Microsoft's giant Surface Hub touchscreen Windows 10 PC finally starts shipping

Several months after Microsoft first started taking pre-orders for the big Surface Hub touchscreen PCs, the first units are finally shipping out to customers. The 55-inch and 84-inch models, which target business and enterprise customers, have a slightly modified version of Windows 10 installed.

Microsoft's announcement did not state how many pre-orders the company had received for the Surface Hub. Instead it concentrated on how businesses will use the PCs to communicate and also to save time and money:

"For example, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia will be using a Qwaltec developed application on Surface Hub as a command-and-control center for doctors and medical staff, to manage scheduling and replace outdated whiteboards. The hospital is calling it a "game changer," not only because it will help the hospital save time and money, but also because Surface Hub helps connect the entire care team to their patients with up-to-date information."

Microsoft first revealed the Surface Hub in early 2015, and originally the plan was to start pre-orders in July and shipments in September 2015. While pre-orders did start in July, Microsoft delayed shipments of the Surface Hub until January 2016 and then that date got pushed back again to the end of the quarter. In December, Microsoft boosted the prices of all new Surface Hub pre-orders, from $6,999 to $8,999 for the 55-inch version and from $19,999 to $21,99 for the 84-inch model.

John Callaham