Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon

The first expansion pack in over 12 years for the 2002 PC real-time strategy game Age of Mythology is less than a week away. Microsoft plans to release Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon on Thursday, January 28 via Steam. The expansion was developed by the Forgotten Empires team, which also developed two expansions for Microsoft's Age of Empires II: HD.

Originally developed by the now defunct Ensemble Studios, Age of Mythology was re-released in 2014 as Age of Mythology: Extended Edition on Steam. It included the main game, its first expansion, The Titans, and the extra Golden Gift campaign. It also had a number of graphical improvements compared to the original version, along with extra features such as full Steamworks support, integration with Twitch and more.

The Forgotten Empires team has not yet revealed the full list of content and features in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon but it would appear that it will add gods and other units from Chinese mythology to the main game. There's no word on the price for the expansion.

Source: Forgotten Empires