399

Surface Go 3 $399 $374 at Microsoft Store

The tiny 10.5-inch Surface Go 3 is Microsoft's latest, and smallest, Surface mini PC on the market. It's also the cheapest, usually starting at $399, but can be had for even less this week! It's available with Intel Pentium or Intel Core i3 chips, up to 8GB RAM, and even has optional LTE 4G data connectivity!

Cyber Monday Surface Laptop Deals

Is the 2-in-1 form factor not your taste? That's okay, as Microsoft also has its traditional clamshell Surface PCs on sale too. There's the Surface Laptop 5, which only just launched, featuring Intel 12th-gen Core i5 or i7 chips, up to 32GB RAM, and 1TB storage. There's a lovely new Sage colorway too, and a quieter keyboard.

Want to save even more cash? Go for the last version! Surface Laptop 4 is also on sale, with Intel 11th-gen chips, in the exact same design and chassis as the Surface Laptop 5. You may notice a slight difference in keyboard tactility, as the Laptop 4's keyboard is a little louder, but that's basically it.

Or, if the Surface Laptop 4 or 5 are too big for you, the Surface Laptop Go 2, with its 12.5-inch display, is also up for grabs and is the company's smallest Surface Laptop you can buy. It has Intel 11th-gen on the inside, a touchscreen, a great keyboard, and a trackpad, and is available in three lovely colors, including Platinum, Sandstone, and Sage.

Surface Laptop 5 $999

Surface Laptop 5 $999 $899 at Microsoft Store

The Surface Laptop 5 just came out, as in, within the last few weeks, so it's crazy to see it on sale with such a steep discount already. You can grab up to $300 off the Surface Laptop 5 with an Intel Core i5 or i7, 8GB or 16GB RAM, and either 13.5-inch or 15-inch variants, with the lowest SKU coming in at just $899 with the discount in place.

Surface Laptop 4 $599 off at Microsoft Store

Surface Laptop 4 $599 off at Microsoft Store

Surface Laptop 4 is rocking the same brilliant design as its predecessors, and successor, are rocking. Available in either 13.5-inch or 15-inch variants, and in four gorgeous colors, the Surface Laptop 4 is the perfect all-rounder Windows machine for productivity and consumption-based workflows.

Surface Laptop Go 2 $599

Surface Laptop Go 2 $599 $499 at Microsoft Store

Microsoft's budget-conscious Surface Laptop is on sale for up to a respectable $155 off, which will net you an 11th-generation Intel Core i5, up to 8GB RAM, and 256GB storage. This laptop is great for students on a budget looking for a small, portable PC to take to school and get work done.

Cyber Monday Xbox deals

Upgrade your gaming setup with these Xbox accessories, on sale for this week only at the Microsoft Store. There's the standard and elite Xbox Wireless Controllers up for grabs, as well as the Xbox Wireless Stereo headset.

Xbox Wireless Controller $59

Xbox Wireless Controller $59 $39 at Microsoft Store

The Xbox Wireless Controller is a staple in design for the gaming industry. It's comfortable and easy to use with either an Xbox console or Windows PC, thanks to its Bluetooth 4.1 support, and features a dedicated share button that works with Xbox's built-in DVR feature, or the Windows Game Bar DVR feature.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 $179

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 $179 $171 at Microsoft Store

There's a small saving to be had on Microsoft's premiere "elite" series 2 controller for Xbox and Windows PCs. Featuring a modular design for its thumb sticks, D-pad, and back pedals, as well as a quick profile switcher on the controller for different programmable button layouts. 

Xbox Wireless Headset $99

Xbox Wireless Headset $99 $95 at Microsoft Store

Microsoft's budget-conscious wireless headset for Xbox is on sale for $5 off. We love this headset, offering a great balance between quality and price. It has good sound, a great microphone with a dedicated mute button, and connects seamlessly with Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

Cyber Monday tech accessories deals

Lastly, we wanted to roundup a few accessories that don't fit into the category above, but that we think are great deals that you'll want to take advantage of. We start with the Modern Webcam from Microsoft, which is a cheap and cheerful 1080p camera that's great for Teams conferencing, now half price.

The Modern USB-C Speaker is also great for Teams, enhancing your microphone and speaker setup with a dedicated device. It has built-in controls for Teams related tasks too, such as answering a phone call or launching the Teams app with the tap of a single button.

Microsoft Modern Webcam $69

Microsoft Modern Webcam $69 $39 at Microsoft Store

Looking for a new webcam for your PC setup? Microsoft's Modern Webcam offers 1080p functionality, a built-in privacy shutter that uses magnets and kills the feed to the webcam when closed, a built-in microphone, and a small compact form factor that looks great above any monitor.

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker $99

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker $99 69 at Microsoft Store

This USB-C speaker from Microsoft is great for those who find themselves in Teams calls all day long. Featuring high-quality audio with built-in far-field microphones, a dedicated mute button, and a quick launch Teams button as well as a dedicated button for answering incoming phone calls.

Microsoft Arc Mouse $79

Microsoft Arc Mouse $79 $53 at Microsoft Store

Microsoft's Arc Mouse design is its most compact form of mobile mouse accessory. It features a patented design that allows the body to move between an active curved shape, and an "off" flat shape. This means you can fit it into a pocket in your coat or bag, and carry it with you easily.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live $169

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live $169 $119 at Microsoft Store

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are an excellent set of earbuds with a unique design. They look like little beans! They feature active noise canceling, but their primary use case is within the office, and are designed in such a way to allow you to hear your surrounding as you listen to music on a conference call.

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