Microsoft Surface Hub pre-orders begin on July 1, start shipping in September

Microsoft will start shipping its massive Surface Hub touchscreen PCs in September, with pre-orders starting on July 1. The PCs, which will use a version of Windows 10, will come in two sizes. The 55-inch model will sell for $6,999, while the 84-inch version will have a price tag of $19,999.

Sales of the Surface Hub, which has been designed primarily for businesses and education customers, will be conducted via a number of authorized resellers. It will be available in 24 markets at first: The United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Neowin has some additonal information on the hardware specs for each version of the Surface Hub. Both models come with 8GB of RAM, a 128SSD for internal storage, and have a 100-point touch screen with the 55-inch model having a 1920x1080 display resolution and the 84-inch version getting the larger 3840x2160 resolution. The 55-inch Surface Hub will have an Intel Core i5 processor with Intel-based graphics, while the 84-inch version has an Intel Core i7 chip combined with the NVIDIA Quadro K2200 GPU.

The Surface Hubs will come with two Surface Pens and a Microsoft All-In-One Media Keyboard. Both will have two front-facing 1080 cameras, along with a microphone and dual front-facing speakers. The Surface Hub will have support for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Miracast and Bluetooth connections, along with an NFC reader. Both will also have one USB 3.0 port, but the 84-inch version will have four USB 2.0 ports compared to just two of those ports for the 55-inch version.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Neowin

  • Will it connect with my Xbox and DTH simultaneously..? Or do we have to use the Kinivo as usual..?
  • You will never ever own one of these.
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  • Aman2901 can never afford this. He's got a Nokia Asha because the Lumia 435 is too expensive. He also lives in a bathtub.
    (I'm his roommate)
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  • You cannot vouch for someone else. Plus, I don't think you know me at all.
  • Please enlighten us then, on why you're using this prohibitively expensive enterprise device
  • Is that even a relative question..?
  • It's not a question at all, so no.
    Edit: I think you meant to say "relevant", not relative. Yes, its still relevant since you're so insistent that you actually need this.
  • Sorry for the typo, but when did I insist on buying it..??
    Asked a simple question, and all including Mr. Rubino is gaga over it. The same person who writes articles on do's and don'ts on WC. SMH.
    I'll buy it as a replacement for my TV (if it even functions like one) and I like Microsoft products, so it will be a must have for me.
  • That's true.  Tons of people pay $4K for high TV's, so $6K isn't crazy.  Plus, most people over 35 should have a more than $20K in retirement savings, but I would need to have my retirment account overflowing before I would spend that much.  For others, who knows?   know a guy that flew on his private, piloted jet to coach his sons soccer game, and that one trip costs one of the devices.  If you had that kind of money, why not?
  • "Plus, most people over 35 should have a more than $20K in retirement savings" - YEAH SURE!
  • Daniel, will the 128gb on this be large enough to run all my Steam games?
  • I did have this crazy thought of pulling the cash from savings and buying one, but the reason I have savings is because I never really act on those crazy spending thoughts.  Its the afford/savings paradox.  :)
  • Please don't say that.. He can ship them after September
  • So I have two of the 84" models on order and I was wondering the same thing about the Xbox One connection.
  • Where are you placing the order from..?
  • Amazon Prime
  • Thanks for the info.
  • No blu ray?
  • Xbox One! Xbox One! What, you want it to make your food, comb your hair, and dance for you, too?
  • Why would you need Blu Ray in the office? This isn't a home entertainment system. It's a sophisticated piece of enterprise hardware.
  • Almost nothing comes with an optical drive these days.  It's outdated technology.  Grab a USB2/3 external drive and plug it in.
  • 55-inch should be no more than 999$ with such a low specs.
  • Maybe cause of Windows 10, you know 'new OS' charges.
  • 100 TOUCH POINTS. Not 10... 100. That's crazy expensive. Even our perceptive pixel display had less than that at the Houston MS store
  • Btw what is the use case for 100 touch points? I bet 99+ % of businesses would go with 10 touch point version if that would be 3000$ or even 4000$.
  • This isn't just a TV, you need to compare this to other digital whiteboards as that is the space this operates in.
  • "55-inch should be no more than 999$ with such a low specs."
    Says the person who has no idea about technology or what the world's largest, gapless, touchscreen costs to make. This display can have three people writing on it at the same time. But go ahead, pretend you understand this stuff.
  • Lets not get personal, was not fully serious :)
  • The comment was not fully serious, but still completely ignorant/stupid.
