Microsoft DC-21

If you're looking to charge your Windows Phone on the go, you'll be glad to know that Microsoft's DC-21 external power bank is now available in India. Listed on Flipkart, the power bank is retailing in the country for Rs. 3,499 ($56).

The 6000mAh battery can charge your device twice before it runs out of power. There's an LED indicator that shows the remaining charge, and the battery goes into standby mode when not in use, which preserves the charge for longer (with a quoted standby time of 6 months). The charger takes four hours to full charge, and can be simultaneously charged while providing power to your device.

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Available in color variants of green, orange, and white, the battery charger goes well with similarly-colored Lumias. Head to the link below to grab one.

Buy Microsoft DC-21 external power bank on Flipkart

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