The big change coming to Microsoft Rewards that will make you love it even more

Redeeming Microsoft Rewards points in Microsoft Edge
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Rewards is currently testing a new feature to make redeeming points for gift cards much less frustrating. 
  • Currently you can only redeem in set, rounded amounts, but the new feature will provide a way to redeem non-rounded amounts. 
  • If all goes well the feature should roll out in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Rewards is a fantastic program for those of us embedded in the company's ecosystem, and it looks like it's about to get even better. 

Right now, there are several great ways you can redeem your points for real world gift cards at places like Amazon as well as for Microsoft and Xbox. The only catch is that redemptions can only be requested in rounded amounts, such as $5, $10, and so on. 

All that looks like it's about to change. Microsoft's Mikhail Parakhin has shared the news on Twitter. 

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The implementation appears simple. Instead of choosing a pre-selected amount, we'll be able to enter a custom value and the necessary rewards points will be calculated from there. This means that if, for example, you want to buy something that's a specific amount, you're not going to have to use more points than necessary to get a gift card. 

This parent who uses points to buy Minecoins for his kid is incredibly happy about this! 

The flight is random, so you could well be seeing it already, but all being well everyone should be seeing it before too long. 

And yes, it will be available outside the U.S., as Parakhin confirmed in a follow-up tweet

If you're not yet using Microsoft Rewards, you really should be. Getting points is so easy. Buying things on the Microsoft Store and the Xbox earns points, searching on Bing earns points, and there are regular quests to complete for bonus rewards. It's free money, and who doesn't like the sound of that? 

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