  • if it wasn't funny serious, why write it? becuase you feel better about your life? you smile and feel you are being so evil and cool? you want to upset people like Daniel Rubino who tries to have a site with less trolly or ignorant comments? Specs are low compared to many consumer devices, but this is not meant for consumes. this has technology that is not meant for consumers like 100 touch points. so I don't understand the point of writing a "not fully serious" comment, if you knew it. just to make trouble and get attention
  • HAH, you can hardly by a touch laptop computer for under $999 with those specs - and this is a 55" TV with 100 touch points.  Someone is out of touch with reality - all 100 fingers out of touch.    
  • United states mentioned first, United Kingdom mentioned last...... I'm peeved slightly (I don't care if its only a list of markets, this gets to me)
  • I see the littlest things peeve you. Might want to talk to someone about that.
  • Its the 'murican alphabet: US then everyone else.
  • Shouldn't every country think that way about themselves?
  • Well your UK based companies have our permission to do the same (and they probably do in some cases) for the products they sell.
  • given the internals and screen resolutions, they seem mighty overpriced.
    doubt they will see a great adoption.
  • Kind of like the next computers from Steve Jobs. Super expensive but aimed at Enterprise and Universities.
  • did you even read the article and what this is about? this is not meant for consumers but companies. companies that pay thousands of $$$ for stuff that may cost you $25 in amazon. "internals and screen resolutions" that's your conclusion? Maybe you should read Daniel Rubino's post. it's perfect for people like you   "Daniel Rubino: Says the person who has no idea about technology or what the world's largest, gapless, touchscreen costs to make. This display can have three people writing on it at the same time. But go ahead, pretend you understand this stuff."   Also there is a cheaper version (yeah you didn't read the article) $7000 for a cheaper version. do you think big companies can't pay that or $20000?
  • Too expensive in my opinion for what it's inside... I mean, a full hd tv with a medium range computer inside should be around 2000$
  • Agreed, sales will fail because of the price.
  • It's a Full HD 'touch' panel, dude. It's a sophisticated piece of engineering.
  • They need to contact CNN!
  • You clearly don't understand what this product is then. For starters, it's not a consumer focused item. This is targeted at businesses, as Microsoft has basically demonstrated every single time its shown this thing off.
  • I think you might be overlooking the touchscreen.  Any idea how much a 55" touchscreen costs?  It's not cheap.
  • Actually one of the companies I contract to is looking to buy at least 5 to replace their VC systems to test how it shakes out, especially since they are going full VOIP with Lync for Business so this ties into the migration from the various Tandberg/Polycom/Cisco mess they have currently. The added advantage since they are a design company this will streamline a lot of their team meetings instead of playing ping pong with design changes post-meeting. They've also started to replace all their Dell laptops for VIP/Managers with Surface Pro's, which amounts to about 500-800 machines. The hold up was re-imaging from SCCM and drivers.
  • These would be great for the company I work for. But, sadly...i feel like I am the only employee rocking the surface products...
  • May I ask what does your company do?
  • He works at Apple.
  • you sir, made my day :)
  • Damn $20K for the 84 inch version.
  • That's about $50K LESS than what Perceptive Pixel used to sell their version at 3 years ago without a PC.
  • Does it have touch screen?
    Lol :-P
  • These will be worse for one handed use than my 1520!
  • How about the warranty? How long does it last and whether it has on-site support?
  • I know manufacturing a touch screen this large (particularly one with 100 touch points) can't be cheap but the specs are poor. If it's going to cost 7k anyway why not just make it 7500 and upgrade it to at least a 512GB SSD & an NVIDIA 960m or something. What's 500 dollars more when you're already forking out that much money? Same goes for the 84 inch. Throw in the most powerful Quad core CPU & graphics on the market. The price won't be much higher than 21 000 after that which is again, relatively not much of a difference.
  • Question: why would you need those specs for PowerPoint, whitebooarding and conference calls?
  • All that high-end, top of the line hardware also generates a lot more heat which is not exactly ideal for an all-in-one type of unit...  Especially one that's likely going to be mounted flush against a wall and ideally functions silently. This isn't a gaming rig or a workstation.  It's primarily meant for meeting colaboration and organization.
  • I want one i just can't afford it !
  • Can I watch tv on it? Does it come with tuner? :-)
  • $7000 and Netflix will be its most used app.
  • 128 Gb is not nearly enough
  • "128 Gb is not nearly enough"
    For what? An office that is using it for PowerPoint, whitebooarding and conference calls? I beg to differ.
  • Have you ever had a Windows install that lasted more than a year? Windows updates cause the WinSXS and Installer folders to blow up. Windows starts to use half that SSD for just the OS. 
  • No, it doesn't.  Windows updates generally REPLACE existing files so there is very little size growth.  I work in an IT environment that supports 10s of thousands of computers.  We don't need 128GB for any system that is going to be used as a workstation.
  • Some of the systems I worked on quite happily ran on 64Gb SSDs for years without bombing. Most rigs was 128Gb again most ran without issues. Most data was held on user and system shares that was required. So yes, 128Gb is more than sufficient, and if you're runing out of space clear out the update folder and system restore points by using Disk Clean Up, both can be controlled by a simple PowerShell command ran in task scheduler or disabled altogether (Win updates can't be disabled as such but you can limit the cache).
  • The point is who is to say exactly what it's to be used for? Maybe it's going to be these Powerpoint, whiteboarding now, but 5 years down the line? Maybe someone loves editing or annotating videos on it. And System Restore is awesome, well worth dedicating lots of space to. And the ultimate reason is that if you're willing to pay $7,000 or 20,000 for a device like this, you would happily pay a couple hundred more to increase the SSD to 256GB and the RAM to 16GB.
  • I would say not enough for the $7000/$20000 you pay for it. Even if you just use it for office and even if there is OneDrive, you would expect it to have more storage than an iPad... It's a 'Hub'!
  • The companies that buy these things have servers.  We don't want people storing data on local devices.  Most devices (especially shared ones like this) have local storage locked down or blocked completely for users.  It's a "hub" for collaboration, not for everyone to store their crappy powerpoint files on.  We have much more expensive file servers for those things. Local storage creates all kinds of support problems related to maintenance, loss of data, and security.  Imagine the executives use this thing to discuss some sensitive company info (like SEC regulated financial data) and then another department uses it for an employee meeting later and someone gets ahold of the files that were stored locally from the executive meeting.  People can go to jail if that kind of info is made public in a way that doesn't meet regulatory requirements.
  • That's why there is OneDrive. Seriously, you think anyone is going to save anything in there? Other than system files and apps/programs, the storage will remain intact, or so I like to think.
  • Exactly. The device is 'wiped' for each conference/usage. It's all cloud-based as that is how an office works.
  • Apple will make something similar with iOS and everyone will call it 'Revolutionary!'
  • Hey Dan, I think we all need one of these in our respective offices, right?!
  • Need a home version ( not 100 touch points or 10K ).
  • I want to play Civilization 5 on that 84inch beauty! Touch enabled world domination on a 84inch touchscreen would be awesome!! But $20.000, it's kinda out of my budget :-( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Qatar and United Arab Emirates but not Saudi Arabia? Population: Qatar = 2.2 million UAE = 9.4 million Saudi Arabia = 29 million
  • It's not necessarily down to population sizes, it's where Microsoft feel most demand will be present from their target market for them to initially sell there. Then they can expand where they sell to.  
  • 1080 for 55 inch for me is rather small resolution.
  • Sure. But what do you think a 55-inch 4K gapless 100-point touchscreen will cost? Also, as I have actually used this device, no, it's not too small a resolution. Go up to a 60-inch 1080P HD TV and see if think that is too little.
  • There really isn't a standard "too big" or "too small" for displays tbh. The resolution doesn't even really matter. You buy a TV for the distance you're planning to sit from it. Even at 8K, if you sit close enough, you can see the pixels. 1080p/55in is probably perfect for a normal sized board room. If you've got a bigger room, you would buy the 84 inch.
  • You have a point when it comesl to price. I was just expecting more when it comes like presentation with that resolution. But since you said it was ok, then i believe that.
  • USB 2? Only 1080p for the smaller version? i5 with Intel crapics?
  • lol, so you're not getting one for your home?
  • I was looking recommend this to my boss. USB 2 needs to die along with Intel crapics. Especially for that price. Just charge $500 more.
  • Care to enlighten us why Intel graphics are insufficient for this? What do you need USB 3.0 for?
  • He's got really big PowerPoint presentations.
  • He's got a point if a design company or the like intends to use it to work on collaborative projects with software like Adobe Design Suite.
  • I hope the prices on these come down substancially in the next year or so.  I had already been getting administration and command staff excited to purchase a couple of these... However these prices are going to take the wind out of those sails pretty quick. In turn this makes me concerned about the price of HoloLens.  Everyone is hoping for a reasonably low(ish) price to try and get good adoption rates but I would have hoped for the same thing here, perhaps to a lesser extent.  I know, new technology is going to be expensive but I feel like it's in Microsoft's best interest (long term) to take an initial financial hit in order to drive adoption of some of these ventures, especially for HoloLens as that has so much potential across the board.  After all, Kinect is pretty amazing as well and it could be so much more successful but it didn't get the widespread adoption it needed and that had the effect of hamstringing development for it.  Microsoft will hopefully learn a lesson from that.
  • "I hope the prices on these come down substancially in the next year or so."
    Manufacturing of giant 55+ inch touchscreens is just not common, so it will take awhile. In a lot of ways, this device is literally unprecedented.
  • Look - if it doesn't have Windows Media Center, I'm not interested. This is clearly overpriced - I mean what kind of DirectX does it support? Nada - that's what. And why would I want mult-touch on it - my kids will just get fingerprints all over it. This is clearly Microsoft caving in to the corporate interests and Apple-fanboi's. I bet the framerate for COD sucks too. And Windows 10 is horrible too. And kittens are bad.
  • This is not for home use. This is for work place use!
  • Yes, I was being a bit snarky. I thought the kitten reference would have been the tip-off, but I guess not.
  • OK :) Also kittens are not bad. Puppies are bad.
  • I take it that's sarcasm, right? :)
  • Subtlety is lost in this thread, apparently.
  • The problem is that even though you sounded way beyond belief, it still sounded like a legit WMC comment lol
  • Can I install Linux on it?
  • Steam OS or GTFO
  • These are awesome! Can't wait to see what new marketing MS does to promote these. Show them off in some cool commercials showing how companies and office staff meetings can use them with Windows 10 apps. Wouldn't hurt to show staff sitting around the meeting table using Surface tablets and maybe tease a Surface phone in there somewhere.  
  • /sarcasm Terrible. Should be £9.99 with 10 Weetabix tokens.
  • Please tell me you can watch tv on it too! I.e. Does it have hdmi connections and 3d enabled?
  • 84 inches and one USB 3.0 port? Seems a little skimpy.
  • Will 128GB be large enough to run all my Steam games?
  • Wow, this comment section is just amazing... But for people ignorant about Enterprise level stuff. look at this and tell me why Surface Hub must be $500 at wallmart. or this   But! Even these Video Conferencing kits which (in this link) consists of two 65" display is almost the price of two 84" Surface hubs, of course difference is Surface Hub has 100 touch points and it has the pc components integrated inside of the Hubs. so you don't need anything else to make Surface hubs work.   so no, it's not expensive compared to other enterprises products. it's just not meant for consumers. Also there is always the $7000 surface hub. that's cheap for companies that want this kind of technology.
  • I agree, while consumers will probably be able to obtain it, like the old surface/pixelsense units, they should NOT confuse it with consumer TV and PC prices. they need to think of it like this.... A Surface Pro 3 with similar specs but 10 point multitouch is around $1300-$1500 for a 12" screen. you are getting a LARGER screen with inking support AND 90 extra points of touch. For a company looking for a decent digital whiteboard, this thing is a steal. For a consumer, this isn't a TV relacement, but with a USB TV tuner, it can be. Considering the previous pixelsense devices, the samsung sur40, still goes for $4999+ new with a 40" and nowhere near as good as the Surface Hub spec wise. The people complaining have no clue why they are complaining. It's the equivalent of them saying an i7 SP3 with 512GB sdd should be $800 because acer sells a laptop at that price.
  • I really don't understand why people think this is expensive. Before Microsoft bought the company, the 82" 1080p panel (no PC inside) cost $100,000! A 4K display with a PC inside for 1/5 the price seems perfectly reasonable. People can be stupid lol.
  • I cant wait until the next NFL season begins and the Surface Hubs show up in the pregame program studios and one of those dunces says something about the really big iPads.
  • So I'm left wondering, if I were a rich guy with a desire to stick one of these in my office or living room, what cool things could I use it for?
  • So much money WOW
  • I was there until reached the sentence where prices were put.
  • "The meeting is over. Now, Fruit Ninja!"
    *Everybody crowds around the screen swiping at the fruit.
  •     Now that I know the price, I can ask for this for my birthday. I won’t get it but it never hurts to ask.